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shovelhd 07-26-11 11:09 AM

I hate this thread.

aham23 07-28-11 06:52 PM

wtf. motha f'er. sonavubiotch.

11 days post crash. for the most part the giant round red contusions have turned pink & stopped oozing. knee and elbow have scabbed a bit due to poor bandage protocol. however, i got rash, a regular rash, well as regular as a rash can be, meaning not road rash. most likely from the Tagaderm being on so long. couple that with the natural healing itchy thing and i might go crazy. or punch myself in the face. i just want to race. later.

sherpakid 08-14-11 01:26 PM

Originally Posted by cuzinjosh (Post 12665407)
im VERY dissapointed in the lack of images in this thread! bring on the ooze!

I crashed last weekend. Frame cracked in three places. carpediemracing - great post on wound care. That's exactly what I've been doing. Here's a photo of the tegaderm on my road rash day 2 [edit] - photo removed. I have this on both knees, over 3 knuckles, left hip and shoulder. Fun times.

AndySchleckfan 09-02-11 06:40 PM

I did the same thing once- I started around the right of a car, then into a hard right and I peddled through it and BAM, I was down. My best aero bibs ripped up and a really bad cuts. I kept it wet and kept wiping it down, and your right- ripping off the banages was horrible. I had no anti-septic so I just showered constanty until it had a thin layer of scab (3-4days). Don't worry, the CAAD10 was all good-- what puzzled me was that I was using my speedplays which have the most clearance, I guess not enough

loug 09-02-11 06:50 PM

use neosporin, saran wrap and some masking tape. cover the rash with neo then cover the neo with saran wrap and tape in place. change at least 2 times a day. used to get lots of road rash longboarding and this seemed to work the best

nathan.johnson 09-28-11 02:06 PM

How soon after crashing do you guys get back to training? I crashed 4 days ago. Had a concussion and road rash. (Warning: graphic pic) That's a pic of an open wound where an ER doc took a scalpel to my skin to remove some embedded gravel. I've been riding the utility bike to work, but want to get back to training as soon as possible. I've been putting it off because of the concussion, but is there any reason not to resume training because of the road rash? Thanks.

carpediemracing 09-28-11 02:56 PM

Head injuries are really serious. There is no race or event or whatever that is worth rushing for when you have a head injury. There's always next year, 5 years from now, next decade.

As far as road rash goes, I've slid on the pavement at about 30 mph on a Tuesday night. By the next Sunday I'd removed all dressings. Monday I raced with no road rash (although I had pretty fragile skin in spots). So, properly taken care of (I followed my own recommendations posted earlier in this thread), it's possible to get rid of most superficial road rash in less than a week.

nathan.johnson 09-28-11 06:08 PM

Originally Posted by carpediemracing (Post 13291237)
Head injuries are really serious. There is no race or event or whatever that is worth rushing for when you have a head injury. There's always next year, 5 years from now, next decade.


I've now seen 3 doctors for the head, and they all agree I can start back slowly. :)

I don't know if you'd call a wound where someone was cutting around with a scalpel "superficial"; most of the superficial stuff is already recovered 4 days later. Just this one wound...

shovelhd 09-28-11 06:18 PM

According to your profile, you live in Arizona, where it is still hot I presume. Heat really affected me after I had a high grade concussion. I passed out on the bike the following year because of the heat. Just something to be aware of.

trustbran 10-04-11 10:44 AM

ALOE VERA.....Here in Hawaii we have a plant called Aloe Vera that does wonders! When I wrecked on my Ducati rashing most both arms, legs, face, and back and the many times I got smashed from surfing all I did was find some of this plant and break the leaves and rub the gooey liquid on to the wounds. Most times the wounds end up pussing but the Aloe Vera plant almost controls it and dries it out. I just wrecked on Saturday on my S-WORKS wearing no gloves(stupid I know) and my right palm is shredded. I did puss up the first day but I have been putting Aloe Vera on it since then and now it dried up and scabbing nicely! Hawaiians have been using this plant for bazzilions of years for everything from crazy burns to minor cuts to in internal bleeding! If there is a Home Depot near you try seeing if they sell it there, they do here. Trust me, this plant works great for our sport!


Langly 11-10-11 06:05 PM

I went pavement surfing Sunday night after catching part of a rising curb of a mup path/street crossing.

Bandage count is left calf- knee two 4x4's a 2x2 above the knee. 2x2 right elbow and 4x4 right shin- ankle.

I haven't seen this posted

I've been following the velo post for the most part and things are looking better after four days. I started with saline solution to clean, neosporin and non stick pads and tender tape. Then went to tegaderm bandages. The tegaderm is good. But if you can find them go with the DuoDERM dressings. A box of 10 DuoDERM extra thin CGF 4x4's is about $60. Very expensive. Walgreens only sells them online. I found a small local pharmacy that cadets them. I've had DuoDERM on for 24 hours and the wound healing is amazing. I wished I had found this stuff faster and taken pics. DuoDERM is like skin replacement while it helps your skin heal.

