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Doctor Morbius 09-23-18 09:47 AM

Just got back from an easy 20 miles on one of the hybrids.

Troul 09-23-18 04:07 PM

no 50+ today, just a bit over 40 miles.

jbell_64 09-23-18 04:53 PM

Finally did my first 50 miler!

Vista101 09-23-18 07:43 PM


daviddavieboy 09-23-18 08:24 PM

100 mile fondo

packitin 09-24-18 03:01 PM

I do my standard 6.5 miles along the greenway that goes by the hospital so that I can look at the ducks in the Roanoke river, watch the trains go by, and wish for the young days when I would go 20 or 30 miles. (I turned 80 last month - no serious health problems so far, but slowing down some)

NoWhammies 09-25-18 09:30 PM

60k after work. Made it in just before the sunset. I was happy with that.

Troul 09-26-18 01:54 AM

4 miles before the storm rolltide thru.

tsiklonaut 09-26-18 04:38 AM

A bit over 60 kilometers (or 38 miles) commute. Turned to be a very (against-) windy and thus a hard day...

Troul 09-28-18 10:15 AM

breezy 57 miles

Doctor Morbius 09-28-18 10:24 AM

15 miles today. Just finished. It's getting a bit chilly out.

NoWhammies 09-29-18 06:56 PM

138k. Managed to get it in JUST before the rain started. But man, it was cold and cloudy. Not a very pleasant ride.

Troul 09-29-18 07:20 PM

55.5 miles. temps were not that great during the beginning, but improved after a while.

bicyclridr4life 09-30-18 10:52 PM

000.00 miles.
I took a rest day.

General Geoff 10-06-18 01:22 AM

40 miles on a midnight ride, to the Delaware River and back. Had the roads and the D&L trail all to myself, except one guy who was sleeping on the path under the bridge rolling into Easton. He was quite startled when my headlight woke him up in his sleeping bag!

packitin 10-12-18 08:25 AM

It will be a while before I can go on my usual ride on the greenway that goes by the hospital (this photo was taken from a top floor).
The Roanoke River (shown with the bridge below, which is part of the greenway) overflowed and water almost went into the hospital. This flood was almost as bad an the infamous Flood of '85, which I vividly remember.

I hope that is the last hurricane this year, but who can say? The weather this year has been awful. I had to buy a new furnace and put on a new roof.

Troul 11-04-18 04:14 PM

35.5 miles. Next year will have better averaged goals set!

BirdsBikeBinocs 11-04-18 04:39 PM

12 miles in the past 2 days. Where's my trophy.??

mr,grumpy 11-04-18 05:58 PM

Two Miles.

rollagain 11-17-18 11:19 PM

About six, I'm guessing. On the Street Strider, which I've named 'Exhaust.'

one4smoke 12-02-18 04:59 PM

22.2 at slow 14 mph, after a nearly 3 month hiatus. Felt good, but my my ...I sure have lost a lot.

Jon T 12-02-18 09:00 PM

Zero today but had time for a quick 17 miles yesterday.

trackelmann 12-02-18 09:15 PM

Not far enough.

one4smoke 12-03-18 07:15 PM

Originally Posted by trackelmann (Post 20688261)
Not fer enough.

Fixed it for ya! :thumb:

Wattsup 12-03-18 08:04 PM

20 mi yesterday, and 40 tomorrow!

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