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Andy Antipas 09-02-22 06:44 PM

Alan Record on Baker's Bridge
We are having beautiful weather here in Southwest Colorado. I took the Alan Record out for its maiden voyage this morning on one of the local standard rides crossing over the Animas River on Baker's Bridge, which is a local landmark and the location where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid jumped off the cliff......

Chuck M 09-05-22 12:25 PM

This 1937 era steel bridge is still carrying cars across the Caney River every day waiting for its eventual demolishing so it can be replaced by a modern, soulless, concrete bridge which is currently under construction.

hazetguy 09-07-22 06:59 PM

Thunderlips 09-10-22 05:56 PM

52telecaster 09-10-22 06:07 PM
Breakfast ride.

BTinNYC 09-10-22 06:39 PM

North County Trailway, Westchester Co., NY

Oldsledz 09-10-22 06:48 PM

Here are some from last weekends ride, I hope it is ok some the bike is not on the bridge.

cooperryder 09-11-22 10:18 AM
Rivendell Sam Hillborne on bridge at White Rock Lake, Dallas, TX.

xiaoman1 09-11-22 09:43 PM

6th Street Via.....Los Angeles
r fonseca
r fonseca
Better to ride it at night...nice composition too!
Best, Ben

Imaginos 09-15-22 06:25 PM
Blackbear Creek

look566 rider 09-15-22 07:27 PM

Not vintage, definitely classic
Pic taken on Blueridge Parkway outside of Asheville NC.

iab 09-16-22 09:16 AM

Namakagon river. North 28 by iabisdb, on Flickr

52telecaster 11-24-22 12:01 PM

Rockford IL, supercourse 12

lonesomesteve 11-27-22 09:45 PM

In this picture, I'm not yet on, but about to go across the Evergreen Point floating bridge, one of two floating bridges that connects Seattle to its eastern suburbs. At nearly a mile and a half long, it's the longest floating bridge in the world.
Evergreen Point floating bridge, Seattle, WA

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