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rgdi 06-14-21 11:51 AM

2007 Trek 4300 Disc or 2009 Trek 4400 Vbrake
Hi there! New to the forum, and new to mountain biking.

My 9 year old son wanted to go ride with the bikes, at that time he had a BMX style bike, and I have an old Motiv Rockridge.

We went for a couple of rides, mostly on pavement, and I could see that he likes it, but was struggling with the BMX, so I got for him a Mongoose Excursion.

Now the one that is liking it its me, and I want to gen an upgrade from the Motiv, so Im looking for a second hand bike, We are riding mostly on pavement, but I would like to hit some light trails once in a while.

I found a 4300 Trek with disc brakes, I belive its a 2007 model

Also found a 4400 Trek with V brakes, I think its a 2009 model

Both bikes are in the same price range, an both are my size (18", I am 1.74 mts tall or 5.7 ft) Did some research, and the 4400 seem to have slightly better drive train, derailures and fork, both frames are the same according to what I found on internet.

My question is should I go for the disc brakes, or for slightly better components? Thanks in advance for your feedback!

blakcloud 06-15-21 01:18 PM

Don't buy a bike based on one component. Purchase the bike that is in the best condition. Not all disk brakes are created equal so to say that disk brakes are inherently better is a misnomer. V brakes stopped mountain bikes for two decades before disks came along. Either bike will work for you so it is a win win situation.

rgdi 06-15-21 03:30 PM

Thanks for the repy blakcloud

Sure I will look for the one in the best condition over all, thanks for the tip!

Good to know that not all disk brakes are created equal, I did not mean specifically that Im looking for disc brakes only, I know that the frames are the same, but the components are a little bit better in the 4400, the only "Better" thing that the 4300 has over the 4400 are the disc brakes in my opinion.

Thats why Im asking, if I should go for the better components, or take the one that has disc brakes, in case that both bikes are in good shape.


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