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sovende 03-03-21 05:12 PM

Just over 10 miles :backpedal:. First real ride of the year. Was planning on some Winter trail riding last month (February) but around the time I got my NashBar Terra XT prepped, the bitter cold set in and quashed my enthusiasm :rolleyes:. Now that the weather has improved (there’s been significant improvement!) much of our snow melted and the trails became a muddy mess. Nevertheless, I did ride the Terra XT today. Not exactly rigged for road riding (knobby tires with ~50 psi in th3m) it was a bit of a sluggish ride. Pretty nice day though. Temps in the upper 40s and minimal wind. Very leisurely ride. Actually kinda surprised that I went even 10 miles. With very favorable weather forecast for the next week or so, I hope to get out several more times. I’ll be using one of my road bikes though and at the very least doubling the mileage.

UncleG 03-03-21 05:25 PM

Another 10 mile shakedown. The bike is ready, my hind parts are not.

roadwarrior16 03-03-21 06:17 PM

5km for me....nothing crazy. Made some adjustments to a new steelie i picked up, so more of a test ride than anything. But mother nature is teasing us with some nice weather here in Canada. Spring soon???? (i know another storm is coming :s)

HotLap 03-03-21 08:29 PM

25 miles on my brand new MTB!!

ultrarider7 03-04-21 06:15 AM
First outdoor ride of 2021. 35 miles of ice patches, slop and it was still worth it!

Troul 03-04-21 04:40 PM

Wasn't paying much attention to the distance while on the trainer.
31 miles. About 6 more than planned.

OldTryGuy 03-04-21 10:13 PM

Had an errand to complete, pick up a piece of CF to repair a friend's bike, I decided to bike it instead of use car so finished with 71.17 miles today


Troul 03-05-21 04:55 AM

fresh new start, fresh new 25 miles in side the thunderhome.

Notso_fastLane 03-05-21 08:55 AM

Just running errands in the velomobile yesterday: 15 miles. It was actually comfortable at 45F.

Troul 03-06-21 10:01 AM

chased the window & walls for 21 miles.

ultrarider7 03-06-21 05:33 PM
A little over 40 miles today

one4smoke 03-06-21 08:22 PM

27.2 on a pretty chilly Saturday morning.

joesch 03-06-21 08:28 PM

50 on a nice 60 degree Sat. Was first ride over 40 in over a month. Replaced the Mavic wheels with older school campy 8 spd and saddle to Rolls. Steel Serotta rode like a dream.

NoWhammies 03-07-21 01:30 PM

73k with Mrs. NoWhammies as she is getting used to the new bike. Wasn't fast, but was nice to be out riding.

Troul 03-07-21 02:24 PM

80 miles on the trainer & will be this season's final, long, in-door, & looking through a pane of glass while on the trainer miles.

jaxgtr 03-07-21 08:03 PM

:(.... 0 for Saturday, and 0 for Sunday......woke up on Saturday with a major lower back issue and they carried through to today. Between a tens unit and some Lidocaine patches, seems to be getting better.

rsbob 03-07-21 10:25 PM

0 today. Yesterday, 29.45 M. Got rained on a couple of times.

Danhedonia 03-08-21 12:40 AM


ultrarider7 03-08-21 04:02 PM
40 miles

rsbob 03-08-21 08:32 PM

22 miles at 51*. No jacket or leggings but a long sleeve jersey with a t-shirt underneath. A bit chilly so it made me push to stay warm.

NoWhammies 03-08-21 09:39 PM

60k just before sunset.

jaxgtr 03-09-21 11:10 PM

had back issues all last weekend, but did 12 yesterday and 20 today. Back feels much better.

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