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wipekitty 08-25-17 10:08 PM

65.6 miles, and just under 3,000 feet of climbing :)

Wileyrat 08-25-17 10:38 PM

58 mup miles, 20 min faster than in June before Az summer hit for real.

prq9218 08-26-17 11:35 AM

Wife is training for her Boston Marathon qualifier so I've been towing the kids along behind her on our local MUP. 8 miles yesterday, 22 miles tomorrow.

gspjeb 08-26-17 11:48 AM

68 miles in flat flat Tampa

Dreaded1 08-27-17 12:38 PM

71 miles, kept it flat on purpose, 1400 fet of elevation. 2 riders and we did it in 4hr 1 min, I was pretty happy we could keep a decent pace with just the 2 of us. We were training for a century, I really hope he doesn't think we are riding the century at that pace.

Doctor Morbius 08-27-17 04:22 PM

25 miles today. Feel great! Still have some gas left in the tank too.

jefnvk 08-27-17 04:54 PM

Haven't finished yet, but somewhere in the 25-30 mile range. Tour shakedown of a new bike and bag setup turned into bar hopping afternoon!

beechnutC23 08-27-17 07:12 PM

Rode 35 km yesterday on gravel roads on the mountain bike with my wife. Lots of hills; 16 m vertical for every km horizontal (my road bike average is 11 to 1).

I'm having a bad season. Bad weather in the spring and most of the summer meant that good days to ride were when I was committed for other activities, so I'm only at 2200 km. I finished last season at 4270. Never really built up a good base this season, so each ride feels like the first ride of the season. Very discouraging. Almost makes me wish for winter and the hiking/snowshoeing season. Weather was so bad this summer, even finding enough dry hours to mow the lawn was a challenge, and I got soaked twice on the road.

Haven't even done my annual full century (imperial, not metric) though I did get a couple of metric centuries in.

I entered my 60th year this past June, and I'm feeling every minute of those years this season.

Slightspeed 08-27-17 07:41 PM

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Took the Culprit out for 30 miles this morning out thru Somis, CA foothills. Mid 60s at the start, 77 at the finish, 102 when I got home to San Fernando Valley. That's why I ride in Ventura county. Great ride!

beechnutC23 08-29-17 07:48 PM

Got 81.5 km in yesterday. Detoured over a gravel road due to road works. Relatively flat ride, only 400 m. Got more elevation on today's hike in the mountains (482 m). On the ride, I got my 6th flat of the season. A record of sorts. And it was not on a gravel road. Grrr. Time to put on a set of Gatorskins. I have a set on my old steel road bike ('93 Marinoni), never had issues. I had been trying to keep my carbon bike light to go faster, but having to stop to change a flat defeats the purpose. In two cases the tires were too severely damaged and had to be changed.

Sangetsu 08-29-17 08:18 PM

40km today. Not much, as I am still getting into shape again. Now in my fourth week, average speeds are higher, climbs are easier, and I dropped another pound in weight.

Next week will be 50km per ride, at as fair a pace as I can maintain. My big tour begins in just over a month, 3000km in 30 days. I need to drop another 7 pounds between now and then.

Maelochs 08-30-17 02:36 PM

I managed 28 miles ... . first ride in a week. I have been gaining weight and losing fitness ... I have lost over a mile per hour off my average. I need to drop about ... fifty pounds would be helpful.

At least I enjoyed the ride.

DrIsotope 08-30-17 02:42 PM

45.7 miles w/ 1,286ft @ 18.2mph

Temperature leaving hime: 90
Weight leaving home: 198.6lbs
Water consumed during ride: 100oz
Temperature returning home: 106
Weight returning home: 196.4lbs

So I lost 2.2lbs of water weight during the ride, after taking in about 6.25lbs of water, meaning I sweat out somewhere around a gallon. I consider this excellent on my part, as I have returned after rides similar to this one 5-7lbs lighter, and been semi-useless for the rest of the day.

rachel120 08-30-17 07:50 PM

13.3 miles. I know that's a baby amount to you guys, but I'm feeling pretty proud since before today I've only gone 3 miles in one trip.

Doctor Morbius 08-30-17 07:53 PM

25 miles today. Didn't have enough oomph to go any further. Between 15 to 25 seems about right for me anyway.

prq9218 08-31-17 08:22 AM

20.2 on the local MUP, only saw 2 walkers and 5 other bikers the entire time, was nice.

55murray 08-31-17 09:35 AM

Originally Posted by rachel120 (Post 19830232)
13.3 miles. I know that's a baby amount to you guys, but I'm feeling pretty proud since before today I've only gone 3 miles in one trip.

Nobody else topped their best mileage by 340%. Well done!

My last decent ride was 42 miles a week and a half ago :(

rachel120 08-31-17 10:19 AM

Originally Posted by 55murray (Post 19831212)
Nobody else topped their best mileage by 340%. Well done!

Thank you. :)

My only possible explanation for me managing to pull it off is the 8 miles a day average that I walk at my work.

OldTryGuy 08-31-17 07:01 PM

112.3 miles today. Had a good time listening to the tunes.

Sangetsu 08-31-17 11:53 PM

Another 40km today, at a harder pace. My ride on Wednesday was tough, because of the heat and humidity. Today was cold and dry, summer has spent only a ten days or so in Tokyo this year. A great summer for riding. On the other hand, Hokkaido looks to be cold on the start of my big ride next month. I can handle just about any amount of heat, but cold is another matter.

jefnvk 09-01-17 07:54 PM

69 miles on the dot. Yes, I have a childish mind!

DrIsotope 09-01-17 08:24 PM

Originally Posted by jefnvk (Post 19834939)
69 miles on the dot. Yes, I have a childish mind!

I can beat that.

<fit of juvenile giggling>

jefnvk 09-01-17 09:04 PM

Originally Posted by DrIsotope (Post 19834994)
I can beat that.

I was actually quite pissed I couldn't do that, but I figured doing a few laps of downtown was cheating :thumb:

Doctor Morbius 09-02-17 02:12 PM

16 quality miles today. Great workout! Lungs feel clean. :thumb:

alias5000 09-02-17 02:31 PM

133km into the wind. I wish the forecast would be promising tailwind for the cycle back tomorrow.

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