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one4smoke 03-24-19 07:29 PM

Back on the bike after what seems like forever. Put in 21 miles at a shameful 14.3 mph. I have lost a LOT.

Gotta pull myself up out of this hole and get going again.

chicagogal 03-25-19 06:52 AM

Nothing today. It's raining.
60 miles with lots of climbing on Saturday
25 miles easy on Sunday.

Happy to have longer/warmer days!

NoWhammies 03-25-19 09:10 AM

35k with the wife on Saturday
60k solo on Sunday.

So glad that spring is starting to show up around here.

zarbog 03-25-19 11:43 AM

Been doing 30 to 40 min rides everyday for the last 5 days, 10 to 12 kilometers. Still pretty cold up here, only 34 degrees for this mornings ride. Want to be comfortable with 1 hour rides at 20 kph by the middle of Apil.

Doctor Morbius 03-27-19 06:12 PM

Managed to get in 25 total miles today. 15 were at a brisk exercise pace and the rest were at a more leisurely pace. Average HR for the entire ride was 123 BPM.

Since January 15th I've logged 55.85 hours on either the trainer or via outside riding. This is going to be a good year for me. :thumb:

NoWhammies 03-28-19 09:57 AM

60k with some rollers thrown in there for good measure. So happy to see spring again!

Doctor Morbius 03-28-19 02:06 PM

I managed to get 30 miles in today. Did 20 at a somewhat brisk pace and had to come home to use the facilities. After sitting around for a few minutes I decided to go back out for 10 easier miles. Now I'm tired and hungry!

one4smoke 04-03-19 08:56 PM

50 miles today at a better 15 mph average. All I had too.

Gettin' there...

Patriot1 04-03-19 09:16 PM

A 21 mile beautiful Spring North Carolina sunny day ride with my bride...a great day. We had a blast!
Then went home and enjoyed a salad.

diphthong 04-04-19 01:51 AM

nothing today but 121 miles yday. wanted to go for a lil 15 mile spin today but postponed life choices conspired against it.

NoWhammies 04-04-19 09:31 AM

50k yesterday. Managed to sneak the ride in just before the sunset and it started getting dark. Can't wait for longer daylight hours to get here.

BirdsBikeBinocs 04-05-19 10:58 AM

18 miles yesterday. Nice weather is coming....

Doctor Morbius 04-05-19 01:43 PM

20 miles today. It felt cold and damp, but at least it wasn't windy. Average HR was 143.

Originally Posted by BirdsBikeBinocs (Post 20871061)
Nice weather is coming....

Where I live that nice weather will last all of 2 weeks then it will be hot and humid.

Doctor Morbius 04-06-19 02:22 PM

25 miles today. Average HR was 133.

Patriot1 04-06-19 02:33 PM
26 miles today with wife, 73d, sunny beautiful North Carolina Spring!

glenncz 04-06-19 06:32 PM

24 miles. First day over 60F here in Penna. Riding some the past winter I thought I was loosing it, but no doubt getting off the heavy garb really helps the speed. I felt like my old self and my speedometer showed it.

Troul 04-06-19 06:38 PM

37 miles 17mph started out with 7mph headwinds.

Can't wait for 70 degree temps next week!

Doctor Morbius 04-06-19 06:42 PM

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 20868711)
50 miles today at a better 15 mph average. All I had too.

Gettin' there...

:thumb: I respect that. Sounds like a brisk clip for 50 to me.

rayooo 04-06-19 06:45 PM

52.6 miles great weather today finally!

BirdsBikeBinocs 04-06-19 10:08 PM

18 miles on the 40lb. Schwinn.

Troul 04-07-19 02:42 PM

41 miles.

Wileyrat 04-07-19 06:50 PM

43 miles today. Now that the state is mostly done working on key roads in my area, I was able to do one of my favorite road rides again.

KathyF99 04-07-19 07:44 PM

Only 10 - should have gone for 20

Ottomotion 04-07-19 07:55 PM

My daily commute is @ 25 miles.

Rollfast 04-07-19 08:01 PM

I've done a lot of heavy hauling on my little canti Rollfast and I'm on a short break plus it's raining on and off, T-storms maybe tomorrow so I do housework most of this week.

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