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pdlamb 05-27-22 03:40 PM

Pretty good ride today. Clouds rolled in later this afternoon, so the trip home was mostly overcast. Breezy, but a consistent side wind most of the way, so no real complaints there. Wonderful temperature -- around 70F both ways, a very nice change from upper 80s last week.

Now where can I ride this long weekend? :)

essiemyra 05-30-22 04:19 AM

Back at the work week Monday again. It was a pleasant ride in this morning. The small amount of wildlife I saw this morning seemed intent on living as it crossed the road and ran deep in the yard, fast really fast.

essiemyra 05-31-22 04:20 AM

Another pleasant commute this am with the temp at 73 f degrees and mostly cloudy skies. This morning's sightings of wildlife were a racoon crossing the 4 lane road that I live near. He made it across. Yay! Then I came along a big turtle sitting under the guardrail by the river (this area is rural). I was thinking he wanted to cross but he just sat there. I hope he makes it where he wants to go.

groovestew 05-31-22 09:27 AM

I need to leave 15 minutes earlier. The traffic around the two schools I ride by is pretty insane. Beautiful day for a ride otherwise.

I rode my fixed gear for the first time since 2019. That fall, I replaced the chain, but it wasn't meshing well with the cog. I figured I'd replace it in the spring, but then the pandemic hit, and suddenly bike parts were really hard to come by. So, the bike hung in my garage for two seasons. I managed to find a cog this spring and now everything is nice and smooth. I also picked up a slightly smaller chain ring (44T - currently running 46T) because I'm getting older, not riding as much, and wasn't sure how I'd find the hills. I still have the 46T on the bike, and yeah, the hills were pretty tough, but there's only two and they're not real big, just a bit steep. On the flats, the gear ratio was perfect. So, not sure if I'll swap the chain ring or not.

Darth Lefty 06-01-22 01:46 PM

Didn't school just get out?

Due to my boys both going to a clinic one town over and occasional summer camps, my commuting schedule is pretty much boned for the summer. Any laps I get will be nearly unplanned.

What it looks like in August, I dunno. The crazy school schedule thing for my kids' district is they start the 2nd week of August... this year on August 9. They get nearly four weeks in before Labor Day. Don't know if twins are both going to morning or midday kindergarten or one each (wouldn't that suck) but at least the school is only a quarter mile from home. The by-then-8yo will likely finish his clinic and return to class, but at a special classroom at a different school, meaning bussing. Packaging a ride to and from the office is just unknowable right now.

groovestew 06-01-22 03:15 PM

Originally Posted by Darth Lefty (Post 22527522)
Didn't school just get out?

Not in Canada, or at least, not in the province of Alberta. Summer holidays are July and August.

groovestew 06-02-22 09:00 AM

Look all around, nothing but blue sky
Look straight ahead, nothing but blooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sky!

I know there's a million versions of this song; this is my favourite:

pdlamb 06-02-22 09:06 AM

Gorgeous day here as well. Had some trouble getting my stuff together -- I'm still not on auto-pilot in the morning like I was a couple years ago.

Highlight of the day was along the 4-mile, one-stop drag race part of my commute. The road is elevated above the swamp. And just on the edge of the swamp, there are a goodly number of wild roses I'd never noticed before, and today they were blooming. Not quite worth climbing down riprap to get a sniff, but the blossoms were still something to enjoy (now that I know they're there!).

essiemyra 06-06-22 05:00 AM

A very pleasant though a little chilly commute. The temp was 51 f degrees when I left the house. I try and dress for the afternoon with shorts and a t-shirt, but I had on thin gloves, head band, and jacket also. As long as I can ride I should be happy.

essiemyra 06-07-22 05:10 AM

This morning's commute was a tad bit warmer at 56 f degrees so I didn't need the ear warmers or gloves today. It was a pleasant yet uneventful commute. This will end my bike commuting this week as we are getting rain tomorrow morning.

Tundra_Man 06-07-22 07:25 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1433:

Woke up this morning to discover the forecast had changed. It was originally supposed to rain today, so I had packed my panniers and was planning on taking the hybrid with fenders. Now it is supposed to be partly cloudy, but dry. I'm pretty lazy and don't like expending the extra energy to ride my hybrid if it's not necessary, so I transferred everything into my backpack and took the road bike.

Temp was a pleasant 58F with very little wind. I overdressed a bit, but other than that it was a pretty nice commute.

I was at my desk getting situated when our receptionist came over and said, "Hey, there's some light on your bike flashing." Oops. Left my front light on blink mode. Went out to turn it off and the battery died right when I was walking towards the bike. Well, I guess that was fortunate as now I could charge it. Had I not left it on it would have died during the ride home.

Stopped on the way to work to vote. I always wondered why they call voting "doing your civic duty," and then I saw the list of candidates...

pdlamb 06-07-22 03:48 PM

Not sure how I did it, but I managed to dodge the thundershowers (and storms) both ways. Looked iffy this morning, and the clear window I aimed for this afternoon was closing down fast by the time I made it home, though.

I guess it's supposed to feel like summer now it's June. Temperature wasn't bad, but the humidity was high enough I was glad for the breeze.

