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spelger 07-30-22 06:35 PM

Originally Posted by shapiroeric (Post 22593015)
Just shy of 49 miles and 3900 ft. Up and down Soapstone Mt in CT

nice view. Reminds me of looking out from Talcott mtn. I used to live in the Farmington Valley years ago.

spelger 07-30-22 06:37 PM

Just under 62 miles. It was 98 today but was blessed with some clouds for the last 10 miles.

Jedneck 07-30-22 07:27 PM

None. But tomorrow is 50-80miles halfish gravel and 🤞5000ft climbing to get over 60000ft for month

biker128pedal 07-30-22 09:27 PM

Hit but not as humid today. Road 64 miles. Hope Im not too sore to ride tomorrow.

diphthong 07-30-22 09:33 PM


Grotug 07-31-22 05:59 AM

Yesterday rode 108.5 miles with 12,500 feet of climbing. Actually, did a 4.85 mile cool down ride after so total miles for the day were 113 miles. I disagree with Greg Lemond, though: it does get easier and I get faster. I did the same ride last year and I was 1.5 mph faster this year (and it was easier).

Jedneck 07-31-22 11:57 AM

73 and 5050. Gives me 291 and 22000 for week. 960 and 60000 for month

Troul 07-31-22 03:03 PM

55.5 Miles. Then off to the offshore races.

shapiroeric 07-31-22 03:09 PM

Early Sun 52+ and 3500 ft..

Fredo76 07-31-22 03:10 PM
Rest stop near Black Mesa

Out past Black Mesa to San Ildelfonso Pueblo - 22.8 miles

mschwett 07-31-22 03:43 PM

68.67mi, only 3,200 of climbing. nice ride but felt very weak for the last 1/2!

SpeedyBlueBiker 07-31-22 05:48 PM

Originally Posted by Fredo76 (Post 22593985)
Rest stop near Black Mesa

Out past Black Mesa to San Ildelfonso Pueblo - 22.8 miles

That's a huge frame. You must be about 6'8"-7'0" tall!!

biker128pedal 07-31-22 06:09 PM

32 mile ride today. Put the gravel wheels on the Domane. Hauled it closer to the limited gravel roads. Only 7 miles but the 35mm GR1 tires set up tubeless do roll smooth. Slower than the GP5000s but smooth.

kahn 07-31-22 06:58 PM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 22592933)
75 miles cutting through some fog before the clouds blew out. Temps were favorable even though it was mid 50s in the beginning. 72F at the end.
fired up the grill for some meat sweats at dinner time.

I want that 72F. 6pm and it is 93F and the air quality is a moderate 60. Costco roto chicken for dinner.

stevel610 07-31-22 07:15 PM

24 miles yesterday on the Wabi Thunder 69 gear inches.
24 miles today (same route) on the Wabi Classic 66 gear inches.

Through beautiful Valley Forge park on the Schuylkill River Trail.

kahn 08-01-22 03:10 PM

15.7 and 700 feet. Finally, the air quality was below 30 and the temperature below 90 - actually, below 80F. With a brief stop at Ballard Trader Joes as my friend said she needed Swiss cheese! :p

Troul 08-01-22 03:21 PM

Originally Posted by kahn (Post 22595121)
15.7 and 700 feet. Finally, the air quality was below 30 and the temperature below 90 - actually, below 80F. With a brief stop at Ballard Trader Joes as my friend said she needed Swiss cheese! :p

zwift cheese?
Hopefully she didn't cut it on you!

rsbob 08-01-22 06:32 PM

36 miles with 1500 with 2 firsts and 1 third on Strava segments for age group 65-70. One PR I have been hunting for a year and finally got it. Have several more local segments in my sights to get to the top of the old folks leaderboard. One dude is/was seriously strong on several segments and he is tough to take down, but got him one on today pushing HR to 187. Only had about 3 BPM left!

diphthong 08-01-22 07:54 PM


Troul 08-02-22 09:01 AM

mashed 41 Miles before the heat turned up. Expecting 90F today & near 100F on humpday.

Jedneck 08-02-22 09:26 AM

44 miles and 3000 ft. Beat the heat

diphthong 08-02-22 09:01 PM

45-spot in a fave area.

rsbob 08-02-22 10:09 PM

Epic Fail and Redemption
Went out to beat a 1.04 mile Strava segment for 65-70 YOs. Had to better an average speed of 24.5. After doing .25 mile with a headwind, could only muster 21-22 MPH and after the mid-point I knew there was no way. The legs don’t have it and probably never will unless there is a very strong tail wind.

BUT! I also had planned a 2.4 mile training climb with most grades ranging from 8 to 15%. So I moseyed over and decided to attack to see how I would do. I was not planning on doing anything special but got inspired at the base of the climb. Heart rate ranged from 165 to 180 but still had a surprising amount of energy over the entire climb. Caveat: this was probably my 10th attempt on this climb. So I hammered it and myself and after summiting I headed over to Rattlesnake lake to cool down and spin before the descent. The cool thing about the descent is that it is easy to hit well over forty except they throw in a stop sign, a 90 degree corner and center of the road guard shelters to dodge around. So the average speed in actuality is 35. Anywho, when I reviewed Strava, not only did I get two PRs but also managed the fastest time by 1:05 (minutes, not hours :D ) over the next 65-70 YO. To keep my ego humbled, I am/was the 74th fastest male, but I will celebrate being the fastest in my age group anyway. Got a second on another segment on the flip side of the climb which I wasn’t really trying. So now I will have to go back and see if I can take that one too. It’s a sickness. Hello, my name is RSbob and I have a addiction problem. Mileage for the day? Meh. Climb was 1200’.
Mt Si and Snoqualmie River
Rattlesnake Lake

Troul 08-03-22 04:38 AM

20 miles out in a nasty headwind, 25 miles back, with most assistance from that gnarly wind. It really made my average mph look awesome!

rsbob 08-03-22 08:58 AM

Originally Posted by ooga-booga (Post 22596709)

Over 4K of climbing. Well done sir. Well done - yes I am breaking (braking) the the tradition of just hitting one button for a like.

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