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diphthong 03-23-21 07:52 PM


OldTryGuy 03-24-21 01:20 AM

45.54 miles on 3-23-2021

NoWhammies 03-24-21 08:18 AM

71k after work.

joesch 03-24-21 08:49 AM

Originally Posted by ooga-booga (Post 21981865)


joesch 03-24-21 08:53 AM

44 coastal roll including Oceanside and Carlsbad and was riding with a tri guy for awhile who was on his way to swim the Carlsbad Lagoon so carrying a full backpack and still maintaining close to a 20mph pace

rsbob 03-24-21 09:58 AM

33 miles. Was feeling strong and went out too hot for the first 18 miles but i was feeling the need, the need for.... By the time i got to the final climb was feeling pretty knackered which had me down in the low gears which crushed my average speed, but it was still a good ride. Next time I will pace myself just a bit. Maybe. Slow learner.

Troul 03-24-21 10:45 AM

was a rain on your parade type of day, rolled 25 in side.

joesch 03-24-21 10:08 PM

24 mostly on dirt and gravel. Was nice to use the hardtail and not be concerned about cars.

cjenrick 03-24-21 11:40 PM

20 miles which was a miracle,

considering i did it with the front wheel quick release unfastened,

repacked the headset late last night, forgot one minor detail,

thought the bike felt a little loose during the power sprints, holy crap .

Troul 03-25-21 06:03 AM

18 miles before the rain enduring 15 mph head winds that shifted to stay headwinds.

ultrarider7 03-25-21 04:26 PM

56.9 miles today

The Chemist 03-27-21 03:45 AM

Troul 03-27-21 02:07 PM

55 miles. last 1320' required a detour.

jaxgtr 03-27-21 03:44 PM

Took a ride with the wife today. She was not feeling well so it cut the ride short at just 17.5.

NoWhammies 03-27-21 08:58 PM

62k as a nice recovery ride.

rsbob 03-27-21 09:05 PM

Wow, mileages for the gang are picking up. Way to go!

Today, the big goose egg. Yesterday, 52.8 miles 2,300’ climbing.

Fawkwas 03-28-21 09:52 AM

I'm ill now(

cjenrick 03-28-21 09:52 PM

36 miles

what was the hardest part, was it the 40 mph sideways gusts/ or the pounding rain? was it the 42 degree temperature? or the hailstorm that was so strong that it was ringing my pedestrian bell?

no it was the green suburu outback that somehow ended up on the bike path, passing me with a foot of clearance, thought the wind was getting rather loud, but no, it was some cotton top or drunk driver that made the wrong turn. first time in 10 years.

rsbob 03-28-21 10:00 PM

A whopping 12 miles in a monsoon. 6 miles out my feet were squishing in my shoes which is as much fun as putting on a wet bathing suit. The fun thing was tasting the stream of salt washing out of the helmet pads. Yuck

4130NewJersey 03-29-21 09:17 AM

Just short of 27 on Saturday (3/27) and a little over 8 yesterday (it was thunderstorms off and on all day).

diphthong 03-29-21 08:20 PM

20-spot, there and back, from the casita to my fave tasting room in all of socal-eppig brewing near the i-section of scott/dickens in point loma...about a five minute ride from the san diego airport.
right on the bay by all the boats with some great lagers and ales. sorry, no pics. my bad. i'll try for a repeat visit there soon and post pics next time.

joesch 03-29-21 08:50 PM

Last day of spring break in HotelCA for me and I spread the love in my stable riding mostly roads around Temecula on my road bikes and doing some more dirt and gravel on the vintage Klein. Approx 40 miles. Will be looking forward to next checkin probably around July.

ultrarider7 03-30-21 04:31 AM
Only 10 miles, first ride on my newly restored Peugeot 103.

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