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kbarj 02-12-17 08:53 PM

25.4 miles with an 8 year old. Averaged 10 mph. Me on a hybrid, him on a box store MTB.

jefnvk 02-13-17 12:46 PM

19 miles on slow, beefy rental cruisers through NOLA with the fattest seats I've ever seen. My butt and my knees do not thank me, but I still had a great time. Also learned baskets make suitable aero grips on such bikes!

coominya 02-13-17 02:20 PM

Originally Posted by gringomojado (Post 19077993)
Mine's longer than your's thread?

Well since this is the internet, I did
165 miles with 13200 feet climbing. 19.7 MPH average. (if that's possible)

anonymousperson 02-14-17 08:47 AM

20 miles

Choctaw 02-14-17 06:26 PM

2 miles.

pandraztic 02-16-17 12:26 AM

16.4 miles / 62 minutes / about 15.8mph. Only 114 ft climbed though.

OldTryGuy 02-16-17 04:34 AM

Accomplished my mile goal in this past weekend's Bike Sebring 12/24 Hours bicycling 307.8 miles. Pleased at making the 300 mile mark but disappointed that I stopped riding with 2 hours remaining. After all, it is a 24 hour event and I did not fulfill that requirement. Shortly after finishing I said that it was a one and done event, but when my failure to complete the time frame aspect of the event settled in, I decided to commit myself to next year's race with the new goal of registering as a RAAM Qualified participant. This will force me to bicycle as much as possible in order to complete the required 400 miles of non-drafting riding.

Homer Cooper 02-17-17 05:14 PM

It got over 60f in MN today. So first ride of 2017 23.8 miles/ 13.2mph avg.
paths were a bit rough some ice in the low tree covered areas.

rubiconazoid 02-20-17 05:59 AM

It got up to about 73 degrees here today. Went out for a bit and it was around 28 miles. Beautiful, sunny, low humidity, and modest wind.

anonymousperson 02-20-17 05:25 PM

20 miles

one4smoke 02-20-17 08:49 PM


Senrab62 02-20-17 09:09 PM

7 measly miles. But I got to work on a build which is dope when you have no time!

roseawebs 02-20-17 09:12 PM

I ride 16 miles today :) Now, I need to do it regular basis.
But, I am using a car to do that.. I was planning to a cycle riding. But, my car is facing a unknown problem and I am now doing diagnosis via autel ms908cv heavy duty scanner

one4smoke 02-22-17 08:06 PM


DrIsotope 02-22-17 08:15 PM

Rode out to have lunch with my wife while she was at work-- took the extra scenic route, ended up with 65 miles and ~2,600ft of climbing.

anonymousperson 02-23-17 07:43 AM

20 miles

one4smoke 02-23-17 06:09 PM


exmechanic89 02-23-17 08:19 PM

Did my daily 45 mile fitness ride yesterday and today. I mention that because the heavy rain lately has knocked my 'daily' ride to more like 3x a week..

beechnutC23 02-26-17 06:46 PM

Well here in Southern Quebec the temperature hit a balmy +18C yesterday, under partly cloudy skies. On the 25th of February! So even though I was fighting a man-cold, my wife and I took out our crappy cross bikes for a 40.8 km ride twice around our usual training circuit (700 m vertical). Then in the evening we had thunderstorms (on the 25th of February), and then it snowed overnight and we woke up to a fresh coat of snow, -5C temperatures, and high winds. It was too good to last. I do think it was a record early start to the season for me.

edawg55 03-02-17 07:32 AM

Yesterday after a lot of rain the night before. 16 miles / 1HR / 15mph / 20+ mph wind gusts about knocked me over. 30 degree weather drop today so I wanted to get a ride in before crappy weather on the way. Had to slow down a few times because of the water.

anonymousperson 03-03-17 07:39 AM

20 miles/66 min, / 5 m/hr wind / 40F/ 5:30 AM

Nai4257 03-03-17 07:59 AM

was able to do 15 miles before the weather started to become an issue when it was 75 degrees last week. not just waiting for the snow to end! :foo:

one4smoke 03-09-17 06:49 PM

51.2 miles

IceFox 03-09-17 07:11 PM

Today 129km, or 80 miles.

anonymousperson 03-19-17 07:09 AM

20 miles/63 min, / 4 m/hr wind / 48F/ 6:30 AM

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