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K'Tesh 12-31-21 10:01 AM

The 2022 How Was Your Commute? Thread
Yes, I've re-upped, and am still in China, I made it through the dumpster fire that was 2021, and I still ride bikes. Oh, and it's 2022 here (I was afraid it'd be 25/01/2020 (so I double checked and it's not))... So, let's get started...

How was YOUR commute?

Darth Lefty 01-02-22 08:38 AM

I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to 2022. I want to hunker down for the long haul with my family and career but things keep being interesting. I expect my daily schedule to change a few times this year, all due to kids. 7yo switched to a different classroom at a school across town and is supposed to ride a bus, but no idea how long that might last before trying something else. So for now-May the "ride from daycare" plan is still in effect. We might skip summer programs, to save some money, but that would pin me home most days in summer. Preschooler twins will be kindergartners in August, 7yo gets re-evaluated, so that will change it up again.

cat0020 01-02-22 04:35 PM

First commute ride for 2022, 55 degree F.. tomorrow snow in the forecast.

Darth Lefty 01-03-22 12:41 PM

Good ride. Interrupted midway due to debrief from wife about new classroom. Spectacular junk find for the other thread

cat0020 01-04-22 09:48 AM

Day 3 of commute, 22 degree F.
Packed subway train, homeless man off his meds yelling on train (sans mask), skyline barely visible from the darkness of winter sky, joy of early commute.

Tundra_Man 01-04-22 10:01 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1336:

First commute of 2022. We went and visited my wife's family in Ohio over the holidays. I didn't ride my bicycle for almost two weeks while we were gone. I also went on a two week feeding frenzy, and am afraid to step on the scale and see the damage that I did. In addition, it was in the 50s and 60s there (never dropped below 40F) so I also lost a portion of my winter skin. We do this trip every year, and it's always rough to jump back into commuting upon returning.

The day we drove home, it was 57F when we left, and -9F when we arrived back in South Dakota. A 66 temperature difference. Woof.

Thankfully this first day back in the saddle coincided with a one day blip in the temperature. It was 30F when I left the house this morning. That was a much more reasonable temperature to deal with in my out-of-shape state. The pavement was mostly dry, so I decided to take advantage of the situation and ride the road bike; a rare treat in January. I'm glad I did, as the easy pedaling let me ease back into the daily grind as I rode into the 15mph headwind on the way to the office.

The temps are supposed to drop throughout the day, with the projected temp in the low 20s for the ride home. Thankfully I should have a tailwind.

The real test will be tomorrow's commute. 0F with a 30 mph headwind is predicted, with wind gust over 50 mph. Serious windchill. Not looking forward to that, but hopefully today's relatively easy commute will give me a little bit of a running start as I get back into winter commuting.

Darth Lefty 01-04-22 01:38 PM

In contrast to the frozen north, here in California's elbow it was light precipitation on the misty end of the spectrum. Enough to keep the road surface wet but not run the gutters. I almost skipped it but it seemed to be tapering off as I dropped off the kids, so I rode, and it was nice.

There's an orange tree early on my route that is right now dropping fruit on the easement and I got a couple good ones yesterday among the rotten ones. But skipped it today, didn't want to stand in the drizzle. Now I think about it I should go by a lemon tree. Oranges and lemons are not too hard to find around here in season. Cherries in summer are harder. Although there are plenty of trees the humans and birds both are really watching for the right second to strip a tree bare, and there's less low-hanging fruit.

Tundra_Man 01-05-22 09:19 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1337:

I could hear the wind howling all night. That never leads to a restful sleep, as my mind starts dreading the morning commute.

My wife's car tire was flat yesterday morning as she was trying to leave for work. She arranged alternate transportation. Today, my job was to get her tire fixed. Oddly enough, her car came with a jack but no spare tire. I pumped it up last night hoping it would hold air long enough for me to drop it off at the shop. By this morning it had dropped to 10 pounds. That gave me hope that I could get it there, so I topped it off with air again, threw my bike in the back and took it to the shop. After dropping the car off, all the guys at the shop were pretty amused watching me put on all my winter bike gear.

Yesterday they were predicting a temp of 0F. The good news is it was warmer than that at 2F. The bad news is they were spot-on with the prediction of steady 30 mph winds with gusts of over 50 mph. That makes for a -23F wind chill, not accounting for gusts. The wind was coming out of the northwest, and I had to ride straight into it. Yuck.

My next stop was the hospital where I had my regular six week blood coagulation appointment. The lady who does mask checks at the front door is normally somewhat surly, but once again I must have been amusing to watch as I tried to remove all the different layers of gear I was wearing. She actually was pretty pleasant today.

After my appointment I was out at the bike trying to get everything back on and situated for the ride to work. When I unlocked my bike, the coiled cable had frozen in the stretched position. It wasn't cooperating as I tried to roll it up and stick it in the normal backpack pocket where I carry it. Finally I just jammed it in my main backpack compartment and figured I'd coil it back up when I'm at work and it has a chance to thaw out.

