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belatedbiker 06-01-21 04:25 PM

hello from MN
Hi everyone! Excited to get to know the community here and learn more about biking :) I've been riding a cruiser infrequently for the past year and am hoping to become more consistent this summer/learn about other bike models. Thanks for having me !

10 Wheels 06-01-21 04:29 PM

Hello and Welcome.
Try a Road Bike sometime soon.

belatedbiker 06-01-21 04:54 PM

thank you for the suggestion! I've actually been struggling getting up some minor hills on my cruiser so hopefully the road bike is a better fit. I've also been reading good things about hybrids here :)

10 Wheels 06-01-21 04:58 PM

Keep it Fun and you will get in Many Miles.

belatedbiker 06-01-21 05:34 PM

thanks fred!

rdiggidy 06-02-21 11:41 AM

Hello and welcome!

belatedbiker 06-06-21 09:18 PM


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