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BillyD 10-10-22 04:53 PM

Originally Posted by Trsnrtr (Post 22674582)
If I wake up tomorrow with my eye all red and swollen shut, you medical guys can say, "Told you so, Stupid."

Seriously, I'm about ready to tell my doc that I'm done with the injections. He said that my eye has reached a point where the injections aren't making my eyesight better but only to keep the swelling stable. I asked him about stopping and he said it was my choice and then confused me with some medical mumbo jumbo that I couldn't follow but it sounded like if I stopped with the injections that my body would try to "fix" the situation (Tributary retinal vein occlusion, bilateral, with macular edema) by itself and make things worse. :wtf:



BillyD 10-10-22 05:04 PM

Alright, thatís enough for this one.

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