I was almost ready to roll when I couldn't find my neckie. Ugh. I figured I must have either left it in the coagulation lobby, or dropped it somewhere in the hallway as I was walking. So I undid all of my preparation and re-locked my bike. As I walked back into the hospital I started to explain to the surly lady why I was returning when I reached up and realized that I couldn't find my neckie because I had already put it on. That made the surly lady laugh. Frustrating, but at least I brightened her day.

Hit a giant rock that I didn't see with my front tire. Was worried that I would have a flat, but thankfully it stayed up the whole way to work. That's good, as trying to repair a flat in these temperatures is not a recipe for fun.

cat0020 01-05-22 10:19 AM

30 degree F, freezing rain, slip & slide commute this morning.

Darth Lefty 01-05-22 12:10 PM

Yesterday when I got back to the daycare, the adjacent city park and library where I park my truck had become a circus. The city had cleared out the park side of the lot and set up a covid self test drive thru handout. Too bad if you have a pickup truck... and I was about to! I was nearly late to pick up 7yo because it took three changes of the light just to get out of the daycare neighborhood. This morning there were only a couple of signs left reading "no more tests, no more expected."

Feeling a bit blah this morning but always hard to complain next to tales of -23F wind chill!

Meanwhile I left my Garmin on so it has an 8 hour “ride” and a dead battery. So I used Strava on my phone and wth man?

Welshboy 01-06-22 06:10 AM

First week of the New Year is over and I rode to and from work on all four days of my working week. Got wet just the once but I came off second best with my first encounter with black ice! It was 3C with wet roads when I left the house but within two miles I was on the deck, quite literally as it was on a footbridge. It was a heavy fall but just two bruises and a small cut on my right palm. I've only been using the footbridge to avoid a busy roundabout but will give it a miss in similar temperatures as it's never been salted.

Tundra_Man 01-06-22 08:27 AM

Originally Posted by Welshboy (Post 22363510)
First week of the New Year is over and I rode to and from work on all four days of my working week. Got wet just the once but I came off second best with my first encounter with black ice! It was 3C with wet roads when I left the house but within two miles I was on the deck, quite literally as it was on a footbridge. It was a heavy fall but just two bruises and a small cut on my right palm. I've only been using the footbridge to avoid a busy roundabout but will give it a miss in similar temperatures as it's never been salted.

Ouch! Glad to hear you're not hurt worse than you are.

Tundra_Man 01-06-22 08:34 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1338:

Asterisk commute today. Woke up to -10F actual air temperature, with a 22 mph wind. According to the NWS wind chill calculator, that makes it feel like -36F. My body concurred with the NWS.

My wife isn't comfortable with me riding in temps below -5F (actually, she's not comfortable with that temp either, but we've settled on that temperature as a compromise.) So I did a split commute where I rode about 1.25 miles to a bus stop, took the bus downtown, and then finished riding another .5 miles to the office. The funny thing is, as I stood motionless at the stop waiting for the bus to arrive, I think I got colder than I would have been just riding the whole way.

Even with that shortened commute I was having trouble with my goggles icing over. At these temps I haven't found an effective solution.

Darth Lefty 01-06-22 05:43 PM

First week all done, a short one for me. Rode all four days, for I think the first time since getting breakthrough delta back in October. Having gained about 8lb since then I'm eager to keep riding.

My knees have been complaining, though. Not just from riding, just normal life with kids, one of them a nearly 5yo who is the size of a 7yo and wants to be carried up the stairs. He's going to stop asking pretty soon so I'm trying to say yes most of the time while I can. It's funny how intensive the kids have been on my strength. I used to have tennis elbow, no kidding, from changing twins diapers. Now comes the part where I try to keep up.

Darth Lefty 01-07-22 12:20 AM

I sometimes try at the start of the year to figure out how many miles I could do. I have a "flex Friday" schedule, a couple weeks of holidays and a couple of vacation, so there are maybe 24x9=216 days total. If I could do that with my current 10 mile rt it would be 2160 miles. No 8000 mi years in my future soon! Really though, pandemics aside, the effort is frequently spoiled by circumstances. Last year I did about 700.

Darth Lefty 01-11-22 12:44 PM

Most of today's drama was about getting the boy twin out of the house and into the truck, and then out of the truck and into the preschool. The bike ride was uneventful. Going over highway 50 on the pedestrian overpass, I came across a couple of the housing-diffident who had made a sled out of a pickup bed liner they must have found by the side of the freeway. Sure beats a bindle!

Tundra_Man 01-12-22 08:36 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1340:

Laid up the last two days with food poisoning, so I didn't ride or work (or get out of bed for much, for that matter.) My brother had the exact same thing in the exact same time window. We ate out together on Saturday night and ordered the same meal, and the other people with us ordered different things so we're speculating that was the cause.

Of course, yesterday was unseasonably warm with the high temp nearing 50F. Would have been a great day to ride had I not been yacking. In South Dakota, getting above freezing in January is a treat, let alone upper 40s.

