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jaxgtr 09-23-23 02:14 PM

Originally Posted by XxHaimBondxX (Post 23023660)
That would be a 0, got up sweating in 65F house, joints aching- my daughter's cold finally hit.

How tough is BF community? Anyone rides with a cold or worse? I think I could've toughen it out with ibuprofen, possibly until first hill.

I think it depends on how bad you really feel. I've ridden some short miles, 20 or less and found that sometimes, it helps to just sweat it out, other times it better to stay in bed. However, if you are sweating in 65 deg, pass, just rest and and hydrate.

jaxgtr 09-23-23 02:22 PM

It was too nice of a day here is swelterland. The temps when I left the house was 73, yes 73, the humidty, nowhere to be found. Did I mention it was 73 and no humidity. The only thing ruining the party was constant 10 mph wind that kept shifting from NW to the NE and back, but I dealt with it. My neck felt pretty good today, I could look to the left without pain or stiffness, so I to a ride outside. Got in 55, but I had to make sure I had plenty of sunlight to replace my irrigation pump that died on me. It had a good life, 36 years

Troul 09-23-23 03:32 PM

82 miles, staying in the road 99% of the time.

ofajen 09-23-23 03:55 PM

21 miles, mostly on our trail system, and I threw myself at every hill I could include to get practice on riding single speed again. Kinda brutal but very fun.


a1a 09-23-23 06:41 PM

21 flat road bike miles. Still consider myself a newbie and I'm learning how to shift better and pace myself. Looked at my HR on my watch and realized I am overdoing it...

OldTryGuy 09-24-23 10:16 AM

Originally Posted by mackgoo (Post 23023119)

Nice profile :thumb: of ride

My 60.06 miler yesterday was FLAT AS USUAL

After SpaceX launch last night @ 11:38pm I went out for a Casually Dressed in street clothes 15.51 miler.

Troul 09-24-23 12:00 PM

72 miles, seemed like I was headed into headwinds going and returning.

Troul 09-25-23 05:11 AM

28 miles

HectorStorm 09-26-23 10:24 AM

38 miles. Got hurled abuse just because I indicated to turn right, some ape in a bubble car screamed "GET ON THE F***ING PAVEMENT". Being such a pathetic, sad angry little manchild must suck.

Troul 09-27-23 09:08 PM

24 miles in the mist of time.

HectorStorm 09-28-23 10:23 AM

38 miles on a slightly different route. Unbelievably, nobody swore or abused me out of a van or car today. I am so lucky.

Troul 09-29-23 01:58 PM

55 miles. Humidity went from *ok* to *wth, everything is moiiist*

The Chemist 09-30-23 05:31 AM

jaxgtr 09-30-23 06:11 PM

Got in 94 today.

Troul 10-01-23 08:12 AM

75 yesterday & a short changed 59 today.

XxHaimBondxX 10-01-23 08:20 AM

24 miles and change. Finally back in the saddle after a cold. What a difference a week makes, beautiful fall is here.

Sierra_rider 10-01-23 09:28 PM

Finally did a meaningful road ride today after a bunch of mtb'ing and a DNF at a CX race. It's chilly up here in the mountains right now, so I rode down the hill into warmer temps.

The Chemist 10-02-23 05:28 PM

PedalPro 10-02-23 10:09 PM

Good Luck! in your goal

jadmt 10-03-23 07:54 AM

awesome accomplishment. I was going to post I did a 100 miler but felt ashamed :)..

HectorStorm 10-03-23 10:20 AM

13.3 miles then the puncture happened.

Troul 10-04-23 04:35 AM

Had a bit more time to expend upfront & netted 71 miles.
getting when the gotten is gooders.

BTinNYC 10-04-23 05:52 AM

Evening ride

HectorStorm 10-04-23 12:09 PM

42 miles done today, and it was propar windy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SpeedyBlueBiker 10-04-23 10:25 PM

Rode 41 miles today on a nice Fall day in the PNW.

The Chemist 10-05-23 06:50 AM

25.5km on the first ride since my monster ride on Monday. Felt good. Also seem to have managed to fix the ticking sound that I have been getting from my bottom bracket recently by disassembling everything and putting it all back together adequately tightly, which is nice - that ticking was driving me nuts.

Troul 10-05-23 08:58 AM

33 miles

HectorStorm 10-06-23 10:00 AM

9.5 miles until the tyre blowout. I am absolutely furious. Just 50 miles since the last time. Think I need new wheels and also going to get puncture proof tyres.

diphthong 10-06-23 02:31 PM

first ride in a while. just happened to be out of town…

Jklotz 10-06-23 03:29 PM

I did an hour of zone 2 on the trainer.

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