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dabac 12-06-21 01:12 PM

Originally Posted by Trakhak (Post 22330306)
People make that claim from time to time, but until I see a video of someone actually installing a tubular tire on a 630-mm (27") rim, or at least a photo supporting the claim, I'll remain dubious. Most tubulars require quite a bit of stretching (and sometimes cursing, in my experience) to fit on 700c tubular rims, let alone a 27" rim with raised sidewalls.

That said, some tubulars stretch considerably after being installed on a tubular rim and inflated, so maybe it's possible. If anyone can provide a video or photo demonstrating such a combination, please post it here.

I didn’t think it’d be such a controversial statement. If It’d known, I’d put more effort into documenting it.
But really, it’s no big deal.
Think about it. On a rim for tubulars, the surface that the tubular tire sits on is only a touch inside the outer edge of the brake track.
On a clincher, the ”bottom” of the rim is at the inner edge of the brake track.
The net effect is that the diameter where a tubular tire ends up resting is a tad less for a tubular on a 630 mm rim than for a tubular on a tubular-specific rim.
This was my project bike and rolling test bed for several experiments. 630 mm hookless rims.
It doesn’t have the tubulars here.
As I said, 700C tubulars on 630 mm clinchers is rideable but not ultimately worthwhile - which I’d discovered by the time of the pic.

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