This morning I was feeling human enough to return to work. The temp was 33F, which wasn't bad at all. The north wind was pretty chilly, and the ground was still frozen which made all of yesterday's snow melt turn to sheet ice in spots, but overall I can't complain.

Darth Lefty 01-12-22 12:29 PM

I can't find one of my medium gloves and didn't pack mechanic gloves so all I've got is my ski gloves. I tried riding without them this morning because it seemed nice out but got cold. Stopped by a coffee shop to warm up for a minute but couldn't find a mask in my pockets and there were three police motorcycles and two cruisers parked outside. Discretion is the better part of valor so I got out the ski gloves and kept going

Welshboy 01-12-22 01:54 PM

It's only Wednesday but my working week (this week was Sun-Wed) is over and I've got a four-day weekend to rest and get a few jobs done around the house and I might even take a look at getting a bike build finally started. A couple of rides were in drizzle but nothing too bad and today was exceptionally nice for January in the UK. I can just see the first signs of the days stretching out and perhaps this explains the increase in birdsong at dawn and dusk - a very noticeable increase since Christmas.

locolobo13 01-14-22 08:02 AM

Almost run over by a school bus this morning. My light was green, his red. He ran the light to make a right turn. If I hadn't stopped in the middle of the intersection he would have hit me. My bike lights were on and blinking. He never even looked to see if cross traffic was coming. Afraid I lost my cool and yelled an obscenity at him.

Darth Lefty 01-14-22 12:53 PM

A full five laps this week!

Got two really nice oranges this morning. Larger than baseball size. One a navel. One of them has a knob by the stem, darker orange and more texture skin, maybe it's a tangelo.

Weather here in CA's elbow has been clear and not too cold. Should continue next week. As usual, good for riding, bad for reservoirs.

Next week is my short one and also taking Monday off for MLK and the Harlem Globetrotters so will pick it up again Tuesday for hopefully three laps. Wednesday will have a dentist visit. Workload will determine whether I take the time to ride to that.

Darth Lefty 01-20-22 07:02 PM

Fast lap today. Probably feeling as good as I have since before breakthrough Delta back before Halloween

Tundra_Man 01-21-22 08:30 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute numbers 1345-1347:

Wednesday: Very cold. Air temp of 2F with a steady 25 mph headwind made the wind chill -21F. I arrived to work pretty frozen. The previous day the temps were in the 40s, which meant that the snow had melted all over the pavement and then when the temps suddenly dropped it all turned into sheet ice. I rode the mountain bike with studded tires because of the ice. It's interesting how before I got the fat bike I used to think my mountain bike was slow. Now it seems super easy to pedal. The ride home was fairly easy even though the weather didn't change much during the day, mainly because I had that strong wind pushing me.

Thursday: Even colder air-temp-wise at -7F, but the wind was perfectly calm so it actually felt warmer than the previous morning. I did a split commute in the morning where I rode 1.25 miles to the bus stop, took the bus downtown and then rode another .5 miles to the client office. Temp wise I could have ridden the whole way just fine, but below -5F my goggles ice up pretty bad and I just wasn't in the mood to fight it. Even the short ride to the bus stop was enough to start ice forming inside the goggles. By 5 PM the temp had risen to 9F so I rode the whole way home. Another day on the studded tire mountain bike.

Friday: Air temp was 5F with a 25 mph wind (-17F wind chill) however I had a tail wind pushing me to the office so it wasn't bad at all. The pavement was about 95% ice free, so I decided to ride my hybrid bike and just be careful on the icy spots. Made it without dumping the bike, or even having any close calls for that matter. A warm front is supposed to come in this afternoon raising the temps to the lower 20s, however the wind will remain steady. I wanted the hybrid to make the fight against the wind easier on the way home.

Welshboy 01-22-22 08:59 AM

A five-day week for me finished today but, annoyingly, I had to use the car twice as my commuter with fenders broke. I would have got absolutely soaked without fenders on one of the days and, after coming off on black ice a few weeks ago, I just didn't feel comfortable on almost slick tyres on the other day. Never mind! On a more positive note, today saw my two fastest rides for ages thanks to riding a lighter road bike without fenders and there's more daylight on the morning commute.

noglider 01-25-22 08:20 PM

I finally have a job to commute to. I'm working part-time as a tutor in an elementary school. It's 7 to 9 miles each way, depending on the route I take.

Today I rode my bike the whole way for the first time. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but it took a bit longer than I expected and made me a little late, so I need to adjust my routine.

The route is flat. I did it on my fixed gear bike. I've come to like riding fixed once again. This bike is my least valuable, so I don't fear much when I lock it up outside.

Twice on the way today, someone complimented me on my bike. It's unexpected and funny to me.

On the way home, my chain fell off. I got off to fix it. A truck driver stopped and leaned out of his cab and asked, "Ya want a napkin?" and handed me a wad of paper towels so I could wipe my hands. People say New York City is nasty?

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