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Troul 06-21-20 05:59 PM

86 miles from the two rides done in one complete day. Beat the rain.

jorglueke 06-21-20 06:56 PM

12 miles today, 14 yesterday. 45-60 minutes is kind of a sweet spot.

AdkMtnMonster 06-21-20 07:11 PM

A short, flat 30 miler today. Only 1850' of climbing.

MadProphet 06-21-20 09:33 PM

First time riding in 2020
I have a raft of excuses but no reasons. Rode yesterday and today after a nearly 12 month hiatus. I live in a very mountainous area, so my initial rides in the 90 degree heat of morning were only 6 miles. Going to get back up to the 20ís by next month.

one4smoke 06-27-20 11:48 AM

About 105 miles for the week.

Troul 06-27-20 05:18 PM

80 miles with a few adult beverage stops in between. Great day...

Litespud 06-27-20 05:35 PM

Last weekend I went out for a meander that kept extending. I didnít track mileage on the road, and when I got home I found that I had done 97.5 miles 😢. Went out this morning to do it again with an extra small loop - 105 miles, 5800 vertical feet, 18.4 mph average😀. Sofa/beer time👍

powermatt99 06-27-20 05:45 PM

56mi. Wanted to do 71 but I was stupid with nutrition (and Manhattans last night) and bonked. My calorie intake was under 600 for the entire morning. Not good.

Troul 06-27-20 06:12 PM

Mid week previously, rode 75.7 miles after fasting for 48 hours. Fell asleep afterwards to do some daily things after being rested. 72 hours later, had some bacon.

louisgg 06-27-20 11:14 PM

20 KM for now ! but the day sill remains

808HIcycler 06-28-20 04:06 AM

25.5 miles this evening for 150 miles for June. Just getting back into it after a fairly long hiatus.

Troul 06-28-20 05:40 PM

rotated the wheels to a humid 47 miles.

MadProphet 06-29-20 12:02 AM

Another 7 today. Since even the shorter rides involve huge elevation changes, in only riding from canyon edge to canyon edge. Maybe next month start some climbing.

speed king 06-30-20 01:39 PM

18 mile loop mostly gravel, little single track and couple short shots of pavement.

Troul 06-30-20 09:18 PM

50.5 miles

littleArnold 07-01-20 06:38 PM

I rode 36 miles today on my trek fx2 hybrid

gios 07-01-20 09:16 PM

16.8 miles.

808HIcycler 07-04-20 03:57 AM

35.2 to celebrate freedom today. Also got my first ride for a 17 mph average. Super stoked about that.

one4smoke 07-04-20 01:38 PM

63 miles on Friday

Troul 07-04-20 01:45 PM


KFrost 07-04-20 02:50 PM

10.5 miles yesterday (my longest thus far) and 6 this morning, maybe another 5 or 6 tonight.

Pouhana 07-04-20 04:04 PM

130 miles last week
120 this week
31.62 today.

OldTryGuy 07-05-20 04:03 AM

Just finished my UNDER the FULL MOON 101 miler.

Troul 07-05-20 03:39 PM


taco2ewsday 07-05-20 03:47 PM

35.04 miles this morning.

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