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subgrade 04-22-20 03:54 AM

10 (to work) + 50 km after work. Explored some previously unridden forest paths and fire roads, barely managed to get out of the forest before dark.

OldTryGuy 04-22-20 10:26 AM

Another Solo Social Distancing Compliant ride beginning shortly after midnight of 92 miles.

av1 04-23-20 07:12 AM

20km asphalt and forest paths.

av1 04-23-20 08:58 AM

A few photos from the ride today.

one4smoke 04-26-20 08:55 PM

20 miles on a cool, windy day.

NoWhammies 04-27-20 08:22 AM

125k. Was aiming for 140 but the weather had different ideas.

Miles2go 04-27-20 09:50 PM
71 miles, 2200 feet of climbing and 18.7 mph average. Got rolling at 6:30 to get home and knock some cool recovery drinks back before the afternoon heat arrived.

bargo68 04-27-20 09:55 PM

Went to check in at work in Berkeley. 50 miles round trip and caught a headwind BOTH directions on the Richmond Bridge. I'm cursed.

diphthong 04-27-20 10:10 PM

a total of 54 miles. one ride of 10 miles to the train station with two errands on the way. train from san diego up to oceanside (50 min train ride).
cycled the coast south from oceanside back to metro san diego. overcast from oceanside to cardiff but sunny from solana beach till the ride's end.
super mellow and was content to let everyone pass me...except two snarfarglers on e-bikes that were all over the bike lane in encinitas.
i had to pass and drop them out of principle.

NoWhammies 04-27-20 10:29 PM

60k after work and before sunset. A nice easy ride.

one4smoke 04-28-20 09:53 AM

54 yesterday on a super busy greenway.

adlai 04-28-20 11:39 AM

I rode on a very hilly section of road, like at least 30 degrees, and I climbed it all with my granny gear on a triple crank. Motobecane Strada 1.0, steel frame, claris groupset.

I have another bike with an electric Bionx wheel built into it.

The amount of exertion to get up the hill was more than the Bionx, but not by much. With the Bionx system, I still have to pedal above a certain incline.

I think that Bionx wheel is underpowered if I still have to pedal on some hills.

I wonder if I can change this by altering the battery pack to a higher voltage. Or just hooking up a higher voltage pack?

I think that electric assist doesn't make sense for upright bicycles. It makes more sense for recumbents.

diphthong 04-28-20 06:53 PM

35-miler from old town train station in san diego up to ucsd area, then down to la jolla and through pacific/mission/ocean beach areas before heading past the airport and along the harbor.
climbed up from little italy area to balboa park area and then back home. a little foggy on the coast but not too cold-upper 60's. consistently sunny and low 70's a mile inland.

diphthong 04-29-20 09:42 PM

a 30-spot in metro san diego poking around but concentrated on the old south park neighborhood and riding a few little streets i'd ridden maybe once or twice before.
more of a homes and gardens spin...quite a few green thumbs out there.

one4smoke 05-04-20 08:41 PM

84 grueling miles all around and through Nastyville today.

diphthong 05-04-20 08:53 PM

^saw that and i raised you 17 miles, it's big riding season.

Dany6 05-05-20 03:01 AM

Started cycling just yesterday,made 56 kilometers with a nasty wind in my face on both ways,going and coming back home,and plus i didn't bring any water or food,as well no spare tubes or kit hah,so the first sip of water i tasted was on a halfway going back home.I was planning to do 15km max, passed so quickly.And after i got home,after maybe 30minutes i planned to go to a store,after 15 meters i got a flat...but luckily it didn't puncture.It sucked because of the wind but glad i did it,and suprised myself considering i have a veryyy poor condition.

TimbyMaTombo 05-05-20 09:48 AM

Got in my first 10+ mile ride in some time yesterday. The MUP closest to me is only about 9 miles with a small (2mi.) Loop at the end but I can't bring myself to make that loop over and over again for more mileage. I stopped by a path near my work with a much nicer layout for cycling and it was nice to get some distance in. I think I ended up at about 14 miles total. Going to start looking for other paths closer to my house; if I can find one I can easily and safely cycle to that would be preferred but we'll see what's available. Living in an area with such bad drivers I would rather carmute to a better path than trust people to stay out of the bike lane.

Oneder 05-05-20 01:27 PM

8 miles every day now. Started off with 2 a couple years ago

diphthong 05-05-20 10:36 PM

40 miles in southern san diego county...mostly coastal. two flats. time to buy a new set of tires. bike has a set of conti grand prix 4000's
but never been a huge fan of conti's in terms of durability. they are nimble as hell...i'll give them that. will prob go with a set of michelin
pro 4's and see what transpires. been doing a lot of riding on less than pristine roads lately (lots of contruction zones, industrial areas
and bleepy pavement).

NoWhammies 05-06-20 08:33 AM

103k after work yesterday. My first time riding this season in shorts and a jersey. Bring on summer!

diphthong 05-06-20 04:59 PM

another 40-miler dtown san diego + mostly coastal (point loma, ocean beach, mission beach, pacific beach, mission bay) since it's warmed up and the overcast hasn't started-yet.
the may gray wlill be here soon enuff.

Cyclist30923 05-07-20 08:59 PM

21 glorious miles! The Pacific Ocean was compassionate today and did not give me much wind grief!!

diphthong 05-07-20 10:13 PM

yet another 40-miler north of metro san diego up to clairemont and continuing on to uni city/utc, then east along miramar rd, then down south along
kearny villa rd and the 15 fwy corridor and back home. low/mid-80's. some wind but not too much. had one guy slowly pass me on kearny villa near the
top by kearny villa/miramar. normally, i woulda worked with him and traded pulls into the 5 miles of 3/4 headwind but those daze are on permahold.
just trailed him by 30 yards for the 5 miles instead. lo and behold, my burger destination for a late lunch was i hadda improvise and hit
the popeye's about .75 miles from home for two chicken sandos. i'm okay with how things turned out.

velojym 05-07-20 10:15 PM

Just over 20 miles on my Paratrooper. Still working my way back up to longer rides, but I'm happy with this for now... especially with my reduced route selections.

diphthong 05-08-20 09:49 PM

an easy 44-miler around metro san diego. windy (but not unpleasantly so) early on which cut some of the heat so it was appreciated. wind died down about an
hour later and it got really nice. 3-5 mph breeze, mid-70's for 2/3's of the ride. saving the legs for bigger things tomorrow.

jorglueke 05-10-20 06:36 PM

14 miles today, faster than usual but it wiped me out. Age is not stamina's friend

hsabree 05-10-20 09:56 PM

15 miles

SethAZ 05-11-20 12:23 AM

About 30 miles today, in three chunks. First, rode a bit over 8 miles with my wife at her speed. Got home, started out on a solo ride, intending to do another 20-25 miles or so. Several miles in I got my first flat in many hundreds of miles. Fixed it, decided to ride back home, check air pressure, restock the saddlebag in case it happens again, and uploaded that ride of 9.2 miles. A while later I was still itching to get in my mileage for the day so I went back out and rode about 12 1/2 miles on one of my shorter routes. So I got my 30 miles in for the day, but damn it took forever! Felt like I spent half the day just trying to get in a decent bike ride.

one4smoke 05-11-20 12:46 PM

30 miles Saturday at a good 16.5 clip, and 40 miles total Sunday, a 30 and a 10.

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