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tiger1964 06-22-22 04:20 PM

Hoping to eventually post a photo, they are finally building a bike path bridge over the Patuxent River to connect rail trails between the DC and Baltimore areas. My usual 18 mile training ride might become MUCH longer...

Kilroy1988 06-22-22 04:26 PM

How about a little baby bridge on a lonely country road over an irrigation ditch?

Roger M 06-22-22 05:08 PM
It's there, but on a different scale. Thomas's 3d print on his mtb river crossing in the back yard.

And, to add to gearbashers post above..

t2p 06-22-22 05:19 PM

on bikes - on bridge

Sandy Lake trail - near Allegheny River trail

Franklin PA

droppedandlost 06-22-22 05:23 PM

Port Angeles metric century, Lake Crescent

t2p 06-22-22 05:27 PM

on bikes - under a bridge

Allegheny River trail - under the Sandy Lake trail

Franklin PA

one way to get up onto the Sandy Lake trail from the Allegheny River trail is to use the stairs under this bridge

Roger M 06-22-22 05:35 PM

droppedandlost 06-22-22 05:38 PM

Green River Gorge

droppedandlost 06-22-22 05:40 PM

Cedar River

droppedandlost 06-22-22 05:41 PM

Carbon River

droppedandlost 06-22-22 05:48 PM

Pompiere 06-22-22 06:05 PM

It's only part way to being vintage, although it is a Reynolds steel frame.
Jamis Quest

majmt 06-22-22 06:09 PM

Above Mammoth in Yellowstone.

Andy Antipas 06-22-22 06:17 PM

Durango's Bakers Bridge
A couple pics from SW Colorado
1963 Masi Special
1973 Colnago Eddy Merckx Molteni

noobinsf 06-22-22 06:39 PM

SF Bay Bridge

52telecaster 06-22-22 07:17 PM

Originally Posted by Kilroy1988 (Post 22550873)
How about a little baby bridge on a lonely country road over an irrigation ditch?

awesome carlton

nlerner 06-22-22 07:40 PM

Bridge over the Rapidan River, Rapidan, VA:

Pedestrian bridge over the Mass Pike, Allston, MA:

northbend 06-22-22 07:59 PM Creek on the Middle Fork Forest road outside of North Bend by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

Chuck M 06-22-22 08:11 PM

This is a nice old steel bridge that was integrated into the Tulsa River Parks trail system and my '84 Raleigh Competition. I had just bought this bike a few weeks prior to this picture and this was the first test ride after a complete overhaul. It was a beautiful unseasonably warm late November day where I had an opportunity to ride my age for my 57th.

This lovely old steel bridge is getting torn out as soon as a boring modern concrete bridge is finished that will take its place. EPA regulations and other such nonsense has made it impossible to save to integrate into the MUP that goes underneath it.

obrentharris 06-22-22 08:22 PM


tcs 06-22-22 08:25 PM

1984 Alex Moulton AM7 on 'the world's most expensive bike bridge', the Calatrava-designed $122,000,000 (yes! that's just the bike bridge part!) Margaret McDermott Bridge over the Trinity River

Bruce27 06-22-22 08:29 PM

tcs 06-22-22 08:35 PM

'82 Stumpjumper on a Mickelson Trail trestle N of Hill City

tcs 06-22-22 08:46 PM

Nifty little loaner Brompton on the 1821 Baird/Telford Grand Union Canal Avon Aqueduct between the Falkirk Wheel and Edinbourgh

Soody 06-22-22 08:53 PM

couple swing bridges in my 18 km loop along the Tongariro river

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