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shankowski 01-17-21 02:41 PM

steel rear rack inquiry...
I need help or advice on purchasing a rear rack for my Trek 920. I've had two Bontrager rear (aluminum) racks that have both cracked in the same spot. I need to ****** upgrade to steel. My trek 920 does not have eyelets... Does anyone know for sure if a Surly rear rack would work? don't think the Surly rear disc rack would work cause no eyelets. Or does anyone have any advice on a company that would make custom steel rack to fit my bike? Thanks for taking the time to read this and help!

JaccoW 01-22-21 05:10 AM

You can always try a Tubus clamp set and go from there.

Where did they crack?

LeeG 01-29-21 06:39 AM

I wouldn’t get fixated on steel before determining the cause of the breaks. Old man Mountain racks might work.

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