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ahsposo 12-09-20 05:31 PM

Likes a nice tight seal...

3alarmer 12-09-20 09:20 PM

...he can't touch this.

roundypndr 12-09-20 11:42 PM

If left alone, he'd touch this, that, and whatever else he could get his hands on. (Crap, that's not a lie.)

Darth Lefty 12-10-20 12:41 AM

Hes just three MCs and one DJ

skijor 12-10-20 10:05 AM

Just received his pre-inauguration preemptive pardon for all the truths he's told.

3alarmer 12-10-20 11:00 AM

...he's hosting an inaugural ball this January. The theme will be "The Masque of the Red Death". Tickets are selling like hotcakes.

livedarklions 12-10-20 01:14 PM

Was portrayed by Vincent Price in the biopic.

ahsposo 12-10-20 01:53 PM

Was rejected by The Price Is Right for being too cheap.

3alarmer 12-10-20 07:22 PM

...still bitter about not being selected from the audience for "Let's Make a Deal". Sometimes he dresses up in one of the nine costumes he put together for his various attempts, looks at himself in the mirror, and asks, "Why not?"

roundypndr 12-10-20 09:21 PM

No matter what advice he is given, he always picks door #3

ahsposo 12-10-20 09:33 PM

No matter how he dresses he always looks like #2.

skijor 12-11-20 09:31 AM

Views the number of outlets on a power strip as just a suggestion.

no motor? 12-11-20 09:54 AM

Thinks the zonk prizes are pretty nice.

skijor 12-11-20 11:58 AM

50 more Skeeball tickets and he can swing his SO's bail.

3alarmer 12-11-20 01:11 PM

...lately, at the Tuesday night karaoke and bingo they hold weekly at Leisure World, his big crowd favorite song has been "My Whole World is Waiting, Behind Door # 3".

Darth Lefty 12-12-20 01:13 AM

At the same Tuesday night karaoke and bingo they hold weekly at Leisure World, wont sing any song by The Doors

no motor? 12-12-20 07:09 AM

Wants to bring back the Gong Show.

roundypndr 12-12-20 09:45 AM

Is still upset that Gene Gene the Dancing Machine stole his dance routine, that HE perfected at Leisure World.

skijor 12-12-20 09:59 AM

Does Gene Rayburn quotes in his sleep, such as "I just bought the world's most expensive mattress. But it's a little bit uncomfortable, because it's filled with _____."

3alarmer 12-12-20 10:24 AM

...his recent purchase of a My Pillow has set all the single ladies tongues to wagging, there at the Leisure World in Baraboo.

no motor? 12-12-20 11:46 AM

Commutes to his job at the freak show at Circus World from that same Leisure World in Baraboo.

3alarmer 12-12-20 12:00 PM

...sometimes, (not often , but sometimes,) he resents being so normal. He just wishes he were special, sometimes.

roundypndr 12-12-20 12:16 PM

Originally Posted by no motor? (Post 21829528)
Commutes to his job at the freak show at Circus World from that same Leisure World in Baraboo.

His Wheel of Fortune is riding a Unicycle at Circus World. He was overheard saying, " The minimum wage pay is great, and the audience numbers are way up, in their seeing how long I can ride pantless".

no motor? 12-12-20 06:01 PM

Didn't need to show his employee id from his first day at the freak show, they knew he was weird enough to work there.

ahsposo 12-12-20 08:47 PM

Loves his work in the freak show; after all at work he is "The Giant Corpse Eating Rat of Sumatra, Scavenger of The Battlefield" and at home he is just another opossum from Waycross.

skijor 12-12-20 09:50 PM

During the holidays, he's known as Dasher. Full name--Balderdasher.

roundypndr 12-13-20 12:00 AM

Is the Prancer in the Prancercise.videos.

skijor 12-13-20 02:42 PM

His thought bubbles are full of helium.

Doohickie 12-13-20 02:51 PM

Has perfected the practice of drawing a vacuum on his thought bubbles. (Actually, it came naturally for him.)

ahsposo 12-13-20 03:42 PM

Makes his thought bubbles in a tub bath.

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