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SloButWide 10-12-16 11:24 AM

'bout yay fer.

gringomojado 10-12-16 11:48 AM

Thought I was going fast until a couple about 80 YO passed me like I was standing still!

one4smoke 10-24-16 08:17 AM

Have gotten in rides of 40, 32 and 30 miles last week.

one4smoke 10-25-16 09:06 AM

36 miles yesterday...

jeffreythree 10-25-16 11:01 AM

I only went 15 miles today, but it got me to a nice round 1000 miles since I started riding in July.

RMoudatir 10-25-16 12:16 PM

Commuted 3.2 miles to school and back.

morfeeis 10-25-16 04:46 PM

Originally Posted by BlazingPedals (Post 19113045)
I did Tour de Livingston yesterday. Not with Friday1970, but we met at the after-ride meal. In my case, I started on the 66 mile route but missed a turn and found myself back near the beginning with only 24 showing. So, I did another loop, this time finding my missed turn. Counting a lap around the GM Proving Ground track, I ended up with 89.1 miles.

Are you near Mesa Arizona? i keep hearing about this GM track that is near by that i, for the life of me, can't freaking find.

Anyway i got in a quick 24 today and my knee pain came back, so i'll be out until i can finally get a pro-fit...

BlazingPedals 10-27-16 06:41 AM

Originally Posted by morfeeis (Post 19147811)
Are you near Mesa Arizona? i keep hearing about this GM track that is near by that i, for the life of me, can't freaking find.

No, I'm in mid-Michigan. The GM Proving Ground Track that we went to is just west of the town of Milford, MI. There very well may be another GM-owned track in Arizona, but I don't know about it.

Left to right: Friday1970, Lowracer1, and me

one4smoke 10-28-16 07:22 AM

50.4 miles Wednesday

23109VC 10-28-16 12:38 PM

Most of my rides tend to be about 10-15 miles, 2-3x week.

I bought a new bike last weekend..and I'm having a blast. Yesterday I planned to go out for 15-20 miles and it turned into 30!

First time I have ever gone that far on a bike. Felt pretty good at the end, although I can feel my legs are tired today. I averaged about 16 mph overall.

one4smoke 11-01-16 03:26 PM

60 miles on the 30th and 30 yesterday.

LouB 11-01-16 03:42 PM

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20 here in brisk Fall San Antonio weather of 80+ degrees.

jorglueke 11-01-16 04:38 PM

22 miles into Stillwater and back

47p2 11-01-16 05:54 PM

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60 miles today taking in part of Loch Lomond with views of Ben Lomond across the loch

one4smoke 11-02-16 09:45 PM

Originally Posted by 47p2 (Post 19163021)
60 miles today taking in part of Loch Lomond with views of Ben Lomond across the loch

Close! 52 today.

47p2 11-03-16 02:58 AM

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Only 32 miles on Wednesday, my cycling buddy was struggling a little after her 60 miles on Tuesday. At least we had the opportunity for some great pictures again as the weather was fantastic, sadly it's rain today so this is the official rest day.

jorglueke 11-03-16 03:35 PM

Just a quick 12 miles today.

rmfnla 11-03-16 03:43 PM

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 19077952)
(The way it's said in the south by us old guys. :p)

32 miles for me...

Are you sure it's not What fer..?

jorglueke 11-04-16 09:58 PM

30 miles down to Grey Cloud Island in the Mississippi. On the way back I had to walk up the crest of a steeper hill. As am doing that a guy coming the other way says "Don't you know you only ride this hill in this direction?" I guess now I do :p. Actually I'm pretty sure I could do this if I get back to riding like I used to.

one4smoke 11-05-16 07:53 AM

Only 20 yesterday. But at 16.5 instead of my normal 15.0

Dirt Farmer 11-05-16 02:29 PM


rob214 11-05-16 02:40 PM

my brother got my in to road cycling but he never did a ride over 40 miles, today we did 54 miles, he was really ready to get off the bike.

BlazingPedals 11-05-16 05:54 PM

Nice day today (for November, anyway...) I did 30 miles with a club group, then another 20 home miles. Color is past its peak now, but still lots around.

47p2 11-05-16 06:00 PM

Only 13 miles today, from my home to the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome to watch the UCI Track Cycling World Cup where Katie Archibald took yet another gold medal

Wittyname 11-05-16 06:08 PM

73.7 today, 45 of it with my normal Saturday group, the rest to and from our meeting point. Chilly to start (Around 36), but it warmed up once the sun came up and turned into a gorgeous autumn day

jorglueke 11-06-16 06:37 PM

32 miles today on this gorgeous September day

bmwjoe 11-06-16 07:23 PM

About 55 miles round trip to the Philly Bike Expo.

adamhenry 11-06-16 07:42 PM

I got in a quick 18 mi. ride between chores.

GlennR 11-06-16 07:55 PM

34 miles, mostly off road. road the entire length of the OCA Old Croton Aqueduct trail.

47p2 11-07-16 08:24 AM

20 miles today on the single speed

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