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bbbean 01-02-20 04:53 PM

fer 'nuf. You?

bampilot06 01-02-20 07:08 PM

20 this morning

Slightspeed 01-02-20 07:30 PM

36 miles, Ventura to Ojai via Lake Casitas, which even has a little water.

bpcyclist 01-02-20 11:33 PM

Oh, man, just 22 or so, but I am stopping in the middleish where there are some steep hills and doing a bunch of hill repeats to try to get stronger. Pretty good workout for me.

TheDudeIsHere 01-04-20 05:07 PM

43.5 windy miles today. Solo ride, the way I like it! :D

You can see I am not one of those,"do my gloves match my tires and shoelaces?" type of guys. I just get on my bike and ride.

But my jersey seemed to fit the bill today once I realized I was going to have a headwind both directions. :P

TheDudeIsHere 01-05-20 02:25 PM

Nice 20 miler. Every cyclist I passed called me a fat bastard. :cry:

I'm only 260. :lol: :D :roflmao2:

TheDudeIsHere 02-01-20 05:23 PM

Hmm, I guess the GD people don't ride? :D

Today was a good ride. I woke up with a sore throat on Thursday. Hurt like a mother to swallow but Friday a bit better in the morning. Today, Saturday, a bit sore again and chest congestion. But I wanted to ride not having a chance to ride last weekend with the home improvement projects going on. I can't seem to get over paying somebody $450 to scrub the tile floors so I did it myself on my hands and knees. Not only scrubbing the tile but cleaning the grout and sealing it. Something that would have costed even more, shkrew that! So I was hoping that all that work would be like a bike ride last weekend. Actually in more pain that riding my bike ha ha!

So I had to ride today, sick or not. Felt pretty good other than some chest congestion. I did have the 17.5 up until the last mile. Freaking cramp got me, boo hoo but I lived! :D

Rode my old 1998 Cannondale. Still loving this bike!

I wore my bones jersey so others around me could see my heart working and congested lungs, maybe get some sympathy but nobody cared ha ha!

I had planned to do a climbing ride but with the sore throat, I thought a flat ride would be better for today.

TheDudeIsHere 02-02-20 05:52 PM

Another 32 miles today with a buddy. Darn wind, only a 16.5 average speed.

Team Fat Bastard ha ha!

Couple of young guys roll up to the park as I am filling my bottles. One sees the name on my bike and asks, " are you 'THE' Dude?!"

Yeah Son, that is me, The Dude, the one and only! :roflmao2:

Pretty cool couple of young guys! :thumb: And new Strava follower.

Nick 93 02-02-20 06:26 PM

First "real" ride on my first bike today where I did about 7 miles. Took me 30 minutes and felt good but theres no doubt I need to work up some conditioning. Also think the bike needs some maintenance. Feels like the bottom bracket bearing is creaking but I'll have to take a look at it when I get the chance.

taco2ewsday 02-03-20 08:11 AM

First outdoor ride of the year

Dist 31.96 m
Avg 12.6 mph
Elev 1085 ft
Time 2:32:23

bampilot06 02-03-20 08:33 AM

20 miles
avg 18 mph
210 mighty feet of elevation

one4smoke 02-05-20 09:23 PM

Close to 50 miles last Sunday (Gave away 6 miles 'cause I forgot to start Strava :bang:)

one4smoke 03-01-20 10:09 PM

42 miles on a super windy day.

taco2ewsday 03-01-20 10:38 PM

23.6 mi on a windy Sunday

one4smoke 03-08-20 08:30 PM

51 total miles today. 42 early on, then 11 right before dark.

Doctor Morbius 03-09-20 12:26 AM

25 miles on the 8th. Since March 1st I have 125 total. I'm shooting for 100 miles per week for 30 weeks to match the mileage I rode last season.

one4smoke 04-06-20 08:01 AM

About 57 total yesterday. Trying to do my part by not riding where there is a lot of people (greenways and parks) but getting some exercise nonetheless.

NoWhammies 04-06-20 08:23 AM

53k. Nice and easy recovery ride with Mrs. NoWhammies. Good to get out.

Gardener D 04-06-20 08:35 AM

Only rode about 3 miles today but did about 10 to 12 yesterday.

Just starting out really on my old bike I bought about 40 years ago its a vintage Raleigh Sun gt10 and i am enjoying my time!


Notso_fastLane 04-06-20 02:13 PM

58 miles yesterday. That felt good. Almost all of it on the local trail system. There were a few random people out on bikes, and families walking, but it was pretty empty overall.

That's the longest ride I've done in the velo since I got in June. Trying to get my time down to under 3 hours (for 60 miles) this year.

cookingjnj 04-06-20 05:29 PM

27.24 miles today.

diphthong 04-06-20 06:14 PM

35 local and windy miles in between storm waves here in san diego. the temps are more applicable to a wintertime storm so we should see some snow at the
higher (4,500 ft >) elevations in the local mtns. hope to ride those selfsame mtns on friday when the storm is supposedly gonzo.

Digger Goreman 04-06-20 06:24 PM

19 miles: North Decatur to Stone Mountain and back :D

NoWhammies 04-06-20 10:35 PM

77km. Pretty happy about that considering the daylight hours aren't exactly where I'd like them. Soon though. Soon.

one4smoke 04-07-20 12:16 PM

Only 20 yesterday around in the hood.

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