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Litespud 07-05-20 03:58 PM

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 19077952)
(The way it's said in the south by us old guys. :p)

32 miles for me...

98.5 miles with ~5400ft climbing

NoWhammies 07-05-20 10:27 PM

280k yesterday
115k today
Not bad for a weekend of riding.

AbdurRehman 07-05-20 10:41 PM

12 miles... Not far enough

Troul 07-06-20 04:19 PM


gios 07-06-20 07:54 PM

Usual route; 16.8 miles.

Troul 07-07-20 05:33 PM


ofajen 07-08-20 08:43 PM


What was new was that, just for fun, I made sure it was nearly 100% on the drops, even in the climbs. There were two turns where I reflexively reached for the hoods, which must be what I normally do, but I caught myself and moved back to the drops. A fun experiment. I have the bars higher these days so Iíve mainly been riding the drops but I was curious what it would be like to do a complete ride. The answer was, just great!


bigd777 07-08-20 09:04 PM

52 miles

Troul 07-09-20 06:46 AM


Troul 07-24-20 09:47 PM

86 miles back to back for the two sequential days.

808HIcycler 07-25-20 07:11 PM

40.6 miles today. First 40+ mile ride in over 5 years. Also did it at 18.5 mph. Faster than I've gone for a ride other than some flat loops the other day.

diphthong 07-25-20 07:28 PM

42 mellow miles with two small lunch breaks at mile 4 and mile 28. okay...there may have been beers involved. 21st straight day of riding.
if i weren't obligated tomorrow, i'd rest. looks like monday will be the rest day.

Troul 07-25-20 08:25 PM

another 86'er

Troul 07-26-20 12:21 PM


OldTryGuy 07-26-20 01:35 PM

8th Pete Cornell Memorial Ride today of 103 miles. As usual I placed a Crank Sport e-Gel in his hands >>>

one4smoke 07-26-20 05:12 PM

52 yesterday. First ride in 3 weeks Iím ashamed to say. :rolleyes:

Troul 07-28-20 10:48 AM

37 miles

diphthong 07-28-20 11:06 PM

local 29 mile ride.

bookthug85 07-29-20 03:18 AM

30.7 km... Achieved top speed of 73.8 km/h, according to Strava :speedy:

diphthong 08-04-20 12:41 AM

a little 23-miler on the '85 pinarello with mismatched tires and in zero rush on a nice, mid-70's san diego afternoon.

Troul 08-04-20 07:49 AM

25 before 5am

diphthong 08-04-20 08:54 PM

two metro san diego rides: a morning ride for 11 miles on the '85 pinarello treviso and an afternoon ride for 31 miles on the '88 nishiki olympic. sweet vintage steel dreams.

diphthong 08-07-20 07:49 PM

a plodding, 45-miler around metro san diego. nice day tho. a little breeze and mid-70's with no clouds/overcast.
may hafta take sat/sun off (ridden 33 days in a row) but at 322 miles for the first seven days of august.
happy with that and squeezed in two fun oot rides in the week as well.

Troul 08-07-20 07:59 PM

80 miles

808HIcycler 08-09-20 07:07 PM

38.23 miles. 82.5 for the week. Getting closer to that 100 mile week.

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