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DougRNS 08-01-20 07:03 AM

Originally Posted by Velo Vol (Post 21618156)

oh? Must be busy cutting the lawns.

rjones28 08-01-20 07:03 AM

Originally Posted by Velo Vol (Post 21617895)
Show us your work.


rjones28 08-01-20 07:08 AM

Originally Posted by 2manybikes (Post 21617933)
Do you disinfect or clean the bikes first?


rjones28 08-01-20 07:22 AM

Originally Posted by Bah Humbug (Post 21618169)
That's the appeal of the hot hatch. One thing my GTI taught me was it should have been the four-door, because while the rear seats were big enough to fit actual people, getting them in there was a problem.

Frankly, while the new86 is a great little car, I think you'll be happier with the CTR anyway.

No more two door GTIs. Sad.

Velo Vol 08-01-20 07:28 AM

Originally Posted by seedsbelize (Post 21618231)
It's one thing to be awake early in bed; a different ball of wax to be driving.

Not really.

BillyD 08-01-20 07:37 AM

LesterOfPuppets 08-01-20 07:38 AM


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