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diphthong 11-23-21 12:27 AM

Originally Posted by kahn (Post 22317295)
Actually, too hot for me. But since ours is about half of that - how 'bout a compromise or average? ;)

it was 18% humidity with a little 4mph breeze so it felt more like 76 degrees.

absolutely not. can only venture out in temps < 50 degrees with the guarantee it'll warm up to the upper 50's at least. soft living and all that is for reals.

mschwett 11-23-21 08:11 PM

118 miles. first imperial century.

feeling it now, left hand is numb and achy. otherwise not too bad.

rsbob 11-23-21 11:32 PM

It’s not how fer I rode today, but how high. Rode 2,600’ today completing my 2021 goal of 200,000’! Probably not much for 30-40 YOs, but for an old dude, its cool. Next goal to slay before the year ends is mileage. Pics from how high I was today.

beechnutC23 11-24-21 08:21 PM

35 km test of my winter beater. Not much snow where I live at 160 m elevation but my ride took me up to 350 m where there was a light dusting on the roads. The studded tires reminded me of why my car burns so much more gas on winter tires.

rsbob 11-24-21 10:54 PM

Completed my 2021 mileage goal today hitting 4000 miles or 6427 Km before the weather get really nasty. Pics from today’s ride
Beaver lodge

Troul 11-25-21 06:47 AM

75 Miles I.D. thankfully the indoor trainer hasn't had any flaws...

cjenrick 11-26-21 02:13 AM

70 miles in the freezing rain. alone. at night.

bike path. couple of young turkeys came up behind on dirt bikes and freaked out because i did not have my tail light going to conserve juice. hard to see a bike in front of you in the dark even if they have a headlamp burning. unless it is like 2000 watts.

don't blame them, probably drunk from thanksgiving and wanted to escape grandpa. i use to do the same crazy chit so wtf, jus sayin. there were moths out in the rain. a few rabbits playing hide and seek. no deer this time but some black creature scurried into the brush. probably a ferrel (sp) cat. one flat tire and i am dead. hypothermic and doa. no wait, had a cell and a credit card. good unless i crash on the cell. showers pass jacket and pants with fresh scotchguard. DIY gortex booties and glove covers. everything dry except small patch on chest from not zipping up. needed air flow. and that is about as close and personal as i want to get.

grosey 11-26-21 02:42 PM

A 45 minute race on never went anywhere, so 0 miles, but I then cycled about a quarter mile return journey to the petrol station to buy wine.

rsbob 11-26-21 11:20 PM

Originally Posted by grosey (Post 22321088)
A 45 minute race on never went anywhere, so 0 miles, but I then cycled about a quarter mile return journey to the petrol station to buy wine.

My kind of rider. Save the wine!

diphthong 11-27-21 03:22 AM

Originally Posted by grosey (Post 22321088)
A 45 minute race on never went anywhere, so 0 miles, but I then cycled about a quarter mile return journey to the petrol station to buy wine.

anything decent?

grosey 11-27-21 05:49 AM

Originally Posted by ooga-booga (Post 22321520)
anything decent?

Yellow Tail Shiraz. Hopefully get out for a proper cycle tomorrow.

ofajen 11-27-21 05:02 PM

About 42 miles today. Mid 50s, sunny and a little wind. Very nice. Visibility is great with the leaves down. No blind corners on trail turns these days. Lots and lots of people out and about. I saw most of the usual suspects and many others.


biker128pedal 11-27-21 07:05 PM

It was windy and 40 F today. So I wanted a 2 hour ride. I took the mountain bike to Newport News park and road the gravel route I found on a local feed. I had ridden part of it on the Domane but did not want to swap tires. And clean it afterwards. The mountain bike can stay dirty. Anyway road 24 miles. The Garmin/Bontrager 1030 got confused twice. I restarted it the first time but just followed the route. A nice lite ride.

beechnutC23 11-28-21 07:50 PM

We had a nice little dump of snow in the night between Friday and Saturday. I rode indoors on the trainer on Saturday, and on the tractor outdoors just before blowing out the driveway. Today, it was sunny and a balmy -4C, so I managed to get outdoors and do 31 km/629 m on my newly renovated winter beater. That leaves me only 22.2 km to go to hit 10,000 km on the season!
Mt. Sutton
Temporarily 56...
Call's Mills
Home Stretch

Troul 11-28-21 08:32 PM

41 Miles I.D.

jaxgtr 11-29-21 01:28 PM

41 outside today. Beautiful weather, upper 50's, bright blue clear skies, could have done without the wind from the NW, but it was not terrible.

diphthong 11-29-21 11:34 PM

easy, 23-spot cruisefest. 76 degrees. zero rush.

kahn 11-30-21 09:11 AM

Yesterday, the 29th, we did our usual "looks like it won't rain for a while" short ride of 15/16 miles and about 600 gain. Not bad and warmer than last week. Lots of slimy leaves on the roads and worse on tree-lined bike paths.

jaxgtr 11-30-21 02:03 PM

popped out 51 today, started in the 50's topped out at 61F, clear blue skies, light wind out of the NE off the ocean, just an awesome day.

Edit: Snap of the intercoastal on my way to the beach...

Troul 11-30-21 04:03 PM

57 Miles I.D. I will treat myself to some coffee now.

diphthong 11-30-21 05:48 PM

22-spot on (mostly) a quiet, rural road in the san diego backcountry. btw…76 degrees-again.

one4smoke 11-30-21 09:37 PM

30 miles on a beeeeautiful day!

beechnutC23 12-01-21 09:10 AM

Broke 10,000 km for the year yesterday (to be precise, 10,003 km); total elevation change 128,965 metres (423,000 ft). And the year ain't over yet! It is getting tougher out there, winter weather is now upon us and the roads had a fresh light dusting of snow. Distances are shorter due to less daylight, slower speeds (heavier bike, studded tires, traction), and the toe/hand freeze factor. And fewer rides as sometimes the road surface is not amenable to safe riding even with studded tires (slush isn't your friend). Still, I'm proud of myself, 63 y.o. diabetic who once weighed 212 lb, down to 170 or so. Most distance and climb I've ever done since I was riding on training wheels when I was 5 y.o...

jaxgtr 12-01-21 01:26 PM

Birthday ride today, so goal was 57 , but I started having some pain in the tendon behind my right knee , so versus causing further issues, I just did 30. I will give it a rest for a day and try again on Friday or Saturday, based on how I feel.

Troul 12-01-21 04:18 PM

44 Miles I.D. Stationary headwinds of 10 MPH.

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