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Clythio 04-06-18 04:17 AM

Originally Posted by gycho77 (Post 20267873)
It's not carbon fiber, it's two-part 3d printed object.
You can tell by the texture. I know this because I 3d print a lot haha

Of course, it's a proto!

Morelock 04-06-18 05:46 AM

what the heck is it printed out of?

taras0000 04-06-18 06:06 AM

Originally Posted by Morelock (Post 20267977)
what the heck is it printed out of?

Nylon seems to be a popular and readily available medium, but it could be any plastic. Maybe there are two halves, and once finalized, the whole set up is getting carbon wrapped.

taras0000 04-06-18 07:08 AM

Originally Posted by Clythio (Post 20267905)
Of course, it's a proto!

I was thinking more again about the "misalignment", and it could very well be a final version. If the flats are flared out, then the angle of the photo will make it seem as if the alignment is off.

700wheel 04-06-18 08:47 AM

Printed steel BB
The Reynolds tubing website shows a additive manufactured (tech name for printing) bottom bracket:
Cycle Tubing & Tube Sets - Reynolds Technology

taras0000 04-06-18 09:10 AM

Originally Posted by carleton (Post 20267880)
Of course, there is the maxim, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Which would apply to items like 7710 Dura Ace Track Cranks. But, I'm sure that if the sales projections were good enough, Shimano could make some improvements to them. Notice how they change their pedals (even ever so slightly) every few years as well as their other components.

I think that handlebars (sprint and enduro) are an "Area of Opportunity" for our sport. For example, look at how many different TT bars we've seen in Kilo/500M rides over the years vs drop bars for sprint events, yet there are more drop bar sprint events than there are aerobar sprint events.

...this is why those who can make their own drop bars...make their own drop bars.

Didn't you also say to take note of people doing things outside of the box, especially if they're winning? :p

As to Scattos, they may be popular, but they weren't the groundbreaking piece of equipment that started the narrow bar revolution. That was Nitto and Alpina. Scattos just made the concept sexier by being aero and allowing riders to use a flatter stem. A cosmetic refinement of the revolution, much like hiw Shimano redesigns and trickles down their pedals to lower groups. Functionally nothing is different, it's just sexier and newer and people are willing to pay for that.

taras0000 04-06-18 09:38 AM

Originally Posted by carleton (Post 20267874)

“One good test is worth a thousand expert opinions.” ― Wernher von Braun

All I wanna do is test it out. I'll be the first to admit if it's stupid.

Very little progression has been made for consumer sprint-specific handlebars. Compare that to how much effort, engineering, and innovation (attempts) go into TT bars. Scattos are a hit becuase 3T tried something different....that was 7 years ago.

I don't think it's a stupid idea. It would definitely be nice to have more choice in dialling in your bike. I'm just of the opinion that it's not a performance enhancer, but a comfort enhancer. If you're uncomfortable, then solving that will improve performance. If you're fine, then I don't see the benefit.

I wish I had the equipment to fabricate a set(s) for you. Not to disprove anything, but to facilitate the discoveries that are possible when going off the beaten path. I'll be the first to smile if I'm wrong when there is a positive outcome.

pierrej 04-06-18 06:05 PM

3 Attachment(s)
I think a few of you might like it when metal 3d printing becomes a little more accessible. These are some custom sprint bars for the Aus para team, somewhere in the low 30/high 20cm region.
3d printed titanium and can be as strong or flexible as you'd like

carleton 04-06-18 06:11 PM

That sounds wonderful.

I can imagine even having them tweaked based on the athlete’s hand size, and as you suggest, strength.

taras0000 04-06-18 06:40 PM

One place where tweaking may help is in grip diameter. Small or large hands may benefit from variances away from the standard diameter. Could help those with smaller hands when it comes to explosive starts.

carleton 04-06-18 08:17 PM

Originally Posted by taras0000 (Post 20269460)
One place where tweaking may help is in grip diameter. Small or large hands may benefit from variances away from the standard diameter. Could help those with smaller hands when it comes to explosive starts.


I've always wondered why we use the same diameter that was set by road bikes.

