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essiemyra 03-30-22 04:17 AM

The really chilly weather is gone and so with the temp at 25 f degrees and no wind chill I was able to ride today. I like that the light is starting to come up just as I arrive at work. Not to much longer and I will be riding in daylight.

essiemyra 03-31-22 04:11 AM

Well it is my Friday and so for the last work day of the week I was able to ride, with the temp 15 degrees warmer than yesterday at 40 today. It was a pleasant commute. Lucky me!

essiemyra 04-05-22 04:17 AM

It was a very pleasant yet uneventful commute this morning. The temp was 39 f with dark skies but light coming up at about 6 am. Soon I will be riding in daylight in the am.

Tundra_Man 04-05-22 07:11 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1392:

Another windy day. I think we've had one day with the wind below 20 mph in the last three weeks. This morning after I woke and laid in bed I could hear the wind howling. Knowing it was going to be a headwind, I sat there dreading the commute.

Temp wasn't too bad at 44F. Wind was a constant 25 mph with gusts much higher. Knowing I would be fighting it for eight miles I thought it might be a little chilly so I dressed for about 20F. Turns out I was a bit warm. The wind was out of the south which is less bitter than when it's out of the north. By halfway to the office I had sweat rolling down my glasses. Oops.

It rained during the night, but stopped right before I left the house. I took the hybrid bike with fenders due to the wet roads. Twenty minutes later the pavement was completely dry due to the wind. It's supposed to start raining again this afternoon so I should have a wet ride home. The wind is also supposed to shift which means I'll have a crosswind instead of a tail wind.

Tundra_Man 04-06-22 07:20 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1393:

Woke up to hear the wind howling again this morning. Today it's blowing from the northwest, which was the same direction I was traveling to the client's office. The good news is the wind is not expected to change directions today, so I should get a push home. I'd rather fight it in the morning and get the assist later when I'm tired.

Temp was 35F. The wind speed was a steady 30 mph with gusts much higher. Given it was 9 degrees cooler than yesterday, and that the wind was out of the north I opted again to dress for the low 20s. Unlike yesterday, it was the proper choice. North winds are noticeably colder than south winds.

The big surprise was the rain. It was raining when I went to bed, and when I got up it was still raining. This wasn't in the forecast, but I'm not going to complain one bit because we desperately need the moisture. I had serviced my road bike chain last night and packed my backpack. With the rain I opted to take the hybrid with fenders. This morning I was too lazy to move everything into my panniers so I just wore my backpack even though my hybrid bike has a rack.

The rain wasn't heavy, just a steady drizzle. Interestingly enough, the wind was blowing hard enough to dry it off of my clothes as fast as it was falling, so when I got to the office I was wetter from sweat than I was from rain.

essiemyra 04-07-22 04:19 AM

Second day of commuting this week as I had heard it was supposed to rain yesterday but that turned out to be false. So I made plans to take my grandson birthday shopping for his younger sister. Anyway it was a very pleasant commute in this morning with the temp at 39 f degrees and cloudy skies. I think next week might be the week I can use my summer ride route to work. I think it will just almost be light enough.

Darth Lefty 04-08-22 01:28 PM

Two laps again this week.

Got one really nice orange yesterday. Remarkable because it's very late. Last week there was a pretty good wind storm that knocked down most of the remainder. I never pick up more than four at a time and so most of them wound up rotting.

My no-change season is coming to a close. Starting to feel like I could be wearing shorts in the morning and definitely would rather be in the afternoon.

Tundra_Man have you considered a land sailing yacht?

cat0020 04-12-22 11:10 AM

Commute in Brooklyn this morning:

cat0020 04-12-22 06:26 PM

Just few blocks from my work, thankfully, I got to work before the carnage:

essiemyra 04-13-22 04:33 AM

A very pleasant yet uneventful commute this morning. It was full on light before I arrived at work. The temp was 44f degrees when I left the house with no wind.

Tundra_Man 04-13-22 07:36 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1398:

The wind still continues to howl. The forecast I saw this morning said "unrelenting winds into the foreseeable future." I believe I've counted two days in the last month where the winds were less than 20 mph. Yuck.

Yesterday we had various severe storms throughout the day, complete with lightning and hail. Thankfully none of them managed to happen while I was riding. When I left the house in the morning one had just finished up. Another came through while I was waiting in line to vote, but had passed by the time I left the polling place. Another happened while I was at our office, but cleared up in time for me to ride across town to the client. Some more sprinkles happened during the afternoon, but my ride home was dry. A few minutes after I got home the skies unleashed again. I should have bought a lottery ticket.

Temp was 27F this morning. I had to ride straight into the 30 mph wind to get to the client's office. Gave me quite the ice cream headache. Winds aren't projected to shift and the temps are suppose to top out near 40F so I should have a pretty easy ride home.

pdlamb 04-13-22 09:58 AM

I needed to run to the office to check on a few things before I retreated to "maximum telework," so I rode early to beat the storms.

I don't know why, but I get tickled when I see something like "Humidity: Non-condensing" in a specification. Broken clouds, partly clear, nothing on the weather radar for 75 miles. What's that hitting my face and arms? Must have been "Condensing humidity."

The ride in was a fight against headwinds. I got lucky, the winds picked up before I left for home, so I got (wait for it!) a tailwind! Jiggered my route a little to catch as many long, straight stretches as I could to enjoy it.

Tundra_Man 04-14-22 07:37 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1399:

Kept waking up during the night due to the howling wind. At one point I got up and investigated because I thought there was a truck idling outside. Nope. Wind.