Welshboy 06-09-22 01:32 AM

Back to work after a week's holiday in the Yorkshire Dales and I managed all three days without rain during my commutes despite some pretty dodgy weather in the UK at the moment. My contract has been extended by another month with a chance it'll go on just a bit further again which will take me to 61 and retirement. We'll see...

groovestew 06-09-22 09:44 AM

Construction is starting up again in a ravine on my route. They're completely rebuilding the trail (actually an old road, closed to motorized traffic for ~20 years), and I'm really looking forward to it being finished. It was in pretty horrible shape before. The project was scheduled to be completed by last fall, but when they shut down for the winter, it wasn't even half done. Big machines in there today. I think I'll take another route for the time being.

Another beautiful sunny morning, perfect cycling weather. Have a good day!

essiemyra 06-14-22 04:19 AM

Originally Posted by groovestew (Post 22535996)
Another beautiful sunny morning, perfect cycling weather. Have a good day!

My thoughts exactly as I rode my bike to work today.

essiemyra 06-15-22 05:11 AM

I was able to extend my morning ride to 13 miles. It was another sunny morning, and perfect cycling weather.

Darth Lefty 06-15-22 01:34 PM

Short lap today, with the MTB on the dog walking trails along the MUP. Nice

Welshboy 06-15-22 02:04 PM

Good weather in the UK so the fenders came off my CAADX. Not related to commuting but I'm fortunate to work outdoors in an area right next to a natural meadow that's absolutely teeming with life and I'm especially enjoying watching the birds - mainly Jackdaws, Rooks, Magpies, Goldfinches, Sparrows, Swifts, Swallows, Buzzards and the occasional Red Kite. A work colleague lent me his binoculars and I think I've found a new hobby! I absolutely love watching them and after discovering the limitation of my own binoculars I'm going to treat myself to something more suitable.

essiemyra 06-16-22 04:54 AM

Well another sunny perfect cycling weather ride to work today. And it is the end of the work week for me. Yay! If the great weather holds out a for the rest of the week the cycling will not be commuting but enjoyment.

pdlamb 06-16-22 07:12 AM

Originally Posted by essiemyra (Post 22543381)
Well another sunny perfect cycling weather ride to work today. And it is the end of the work week for me. Yay! If the great weather holds out a for the rest of the week the cycling will not be commuting but enjoyment.

Yay! The best part of commuting -- the way you're in shape for pleasant weekend rides!

groovestew 06-16-22 09:38 AM

Near the bottom of a gravel trail into the valley, someone had placed some large rocks across the path, far enough apart to ride between, but close enough that I had to slow way down. WTF? Twenty feet after, turning around a blind corner, was a good-sized tree laying across the path. Okay! I take back my WTF!

It's been soggy this week, but the rain let up yesterday afternoon and I was able to ride today. A bit damp on the gravel sections, but otherwise a great ride in. I'm enjoying my fixed gear again after nearly three years without.

locolobo13 06-22-22 08:54 PM

A bug flew in my mouth! Felt like it it hit my tooth, landed on the back of my tongue. Spit it out in a hurry for fear it was a bee.

Guess that's what I get for having my mouth open next to a canal.

Darth Lefty 06-29-22 07:20 PM

When the school year starts it looks like I will return to commuting. Twins have the afternoon kindergarten shift at the neighborhood local school and kiddo rides the bus to a different school, so I'll get him up and on the bus at <8, ride to work and back by 2, receive him and walk to get the twins, WFH in the late afternoon.

If it's not too hot.

groovestew 06-30-22 11:37 AM

Hey everyone, it's been two weeks since my last bicycle commute. Only two other posts since then on this thread! I guess some of the few of us still posting are on holidays.

It's been really wet this month, part of the reason I haven't been riding much. Parts of the gravel trails I ride have been washed away, so I gotta be careful not to steer into a rut. Pretty nice day though. Humid - I left a trail of sweat drops on the office floor when I walked in with my bike.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I used a hand signal to indicate a turn from my vehicle. My front left turn signal burned out a few days ago, and I needed to signal to a driver facing me that I was turning left. Out went my hand, he saw and waved acknowledgement. Even though I was driving, for a brief moment, it felt like I was on a bike.

Tomorrow is Canada Day, no work, no commute, so I'll wish everyone a great weekend a little early.

Tundra_Man 06-30-22 01:40 PM

I'm still commuting, but haven't posted much lately. Not a whole lot outside of normal to talk about with my commute. Wash, rinse, repeat...

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1450:

We're in a warm stretch right now with temps in the 90s. I'm not complaining one bit, as this is the weather I was praying for last February.

My road bike is in dire need of maintenance. The rear brakes are almost to metal, it's barely shifting in either direction and the bottom bracket is failing so bad that I have 1/4" of play at the ends of the cranks. I now have all sorts of replacement parts on hand ready to fix everything (bottom bracket, cassette, chain, shift cables, bar tape, brifter hoods and brake pads.) I was planning on doing the maintenance over the holiday weekend but last night I realized that my new bottom bracket takes a tool I don't have, so I had to order it. Hopefully the following weekend I can get everything back in ship-shape.

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