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Ev0lutionz 11-07-20 08:05 AM

30kms ! feels very good!

ultrarider7 11-07-20 05:38 PM

67 miles today in windy Minnesota

Troul 11-07-20 08:24 PM

75.7 miles

one4smoke 11-08-20 02:58 PM

50 miles on a rather windy, but super nice day.

Troul 11-08-20 03:53 PM

38 miles

KenCT 11-08-20 07:49 PM

Took the ferry from New London,CT to Orient Point,NY. 60 mile loop on the north fork of Long Island. Temps in the 70s today, nice ride.

Troul 11-09-20 02:14 PM

39 miles

rsbob 11-09-20 10:07 PM

32 big ones, 1600 climbing, 16.5 ave speed, and 41 stinking degrees.

Troul 11-10-20 09:07 AM

54 miles matched to 54F

rsbob 11-12-20 09:11 PM

23 miles, 1350’ climbing, 17.2 Ave, 55*, cloudy with 10-15 mph gusts.

Troul 11-13-20 03:23 PM

5.5 miles escaping the downpour enduring 14mph headwinds & 39F to roll 20.22 miles on the trainer averaging 23mph pounding down water.

The Chemist 11-14-20 05:58 AM

59km at an average of 27.5km/h. Mostly sunny and a warmish 21 degrees here in Shanghai today.

Troul 11-14-20 07:09 PM

high winds, slop from the skys, & I spun out 34 miles indoors.

Bassmanbob 11-14-20 08:34 PM

111 miles today

rsbob 11-14-20 08:42 PM

A paltry 23 @ 17.8 with 870’ climbing. Temp was 58* and then it started raining.

one4smoke 11-15-20 06:02 PM

Originally Posted by Bassmanbob (Post 21790798)
111 miles today


one4smoke 11-15-20 06:04 PM

Only 26 miles, but super windy! 20 to 30mph, gusting higher!

rsbob 11-15-20 06:58 PM

10 miles of single track, splashing through puddles and mud pits like a little kid. It was a blast. Only saw two other hominids. Probably climbed 350’ but only made one circuit before the skies opened up.

Phun phact: Didn’t mtn bike all summer and stuck exclusively to road. When I used to solely mtn bike all year, the climbs would kick my butt. This time, climbing was an absolute breeze which left plenty in the tank for hammering the downhills.

tgzzzz 11-15-20 07:23 PM

Just 2 miles but they were straight up.

rsbob 11-15-20 07:30 PM

Originally Posted by tgzzzz (Post 21792130)
Just 2 miles but they were straight up.

I hope you come down soon. ;)

Troul 11-15-20 07:32 PM

Originally Posted by rsbob (Post 21792142)
I hope you come down soon. ;)

straight up truth.

beechnutC23 11-15-20 07:55 PM

My son's bike shop (C&L Cycles in Montreal) received two demo "adventure" bikes from Tanglefoot cycles in Vermont ( They are prototypes, a cross between a mountain bike and a gravel bike; difficult to categorize, but essentially a drop-bar, hard-tail mountain bike on 27.5 x 3 in tubeless. tires. It was an awesome ride in cold dank and muddy conditions. We went off road on trails up a mountainside, and some really gnarly abandoned roads on steep grades which we went up and down very nicely, never had to leave the saddle. All in all, a 40 km test with 723 m of climbing yesterday. Today I did another ride with it, 33 km of just gravel riding (no technical stuff). It's a pretty awesome ride, nearly as fast as my Bombtrack Hook 2 gravel bike which is on 700c x 35 tires. This past summer I started to explore trails, closed logging roads and abandoned gravel roads, but my gravel bike wasn't really suitable. So I ordered a frame and we'll build one up over the winter. It will nicely complement the Bombtrack. Heck it might even be good enough to be N -1.

diphthong 11-16-20 11:27 AM


diphthong 11-16-20 07:42 PM

43 lo cal socal metro san diego miles. nice day in the upper 70's+ inland but in the low 70's at the coast. nothing too exciting...just filling in the strava heatmap...

rsbob 11-16-20 08:42 PM

30K @ 30KPH in 68* in Western Germany (in the man cave.) It was a cloudy ride.

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