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rdiggidy 09-26-20 11:24 AM

Any Reason Not to Cut Speed Concept Base Bars?
About done attempting my first bike build, a Gen2 speed concept. I’ve ridden it on the trainer quite a bit to dial in the fit (before cutting brake lines, etc), and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d prefer the base bar/bullhorns be “shorter” (decreased reach). I’m wondering if there is any reason I couldn’t cut about ˝” off the ends of the carbon base bars, which would move the brake levers back?

(Took pictures, but I'm too new to post them)

cxwrench 09-26-20 07:59 PM

You can always post photos from a photo hosting site like That said I don't think you'll have any problem w/ .5". They're not very long, is it really bugging you to leave them the way they are? If you want to cut them measure how far your brake levers and see how far they go into the bar, then look in the bar and maybe use calipers to make sure you've got the room. I don't think I've ever cut SC base bars, pretty sure I've cut a couple of Zipp base bars about the same amount you're looking to do. How are you planning on making the cut?

rdiggidy 09-26-20 09:21 PM

Thanks for the response!

I think I could live with the bars as they are, but since I'm building it, I figured I'd dial it in to right to where I want it/where it feels most comfortable. The internal diameter of the bars appears to remain constant for significantly more than the .5 inches I'm wanting to cut (so the brake levers should still "grab" internally) and there is enough depth where the brake levers go in the base bar, so there should be plenty of depth. Searching forums, I was surprised not to find anyone talking about doing this (or my searches came up empty), so I didn't know if was just something people didn't do for reason "X." I couldn't think of a reason not to do it, but wanted to make sure there wasn't a reason not to.

I've never cut on a bike before (carbon or otherwise), but I was planning to use Parks cutting guide and carbon blade. I have dremmel and angle grinder as other alternatives, but reading some other posts seem to indicate the hacksaw with a carbon blade and a guide is about as clean a cut as you can get. But I'm open to any suggestions!

(When I try to add links to hosted photos, I get a response that I can't post images or links until I have 10 posts...think it's just a SPAM prevention tool)

cxwrench 09-26-20 09:39 PM's been a while since I had less than 10 so I don't know for sure. Go post-***** for a couple mins and you'll be all set! :D

Yep, carbon blade or a fine hacksaw blade (32tpi) and the cutting guide will get you where you need to be. A little sandpaper to finish and you're done.

Trakhak 09-27-20 05:45 AM

Riding the bike on a trainer never feels the same as riding on the road; e.g., after riding on the road for a while, you might decide that you want to move the saddle forward or even that you like the fit with the base bar as is.

Given how easy it would be to cut the base bar later, it's worth considering doing several days of riding with the uncut base bar before you decide. Perhaps leave the bar untaped until you decide.

John Nolan 09-27-20 07:09 AM

I've only cut bars once, and after a few weeks I wished I hadn't. Ride them as is for a while.

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