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808HIcycler 06-03-21 04:26 AM

13.5 for my first post-deployment ride. Five months without riding other than a stationary bike makes for a world of hurt.

bampilot06 06-03-21 05:21 AM

88, wanted 100 but ran out of time.

Flip Flop Rider 06-03-21 07:11 AM

0 miles

kahn 06-03-21 10:52 AM

Yesterday - 15.7 and about 700 or so feet.

bald1der 06-03-21 02:29 PM

21 miles today. leisurely 12.3 mph average on my Quick CX3

Troul 06-04-21 05:36 PM

34 Miles O.D.

rsbob 06-04-21 08:41 PM

24 with the wifey. Got a cut at the interface between the sidewall and the tire face and my tubeless spewed air and sealant for 5 seconds and self-sealed. Lost about 15 PSI was still enough left to finish the ride with no issues and 70 lbs left. With a tubed tire it would have been the old patch or new tube drill. Very cool.

Geo_Zegarra2016 06-04-21 11:29 PM

June 4, 2021. 17.01 miles :)

diphthong 06-05-21 12:26 AM

Originally Posted by kahn (Post 22084763)
How good was or wasn't the tasting room?

beers: a-. property: b+.

The Chemist 06-05-21 04:34 AM

55.5km. Beautiful day for a ride today.

Troul 06-05-21 07:39 AM

55 Miles O.D.

jaxgtr 06-05-21 02:12 PM

was only planning for 20 as I really did not want to ride in the rain. Then the rain decided to hold off and I ended up doing 37.

kahn 06-05-21 05:22 PM

3! Down to and back from the local bike shop.

Troul 06-06-21 02:33 PM

40 Miles O.D. 3 flats.

CAT7RDR 06-06-21 04:18 PM

One crash when the saddle assembly assploded jumping off the curb. Whoops! Switched bikes, bandaged the left knee and managed 37 miles and 4500 feet of climb. Yeah!

csport 06-06-21 08:39 PM

38 miles. Intended to do 70 miles, but had to quit because of the heat.

KJ43 06-06-21 09:21 PM

45 miles. Pretty much flat except the Dumbarton Bridge crossing on the way back. Around the South Bay from East Palo Alto and back.

Troul 06-07-21 11:34 AM

77 Miles O.D.

WaveyGravey 06-07-21 04:29 PM

What does OD stand for?

bampilot06 06-07-21 04:36 PM


kahn 06-07-21 06:25 PM

A mere 15.4 with 700 gain.

rsbob 06-07-21 09:40 PM

Originally Posted by WaveyGravey (Post 22092228)
What does OD stand for?

Either Out Doors or Over Dosed. I’m leaning toward the latter

Today, between rain showers, more than 19 and less than 20 miles with 850’ climb to keep me honest - kinda sorta. ODD

terrymorse 06-08-21 07:48 AM

Originally Posted by UCantTouchThis (Post 22092694)
some bikelady told me that I was not a serious cyclist as I wore tank tops on my bike rides.

Bikelady was right. A serious cyclist never wears a sleeveless top.

kahn 06-08-21 01:09 PM

Originally Posted by rsbob (Post 22092605)
Either Out Doors or Over Dosed. Iím leaning toward the latter

Today, between rain showers, more than 19 and less than 20 miles with 850í climb to keep me honest - kinda sorta. ODD

We go from mid-80's to mid-50's. The weather has been interesting, hasn't it!

kahn 06-08-21 05:52 PM

19.4, 1100 gain. Figure Eight including a walk across the Ballard (because I can't spell Hiram Chittenden) Locks.

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