I was back on the bike Tuesday after straightening a horn and cranked out 18 miles yesterday.

supafast213 11-10-11 06:17 PM

Originally Posted by loug (Post 13171521)
use neosporin, saran wrap and some masking tape. cover the rash with neo then cover the neo with saran wrap and tape in place. change at least 2 times a day. used to get lots of road rash longboarding and this seemed to work the best

+1 I lost a lot of skin in a motorcycle crash years ago. A tattoo artist told me this trick. I would add some sort of wrap (on top of the saran wrap) to cover the wound in public and then remove everything when I'm around the house.

coachloren 11-10-11 08:08 PM

Welcome to racing. Get used to it. I use non stick gauze pads and Elastic Stretch Net Tubular Dressing Holder which comes in small and large. Beats tape. You can get both at CVS.

waterrockets 11-17-11 09:35 PM

Originally Posted by carpediemracing (Post 12773129)
Someone locally came out with Road Rash Guard, but after thinking about it for a while I realized that it only protects where it is, not around the area.

Bumping this to post on RRG. A teammate just shared their web site, and they look pretty good to me. Have you seen the crash video from Bethel yet?

ruskko 11-17-11 11:51 PM incredible bad...but i love me some mark cavendish

shovelhd 11-18-11 07:25 AM

Originally Posted by waterrockets (Post 13506352)
Bumping this to post on RRG.

I have a prototype set somewhere. My superstitions won't allow me to try them out.

I was in that race but had nothing to do with the crash.

carpediemracing 11-18-11 07:38 AM

I've seen the clip, yes. I'm pretty sure I was watching the race, but from the bottom of the hill (I was marshaling I think). The "tester" is someone I first raced with in 1987 so I've been racing with him for a while, and we talked at length about the crash and also about how the guards worked.

What I realized after looking at his wounds, listening his feedback, etc, is that the guards only protect about 1" around the guard. After that the skin either moves (if on hip, ankle, or other bony area) or the flesh around it squishes down (thigh etc). So he had some road rash with holes of "good skin" in the middle and road rash where the guard/skin moved a bit and allowed stuff to scrape (like a bony ankle).

This means that to be effective for real (virtually no road rash) you'd have to resemble an inside-out golf ball, with dots every 3" or so. Either that or you'd need larger size guards, like a BMX or motocrosser. Maybe combined with something else (dual layer lycra w/outer layer cordura?) it'd be much more effective but I think it's missing something.

waterrockets 11-18-11 08:23 AM

Good to know that feedback.

In my head though, there's only so much force going into the road. The higher the force, the deeper the road rash. Take the force it takes to slam a 3x1.5 inch (?) surface into my flesh far enough to allow adjacent skin to touch the road. You get to subtract that force from your road rash. Even if there is adjacent rash, the depth has to be reduced by the RRG.

It would also seem that the easier pavement sliding would help a ton because it won't so easily set you to tumbling.

In the before and after images, the only injury near the guard looked like it was from the guard itself sliding on the skin a bit, and pushing really hard. Were there other locations where he just had a normal 6" patch of road rash, with a 3x1.5" hole in the middle?

From their own marketing footage, it makes a convincing case to me. I figure you get two sets, cover hip, thigh, shoulder, and elbows (with arm coolers).

Of course, I haven't crashed in a race since 1995...

carpediemracing 11-18-11 08:43 AM

It's true that any force the RRG absorbs would be force your skin doesn't.

If you look at the shorts in the video there are a lot of white scrape marks. There was road rash under that, pretty much following the white marks. They showed one area of road rash (up high) but there was more. I don't think he realized it until later - they interviewed him right after he rolled back to the registration area. When he went inside to change he realized he had much more road rash. He had two big areas protected, scrapes around it. I figure the protected areas were about 3x5", a bit smaller maybe.

I don't remember much about the ankle, can't remember if he had one there. I remember his knee being banged up. Maybe I'm thinking his knee when I think of the red spots but I think his ankle was similar.

Keep in mind it was a relatively low speed crash, maybe 22-24 mph.

The guy that originally fell (also a friend), he thinks he unclipped (worn cleats) and fell. It's possible his frame cracked, dumping him, but the Cannondale engineers (their office is about a mile away) studied his frame and think it was broken as a result of the crash. That initial crasher had very little road rash himself.

waterrockets 11-18-11 08:59 AM

Thanks. Seems like a marginal benefit. Really cool idea though.

Creakyknees 02-13-12 08:35 AM

I just want to post my appreciation for Tegaderm.

That is all.

dissident 05-09-12 06:53 AM

after researching motorcycles and deciding not to get one for now (danger of other drivers and the road bike is so much fun anyways, having to wear more gear and deal with hot/cold weather, etc) but just drive a car to places and put my road bike in the back, I decided it would be good to have a first aid kit in my pack. I should know this stuff since I work at the 3M where we make tegaderm products... I slit them down into larger rolls and other machines in the plant process these rolls into the products everyone knows... but I don't actually know which stuff works for larger road rash so time for a little research. :)

Research done. The hydro-colloid stuff we make would probably be best for the oozy wounds at least in my case. They are more pricy but I can get them for next to nothing for personal use.

waterrockets 05-09-12 07:21 AM

Hydro-colloid was great for me too, but it does fill up and start to drip. So if you have a lot of pus, you'll need more than a couple pads.

In general, I prefer Tegaderm as soon as pus-production slows enough to allow it.

fishymamba 06-15-12 01:31 AM

Hey guys! I crashed during my ride on Monday at ~30 mph and and got some pretty bad road rash on my arm. I cleaned the wound as best as I could and put some tegaderm over it.
I am still not feeling good(having some pain in my right leg), but I want to go for a ride tomorrow or on the weekend. My question is: Is it OK to ride with the tegaderm covering the wound? Will sweat get trapped in there or will it just seep out? Thanks!

kensuf 06-15-12 06:04 AM

Yes you can ride. Change the dressings as necessary.

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