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MNBikeCommuter 11-17-21 07:22 AM

I've been out of the loop a few years and have lost track of a few bf members. I enjoyed Rudy's posts but see he hasn't posted in over three years. Given he's a little older than my dad, that's of course concerning. Does anyone have an update on Rudy and Kay?

joeruge 11-17-21 02:37 PM

I have run into Rudy and Kay a few times over the years here in Tucson, perhaps within the last year or two anyway, though I haven't seen them recently. Covid this past year and a half has kept us.all from many of our usual haunts. They certainly don't ride as much as they used to. If I learn of any other news, I'll let you know

Trsnrtr 11-18-21 07:34 AM

I was wondering the same thing just a couple days ago. Hope he/they that they are all right.

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