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diphthong 10-06-22 03:12 AM

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 22670069)
Kinda late with this, but got back on the bike Sunday for the first time in 8 months. Could only do 16 fairly flat miles. Felt like 116. Actually no, I’ve done well over 130 and had more in the tank than I did Sunday.
So hard to get to a nice level, and so easy to lose.

I see lots of hard work in my future...

op one4smoke ...get you some!

delbiker1 10-06-22 03:34 AM

After 5 days of nor-easter wind, rain and chilly temp, yesterday, I got in my first ride in 5 days, EEK. I saw the sun for about 30 minutes. Got on my Smoothie for it's first ride with the Ritchey Beacon bar. Got 6 miles to Bethany Beach before the sun disappeared and rain moved back in. I wound up with just 15 miles, but I sure did enjoy that 15 miles. Today is looking like a fine day for spending all day with a bike, light breeze, sunshine and 55 to low 70 temps.

Troul 10-06-22 12:41 PM

32 miles & the wind speed was low, but them temps being low are not cool! Missing the 60+ degrees already.

SpeedyBlueBiker 10-08-22 08:53 PM

I was able to get in 38 miles on Thursday and 36 miles today. Still having some smoky days due to the forest fires.

rsbob 10-08-22 11:03 PM

22 smoke filled, lung congestion miles keeping the heart rate way down to prevent rapid deep (cough!) breaths (cough, cough, wheeze).

Troul 10-09-22 02:28 PM

77 miles, a bit cold & windy. The mostly overcast weather made it less risky with traffic, but when it was sunny, I had to roll very defensively.

2manybikes 10-09-22 07:20 PM

30 miles on the dog trike. Perfect weather.

rsbob 10-09-22 07:32 PM

Originally Posted by 2manybikes (Post 22673771)
30 miles on the dog trike. Perfect weather.

Garmin told me to take 40 hours off since I was “over extending”. I hate it when a box tells me to lay off. (In the past it has been correct and when I didn’t mind, I was sorry.) Stupid things. ;)

mschwett 10-09-22 10:19 PM

48 cool foggy miles, 3,000 feet.

more importantly, a nice milestone: 10,000 miles since i took up more serious cycling at the beginning of last year! started with a fair amount of electric assist, then less, then none. it's been a blast!

diphthong 10-10-22 02:59 AM


biker128pedal 10-10-22 04:51 PM

Road last Friday then a busy weekend watching granddaughters while kids ran the Army 10 miler. Got to Reid’s this evening. Cooling off so the wool socks came out. Road 21 miles. But averaged 18.9 mph in our flat area. Off work tomorrow so yea another ride. Road or mountain. Decision decisions. :D

Troul 10-10-22 05:07 PM

i may not've set sail on a boat today, but the wind was there for it... Instead, cranked out 69 miles.

one4smoke 10-12-22 06:03 PM

22 miles today. Working on getting back...

nick_a 10-12-22 08:22 PM

29.5, took the long way home from work

SpeedyBlueBiker 10-12-22 09:17 PM

38 miles before the smoke from the forest fires rolled in due to the shifting winds.

Troul 10-14-22 07:26 AM

33 miles, testing out the new cold weather attire.

mschwett 10-15-22 04:35 PM

62.8 very flat (2,892 feet!) miles. doesn't get much flatter than that around here. nice cool fall weather coming, it seems...

The Chemist 10-16-22 06:50 AM

First metric century + ride in three weeks. Felt good to be back on a long ride again after a few weeks of doing shorter rides only. Also learned the value of always being prepared, as I had to fix a flat tire (thanks to a jagged chunk of metal on the road - not even a Schwalbe Marathon could stop that one!) and remove a stuck chain link causing the chain to jump incessantly (took the offending link out with my chain breaker and replaced it with a quick link). Tools, tube, and pump are vital - forget them even once (and even if you haven't used them in 10000+km as I hadn't prior to today) and you may be stranded!

Troul 10-16-22 01:23 PM

55 miles, headwind going, was not as helpful coming back.

one4smoke 10-19-22 09:00 PM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 22681277)
55 miles, headwind going, was not as helpful coming back.

Seems like I ALWAYS have it both ways.

SpeedyBlueBiker 10-19-22 10:07 PM

27 slow smoky miles in Seattle. All the forest fires are pushing the air quality to unhealthy levels. Friday the rains are coming.

Troul 10-20-22 06:05 PM

37 miles, pretty much avoided the direct head shot winds. Was 28F brrrrr The leaves were crunchy....

Troul 10-21-22 03:19 PM

30 miles. was a hot 29F...

biker128pedal 10-21-22 04:32 PM

Fantastic afternoon. 65 F and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. Very slight breeze. I swear I had the wind at my back the whole ride. :D 33.5 miles on the road. Latex tubes do smooth the ride.

Troul 10-22-22 08:43 AM

89 miles. Was kinda surprised at the volume of riders that were out. 48°F with 18-25 MPH gusts winds....

rsbob 10-22-22 11:12 AM

A very short rainy ride (15 miles) since my vintage bike’s seat post bolt or something I need to figure out today had a malfunction. Seat kept tilting back about 35 degrees even after retightening the seat post bolt with all my might 3X. A picture of the perp:

Figured out the problem. The design of the clam which holds the seat to the post was ill-designed back in the 70s or early 80s.. The teeth between the upper and lower clam only meshed on the outer edges with a big gap in the middle and the outer edges had worn smooth. I took my bike theft device - angle grinder ;) - and reduced the end heights so that the teeth mesh all the way around. Also used lock-tite and a lock washer on the bolt since that was loosening when the seat slipped. Fingers crossed.

Amazed it hung in there as long as it did before the outer teeth wore down and off permitting the seat to slip back.

mschwett 10-22-22 03:14 PM

got out before the peak wind warnings for a (still windy) 56 miles, 4,600 feet of climbing. tried to stay in the hills and trees where it was sheltered, mostly succeeded.

Bitterly cold northwest winds are set to steadily creep into Point Reyes early before they come crashing into San Francisco this afternoon....Gale-force winds in excess of 40 mph with gusts near 50 mph will howl over the open waters Saturday morning, making for bitterly cold and dangerous seas over the Farallon Islands — just 28 miles off the coast of San Francisco. Some of these strong winds will wrap around to Point Reyes and most of the Pacific-facing side of Sonoma and Marin counties’ coastline, blowing sand and dust all along Highway 1 for most of Saturday.

Once the “inside-slider” dips into Nevada this afternoon, strong 35-45 mph gusts will be possible in San Francisco — especially west of Sunset Boulevard, in the Presidio and along the north coast. These winds will peak by 4-7 p.m. on Saturday before finally dropping off overnight.

But blowing dust won’t be the only thing coming ashore.
why do all weather phenomena have to have names these days!??!

The Chemist 10-23-22 07:56 AM
Beautiful warm (22 degrees) autumn day for a ride today.

Troul 10-23-22 10:33 AM

55 miles. Started off in the low 60°F's, dropped to mid 40°F's, ended it in the upper 50°F's. Mild head winds majority of the ride.

rsbob 10-23-22 07:48 PM

A hair short of 30 and a grand climbing. Cloudy, calm with a couple patches of sun - temps in the mid-50s. Was dressed very comfortably which made the ride muy bueno (been watching too much Narcos on Netflix)

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