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mastronaut 02-04-14 06:44 PM

Was caught in compromising position with hand dryer in McDonald's restroom...

ahsposo 02-04-14 07:55 PM

In a nearly forgotten footnote of history actually found the beef for that querulous old lady in the Reagan campaign. The election was over by then, so he was sent to space on a 'fact' finding mission.

eschlwc 02-04-14 08:41 PM

worked at a wendy's during the height of the 'where's the beef?' campaign. he wasn't sure where the beef was, but about $300 worth of condiments and paper products were in the back of his gremlin.

MillCreek 02-04-14 08:59 PM

Is made up of equal parts of bone, sinew and gristle.

skijor 02-05-14 01:01 AM

Finished The Ol' 96-er.

MillCreek 02-05-14 09:27 AM

Drinks nothing but craft-brewed Olde English 800.

Jseis 02-05-14 10:16 AM

Loved the feel of a Mickey's wide mouth..for all the very wrong reasons.

skijor 02-05-14 10:36 AM

Is shooting for gold at Sochi with his cat, Ivan, in the newest event--Giving a pill to a cat. The event is judged on speed, creativity, and blood shed by the owner.

mastronaut 02-05-14 10:46 AM

Was plenty big for Mickey's other opening....

MillCreek 02-05-14 04:08 PM

Wonders if it is wrong to love duck lips.

trsidn 02-05-14 04:28 PM

worried, cuz he has duck lips...

mastronaut 02-05-14 04:41 PM

Has Duck lips to die for...

ahsposo 02-05-14 05:14 PM

Speaking of duck-bills, he is still wondering what the plural of platypus is. Platyplorum?

3alarmer 02-05-14 05:20 PM


...knows full well that the plural of platypus is platytude.

skijor 02-05-14 06:00 PM

Can stick away half a crate of whisky everyday.

MillCreek 02-05-14 06:36 PM

Knows that a pack of platypus is platypi, which coincidentally enough, is a delicious pastry to enjoy.

ahsposo 02-05-14 08:14 PM

The word 'pastry' always makes him drool more than usual.

Buckets vs. a constant drip, drip, drip, if that helps quantify.

black_box 02-05-14 10:17 PM

He keeps offering to fix MillCreek's plumbing with his universal expanding mushroom plug.

ahsposo 02-06-14 07:17 AM

Just came out to his family and friends and is now openly sad.

skijor 02-06-14 07:24 AM

Could use a man like Herbert Hoover again.

mastronaut 02-06-14 11:12 AM

They call him Hoover for less than obvious reasons...

3alarmer 02-06-14 03:19 PM

...was actually sent to the moon in a secret, government program during the Coolidge administration. The tragic failure of that mission kept us out of space until Mercury.

mastronaut 02-06-14 03:22 PM

Was the inspiration for The 5 Man Electrical Band's Greatest hit....

3alarmer 02-06-14 03:33 PM

...he was blinded by the light.

trsidn 02-06-14 04:08 PM

Is dressed up like a deuce.

mastronaut 02-06-14 04:35 PM

not a ******...

ahsposo 02-06-14 04:39 PM

Thinks asterisks are a part of speech, like uh and duh and whatever.

MillCreek 02-06-14 05:50 PM

Is proficient in Valley Girl speak, like, whatever.

Wilfred Laurier 02-06-14 05:52 PM

totally gagged himself with a spoon

ahsposo 02-06-14 05:58 PM

Will use his Shift Key for work.

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