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PGHNeil 06-15-19 11:57 PM

30.89 miles at a leisurely 12.1 mph. It took me 2-1/2 hours and I beat the rain. My bike and I are not fast and I need to ride more often.

one4smoke 06-16-19 09:41 AM

53.3 miles yesterday on a super windy day. :giver:

NoWhammies 06-17-19 09:52 AM

Saturday - 152k
Sunday - 31k recovery ride.

Greg C. 06-18-19 04:15 PM

10 miles yesterday, 10 today on my Schwinn Hybrid; a paved path thru the rolling hills of Kentucky.

Slightspeed 06-18-19 04:44 PM

47 miles today, 16.6 mph average on a run down PCH to Malibu. Lots of road work, but the flagmen let the cyclists go ahead of the cars, which was cool. Movie shoot continuing at Magu Rock Beach. Army MASH type tents set up for a new Fox TV show, Nurse Ratchett, somebody said. Cool, gray, June gloom day in SoCal. Nice ride on the Culprit. Funny, did nearly the same ride on a $20 CL Super Course recently and had a higher 17.3 mph average. It's not always about the bike.
Re-group at Magu Rock.
TV show set on the beach.
Stopping for road work.
Culprit taking a Starbucks break.

one4smoke 06-19-19 07:39 PM

41 miles today, broken up by work. 27 before and 14 at lunch.

T-Storms after I got off, or I was gonna try and make it 60 total.

guachi 06-19-19 10:58 PM

40 miles today. Took me 2 hours and 13 seconds. I did it all in one go with no stopping, which for me is the most I've done without stopping in about 30 years. 1050 feet of climb, so it was mostly flat. Power meter says I averaged 190 Watts.

The biggest issue is my sit bones hurt. A lot. I start to get squirmy at about 45 minutes. I think I need a new saddle.

indyfabz 06-20-19 07:25 AM

Wallace, ID to Thompson Falls, MT via Dobson Pass, King Pass and Thompson Pass. Beast of a day. My computer battery died after the first day of my tour so I don’t know the exact mileage, but it was about 50.

NoWhammies 06-20-19 08:41 AM

62km today. Just an easy spin after work. No great hills, watts, etc.

one4smoke 06-23-19 05:18 PM

31 miles yesterday and 50 today.

NoWhammies 06-23-19 09:15 PM

135km with 2,107m of elevation gain. Would have been a brilliant ride except for the weather. Even then, it was nice ride.

BirdsBikeBinocs 06-23-19 09:58 PM

25 Miles today. 121 Miles in the past 8 days. That's good,
for me.

NoWhammies 06-25-19 09:21 AM

66k after work with a bit of hill climbing. Only complaint? The cold. Damn it summer where are you?

one4smoke 06-26-19 06:55 AM

23 miles yesterday at about 17 mph

NoWhammies 06-26-19 10:00 AM

15k. Had to turn back because of the noise coming from my bike made it sound like the whole bike was going to fall apart! Super frustrating...

diphthong 06-26-19 10:10 AM

135.6 miles yesterday from dtown la to north county san diego. taking today off.

one4smoke 06-30-19 03:30 PM

Originally Posted by ooga-booga (Post 20998014)
135.6 miles yesterday from dtown la to north county san diego. taking today off.

Wow! Way to go, man. :thumb:

NoWhammies 06-30-19 05:04 PM

112k. Mostly flat. Club ride so I was riding in a peloton for part of it. Awesome weather. What a great day.

wbrazell 06-30-19 05:21 PM

20 miles on rails to trails gravel riding a Surly Wednesday

Noahma 06-30-19 09:13 PM

86.21 Miles yesterday, and 71.65 today
Participated in BikeMS Colorado for the 3rd year. It was hot, humid, and absolutely no air movement on day 1. But it was very very fun :)

Slightspeed 06-30-19 10:58 PM

41 miles, 2700' climbing on a club ride out thru Westlake from Moorpark, CA, on my '07 Roubaix. Cool and nice at the start, 90 at the end, but a nice breeze and some shade along the way, so it wasn't terrible. Good times, with a stop at Stonehaus in Westlake Village to refuel.
Brett, me, Bill and Edwin on the selfie.

diphthong 07-01-19 01:49 AM

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 21004566)
Wow! Way to go, man. :thumb:

thanks. a little behind on yearly miles goal so a few more longer rides are in order in the next month.

55murray 07-01-19 02:30 PM

Topped 70 miles for the first time this season, making me on track for my century attempt in a couple weeks. Full disclosure, I had luck with the wind (at back to start, died out on my way back) and only about 1300 feet as well...

PGHNeil 07-01-19 02:39 PM

I must be in the wrong thread. I ride an entry level mountain bike. I rode a handful of miles on a paved bike lane and then finished up with 2.5 miles on singletrack yesterday for a grand total of 6.29 miles. My average speed was a whopping 9.4 mph.

I also switched from Map My Ride to Strava and the numbers don't seem to jive. It says I hit 23 mph during my warm up on the bike lane.

On the plus side, as I came up to the singletrack's trail head I met up with a MTB group and became aware of regular rides at 9am on Sundays and more leisurely rides on Monday evenings. The leader extended an invitation but I don't think he would have had he seen how poorly I did navigating through the muck after we parted ways. At least I didn't drop the chain.

bobwysiwyg 07-01-19 05:10 PM

I too must be in the wrong thread. It's a given all here are faster than I am, but even so, how do you find the time for these ride lengths. I must be living wrong, I have chores that need doing. :)

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