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djb 04-08-20 06:59 AM

Originally Posted by skookum (Post 21405288)
Saw everything from a disc trucker with 45mm tires to 4 in. fatbikes. I think I could do it on my Atlantis if I put 26 in. wheels and 2.25 tires. Just might have to walk it more places.
I like the Jones but the upright position is bad in headwinds.

Its not really technical so a wide variety of bikes would suffice.

Re wide variety of bikes, that certainly jives with what I've read over the years.
re bars, that's why I settled on slightly flared drops for my troll as it suited the trips I've done with it, including dirt and a lot of rough roads---and boy i appreciated the easy to use drops (high headtube and long steerer, shallow drops) with absolutely wicked gusty and strong headwinds in numerous places I've ridden through, all day affairs.
and on nice fast paved downhills too.

but have Jones bars waiting to one day change the setup, have shifters etc so will one day play with it.

Ps, re pressures, on long trips I entertain myself with checking and trying out different pressures to get a feel for what pressures work and feel better. Kinda fun for me and I have a small light gauge so like to experiment. Got into the habit with all my commuting on different bikes with different tires throughout the year, and we have notorious bad road surfaces in this city, so just right pressures makes a real comfort difference with no speed difference.

Leebo 04-08-20 09:25 AM

Originally Posted by djb (Post 21403433)
curious about what pressures you ran on those 3 inchers?
your weight?
load weight?
I assume bike in the 30lb range, bit under?

Jumping in here. New England rider, lots of rocks,dirt, single track, 3" maxxis chronicles, 10-15 psi. on 40 mm rims. The Krampus is 55-65 lbs loaded, I'm 235.

JohnJ80 04-08-20 09:39 AM

Silca has a pressure calculator on their website that takes into account road condition and surface, totally all up weight of bike plus rider and equipment, and tire width. Iíve found it to be very accurate.

djb 04-08-20 09:51 AM

Originally Posted by Leebo (Post 21407219)
Jumping in here. New England rider, lots of rocks,dirt, single track, 3" maxxis chronicles, 10-15 psi. on 40 mm rims. The Krampus is 55-65 lbs loaded, I'm 235.

cool. 10-15, that's pretty wild.
you're a 100lbs more than me., so imagine for me.
my troll in expedition mode, which simply translates to "A fair amount of crap"---
troll without water bottles but f+r racks, fenders, 3 bottle cages, spd pedals, handlebar bag mount, nearly 33lbs
me 135ish
probably 40-50lbs at times of stuff, food, water
2in slickish tires,tubes, 42f 45r not heavily loaded at rear, on general paved roads and possible medium hard cornering in downhills, ie not wanting to feel tires moving around. Could be slightly higher pressures if roads great, but that's really rarely the case.
Lower pressures on crappy roads and loose stuff but I kinda wing it by feel burping out more or less for the conditions, and my aging body doesn't put up with overpressures anymore and its slower usually as well, less sure footed for sure.

interesting to see how the hugely increased volume of the 3 inchers really changes the psi numbers.

have ridden 2.5s on snow a lot, with ruts and stuff all the time, unloaded maybe one two light panniers commuting and I think I used to run at low 20s, but admit that I mostly went by feel so don't recall numbers.

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