Woke up to this:
I originally was going to ride all the way to our company office this morning, and then later in the morning ride to the client location. I'm not ashamed to say I wimped out and rode directly to the client location, which was only half the distance. There wasn't anything specific I absolutely needed to be physically present at our office for anyway, so it wasn't a problem.

Unfortunately the ride from my house to the client was straight into the wind. It took me about 35 minutes on my road bike to go the 4.25 miles. Having commuted in South Dakota for many, many years, I've ridden in more windy days than I can count. Today was probably a top 5. At one point a gust pretty much stopped my bike dead in its tracks. I've had that happen on my slow winter bikes before, but I can't ever remember it happening on my road bike.

Temp was 25F. With that wind I dressed for single digits and was still cold.

Welshboy 04-14-22 08:33 AM

With us now firmly into Spring I've retired my boat anchor of a commuter bike with full fenders and stuck Zefal Swan/Croozer Road Fenders on my 2012 CAADX. They were nice and cheap and are easily demountable. I've done well dodging the rain over the last two weeks and the one ride where it was actually raining when I left home they did a good job albeit over my very short commute of just 3-miles each way.

Darth Lefty 04-16-22 10:25 PM

This should be peak season for bike commuting but for a variety of reasons it's not coming together for me. Kiddo is in a new program MWF and he's doing great but delivering him limits opportunity to TTh and I don't get all of those. I'm getting in some neighborhood rides with my kids and about one couple-hour ride per weekend.

essiemyra 04-18-22 04:26 AM

This morning's commute was chilly with the temp at 33 f degrees when I left the house. It was light outside but the full moon could still be seen. It was a pleasant ride in this morning.

Darth Lefty 04-18-22 12:50 PM

Got a lap in. Forgot light gloves and helmet, rode anyhow, survived

pdlamb 04-19-22 03:21 PM

Chilly this morning, in the upper 30s, but up to upper 50s this afternoon with only a light wind. And after four days of overcast, the sun made an appearance -- yay! This isn't the midwest in winter, we're not supposed to have overcast and howling winds for weeks on end.

essiemyra 04-20-22 04:14 AM

This morning's commute was pleasant and I had a deer cross the street in front of me but not close enough to scare either of us. The temp was warmer this morning at 39 degrees and almost a half moon. I started my summer ride route this morning.

Rotha 04-20-22 01:34 PM

Lovely rides all week.....especially cycling home (after nightshift). This was Wednesday morning around 6:15am in the Phoenix Park, Dublin.​​​​​​​

Welshboy 04-20-22 01:53 PM

It's only Wednesday but my working week is over as I'm back on my contracted three-day week (31.5 hours). Lovely Spring weather and I took my CAADX for a spin around a 'common land' field next to my workplace but it needs lower tyre pressures really.

essiemyra 04-25-22 04:23 AM

Not my most favorite day today. I went with a light glove as the temp was 42 degrees and, my fingers were so cold. I guess that was a bad choice on my part. Other than that the commute was good.

Tundra_Man 04-25-22 07:55 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1406:

Temp this morning was 31F, which was warmer than the morning temps we had last week so hopefully spring is finally starting to arrive. A little bit of snow fell overnight, just enough to put a dusting on things but not enough to really change the commute. I took the road bike despite the dusting of snow.

High today is supposed to be in the mid-40s. Headwind this morning was in the low 20mph range, which wasn't fun but at least it was a reprieve of the 70mph winds we had over the weekend. Wind here in South Dakota is pretty typical, but I can't remember a year where we've had such a long stretch of high winds. I'm not exaggerating when I say in the last six weeks we've had three days with wind speeds below 20 mph. It's really starting to mentally wear on people, not just the cyclists. A friend of mine lost her shed over the weekend when it finally couldn't take the constant wind pressure any longer. Another friend of mine lost her gazebo yesterday. I've lost a bunch of tree limbs, my bat house and some shingles.

I got out of my routine this morning, which turned out to be a mistake. When I got up I noticed my phone was running low on charge. I plugged it in and set it on the kitchen counter, which I never do in the morning. Usually as soon as my pants are on it goes right in my pocket. Then I went about my routine as usual.

When I arrived at the client I reached for my phone and remembered that it is still sitting at home on the kitchen counter. Rats. They recently implemented two-factor authorization for everything, and it authenticates to my phone. I asked if they had a "plan B" for when someone leaves their phone at home and was told "not yet."

So I was down in the parking garage loading up my bike for a return trip home just to retrieve my phone when one of the network guys came running after me. They figured out how to get around the two-factor on my account for the day, so I didn't have to make an extra trip unless I just couldn't live without my phone. I wasn't going to mind heading back home with the wind pushing me, but coming back and fighting the wind a 2nd time wasn't appealing. I thanked him for catching me before I took off and decided I could last a day without a phone.

Also forgot to pack my belt. That wasn't due to me getting out of my routine, that was just me being a doofus.

essiemyra 04-26-22 04:50 AM

A very pleasant commute this morning with the temp at 48 degrees and cloudy skies. I wore warm winter mittens today after yesterday's freezing fingers. I had to take the mittens off as my hands got to warm. Go figure!

There was also two turkeys in the middle of the road who did not get mad when I went around them. Yay!

Darth Lefty 04-27-22 01:51 PM

I haven't been able to commute much lately due to family schedule. Wife and the two 5yos are visiting her parents this week and I thought that would free me up, if not for a commute then just for a ride. Today I geared up to take a bike ride around 7:10 but thought my 7yo might get up and worried for him being alone. In the end I stayed and waited... and then dragged him out of bed at 8:30

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