Barbells come in at least 9 different diameters, from 22.2mm up to 32mm:

Yet 125lb sprinters use the same off-the-rack sprint bars as 250lb sprinters. Just doesn't seem right.

FES makes different bars for every sprinter in this photo:

carleton 04-06-18 11:05 PM

Originally Posted by spartanKid (Post 20269628)
FWIW in Olympic weightlifting women's bars are 25 mm in diameter, men's are 28mm, and standard powerlifting bars are 29 mm. So even though there are large ranges, the far ends of the spectrum are used for specialty purposes, like children or specifically working on grip strength.

3-4 mm of diameter difference is similar to the difference between using the thinnest Lizard Skins bar tape (1.8mm) and the thickest (3.2mm).

OK. Maybe that wasn't the best example. I guess I could say that FES makes a different frame for every rider in that photo as well. Could be same design but different dimensions or different frame altogether.

pierrej 04-07-18 06:10 AM

There's a lot of generations/models of the fes frames and it's not uncommon for the same riser to use a different one for each event

taras0000 04-07-18 11:30 PM

Found this on VeloNews today

Photo Essay: The inspiring athletes of paracycling track worlds |

carleton 04-08-18 12:49 AM

Originally Posted by taras0000 (Post 20271333)

That's awesome. They are really fast, too.

I saw this gem, "Coach Sarah Hammer..." Whaaat? Nice.

pierrej 04-09-18 07:20 PM

Almost looked like you could put levers on them too....
Maybe some 33s for the track bike and 39s for the roadie?

700wheel 04-10-18 09:32 AM

Originally Posted by spartanKid (Post 20275088)
I would be worried that the carbon wouldn't be designed for the clamping forces of a lever and would crack. Carbon parts are not natively friendly to compression forces.

Are these bars carbon or aluminum?

carleton 04-10-18 09:38 AM

Originally Posted by 700wheel (Post 20275968)
Are these bars carbon or aluminum?

Based on the shape, I'd guess carbon....but that's a great question that Dixie should have answered on the product page, but didn't.

topflightpro 04-10-18 09:55 AM

Given the price and shape, I'd expect them to be carbon. It's hard to shape aluminum that much.

Had I not just gotten some Scattos for Christmas last year, I'd be all over these bars.

Baby Puke 04-10-18 05:17 PM

The Dixie bars are carbon.

carleton 04-12-18 01:38 AM

"Monique Sullivan sees beauty — and madness — in what athletes put themselves through"

I pushed myself in sport for 15 years, fueled by the desire to be the very best. After both the London and Rio Olympics, I walked away fully drained. It took me 18 months to recover from the build-up to London before I came back to training, and now, post Rio, I know that I have nothing more to give.
Monique Sullivan sees beauty ? and madness ? in what athletes put themselves through - CBC Sports

carleton 04-16-18 01:16 AM

I'm not sure what it's called, exactly. But it's the time of year when a few Western riders race NJS Keirin in Japan for a few months.

This pic makes it seem like an 80's teen movie, hahaha:

All are on IG and some post sorta frequently:

Thomas Babek (CZ):
Theo Bos (NED):
Matthew Glaetzer (AUS):
Joe Truman (GBR):
Matthijs Büchli (NED):
Sam Webster (NZ):

We've all seen NJS bikes before. But, it's cool to see a rider go from this:

to this:
(Truman's bikes above)

Glaetzer's new whip:

I took my new steel beast for a spin today! I expected it to flex heaps and feel like a noodle but I'm stoked with how it turned out. I have my first practice race tomorrow so that will be the true test.
So...if these guys can't flex properly built steel frames, we can't :D

Baby Puke 04-16-18 01:42 AM

This is generally called "International Keirin" over here. They used to have special shorts for them but now it seems like they just wear the usual s-class shorts.

topflightpro 04-16-18 06:02 AM

There's a YouTube series on this from when Shane Perkins and Theo Bos did it a few years ago:

queerpunk 04-16-18 07:02 AM

Originally Posted by carleton (Post 20286799)
So...if these guys can't flex properly built steel frames, we can't :D

Ever see the video that Pervis made, where he put a gopro on his headtube facing his BB?

These guys can flex steel frames.

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