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Berge20 08-24-21 03:55 PM

Elbow Issue
What would one normally start to look at changing if you had an elbow issue on one side?
New machine with a fitting (and I will continue to work through it with them as well) and looking like anytime I'm riding even a modest pace for 30-40 minutes, my left elbow is starting to get agitated to a significant degree. No sharp pains or anything, but it's as if the angle it's being placed at or the weight it is bearing is disproportional to the other side and it is uncomfortable. It's a pretty relaxed fit on an endurance machine, so the elbows are both bent a modest amount and the weight the hands are bearing is really not all that much (particularly compared with a race oriented machine we just retired).

My perception is (at least initially) that if I extend the elbows with a position change to the drops or some other place that forces them both to straighten somewhat, I don't encounter the discomfort.

Suggestions on what to start paying attention to/trying to tweak?

Much appreciate your insight and ideas.

Iride01 08-25-21 07:40 AM

Bars too wide maybe? I recently swapped out the 42 cm bars to 38 cm and solved a myriad of little nags that I had. Since you just mentioned elbow pain, I realize that that seems to be gone too.

Not that any of my issues were major, but they were slightly annoying for the longer rides I'm doing.

There are likely other things the annoyance might be from, so don't get too focused on any one as being the absolute solution.

Carbonfiberboy 08-25-21 10:34 AM

My answer to issues like this is first exercise. Try to figure out what's wrong and how to extend the strength and range of motion of the problem joint or area. A gym has a great variety of options to explore the problem, from dumbbells to various machines and devices. One can ask a trainer to point in the right direction. Or one can experiment with dumbbells at home, using youtube as a reference.

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