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NoWhammies 04-07-21 08:05 AM

A quick 63k after work.

gios 04-08-21 10:57 AM

20 miles. Picked up some road f.o.d.

ultrarider7 04-08-21 11:00 AM
Another 32 on the Peugeot to go to see the Easter Bunny in South Minneapolis.

Troul 04-08-21 11:21 AM

rounding down to another 40mi. od.

diphthong 04-08-21 02:11 PM

16-spot w/two climbs up the local berg.

NoWhammies 04-08-21 10:34 PM

80k, including some 30sec sprints/1min off and repeat.

gios 04-09-21 11:06 AM

20 miles in the midst of a 21 hour fast.

Troul 04-10-21 04:52 PM

95 miles o.d.

ultrarider7 04-10-21 05:18 PM

50 miles through the wind.

The Chemist 04-10-21 07:20 PM
First metric century of the year.

gios 04-11-21 12:07 PM

20 miles. Staying around 70 minutes and managed to avoid stops once again.

Troul 04-11-21 02:31 PM

65 miles o.d.

ultrarider7 04-11-21 05:36 PM

45 miles around Minneapolis

4130NewJersey 04-12-21 05:09 AM

22 miles mixed terrain.....first ride on my new All City Space Horse.

NoWhammies 04-12-21 08:07 AM

120k. A long ride day. Nothing crazy fast, but not slow either. Just great to get out.

gios 04-12-21 11:35 AM

20 miles. Stopped to pick up a couple of thing.s

NoWhammies 04-13-21 08:10 AM

56k. Would have liked to have gone further but the that's all the distance the training plan called for.

gios 04-13-21 09:52 AM

20 miles. Got a nice vitamin D tan.

diphthong 04-13-21 07:54 PM

58-spot. a bucket list climb.

NoWhammies 04-13-21 09:51 PM

75k, of which 20k or so consisted of interval training. Good times.

rsbob 04-13-21 10:35 PM

49.72 miles 1700 climbing. Ran over a 1.5 snake.

diphthong 04-13-21 11:21 PM

Originally Posted by UCantTouchThis (Post 22013774)
Nice! Probably one on my bucket list, maybe the one that puts me in the bucket! :D

Done Tour De Tucson years ago but no chance on Lemmon yet.

did the full enchilada all the way to the observatory so roughly 28 miles with approx 2 miles total downhill in two stretches after the usual 21 miles in turnaround point just past the palisades area. last 2.5 miles past the ski run (right vs continuing straight into the hamlet of summerhaven) pretty big sting in the tail. some nice distant desert views along miles 24-26 but the star is the first 16.5 miles (about a mile
past windy point). spectacular. if i do the climb again, probably just do the first 16.5 miles and turn around.

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