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deex 04-01-18 10:21 PM

Sunday: 102 miles
Saturday: 82 miles

The weather was perfect!

one4smoke 04-18-18 08:20 AM


The sweet time of year is upon us!

jack002 04-18-18 09:11 AM

12.2 miles in 57 min yesterday. First time the weather was someone decent.

GuessWhoCycling 04-18-18 11:37 AM

15 miles with 1,427 ft of gain. Nice midweek ride around the neighborhood.

glenncz 04-18-18 07:25 PM

I'm just getting started because it's been so cold here in Pa. Last year I rode 2200 miles, hope to duplicate this year. After work it was 45F but sunny, I did 12 miles. But 2.5 hrs later and I'm still cold!

General Geoff 04-19-18 12:08 AM

12 miles yesterday, visited West Park. The Sakura trees are in full bloom.

Patriot1 04-19-18 05:09 PM

10 miles this morning and 10 miles this afternoon. A 66 degrees and sunny..a good day, just a tad windy.

Patriot1 04-19-18 06:00 PM

Originally Posted by General Geoff (Post 20293322)
12 miles yesterday, visited West Park. The Sakura trees are in full bloom.

Beautiful bike!

Ritalalala 04-19-18 08:48 PM

Today is only 20miles, I spent 1.5 hours at the gym.

General Geoff 04-19-18 09:37 PM

Originally Posted by Patriot1 (Post 20295071)
Beautiful bike!

Thanks! :)

GuessWhoCycling 04-20-18 11:54 AM

Easy 10 mile stretch with 900 ft gain to relax the legs.

rollagain 04-20-18 07:17 PM

Roughly 4.5. I've been doing two-mile out-and-back rides to road test adjustments to the new bike. I'm pretty satisfied with the bar and hand controls; today I began working with a bungee cargo net on my rear rack. No joy with unholstered Foldylock, but water bottle works fine. That's temporary anyway; I'll be ordering a Wald basket set for it soon.

GuessWhoCycling 04-21-18 03:36 PM

52 miles at 17.6 average speed. Nice day to ride today! :D

rob214 04-21-18 04:24 PM

my longest ride, 103miles

OldTryGuy 04-21-18 05:22 PM

Over night'r Midnight Madness 146 miler. Stars were shining bright with a Waxing Crescent moon at 24% illumination.

SouthFLpix 04-21-18 05:40 PM

I did 30 miles. It was my first time in a long time riding with someone, as I am almost always a solo rider. It was actually ok because there were moments when they were pushing me a little, and when I ride alone I think I tend to ride at a fairly easy tempo and sort of get lost in my thoughts.

At the same time, I got rejected when I asked this gorgeous triathlete girl to ride with me, so that was disappointing.

one4smoke 04-22-18 12:30 PM


one4smoke 04-22-18 12:32 PM

Originally Posted by rob214 (Post 20298579)
my longest ride, 103miles

:thumb: Congrats! No easy feat for sure.

GuessWhoCycling 04-22-18 04:57 PM

Another 32 today at 17.0 average speed. :thumb:

andcarrotrope 04-22-18 06:43 PM

28 miles at 15.5 mph felt great, still do.

crockettlarry 04-22-18 07:25 PM

9.67 miles. First ride of the year, so don't laugh.

John00 04-22-18 09:30 PM

42 Miles up into the mountains until the hills got too steep and too long, was cold too. Tuesday it's supposed to be 70 so I'm going to ride to the ski resort. Long constant steep climb. 45 mph coming down.

Dirt Farmer 04-23-18 12:24 PM

53.7 miles Sunday. Debilitating thigh cramps halfway through, until I chugged some Gatorade and ate two Gu gels to make me able to finish the ride pain-free.

rollagain 04-23-18 08:52 PM

A little over 14 miles today; my longest ride in over 18 years. I'm a bit surprised. Beautiful day, temp about 70. I wanted to do some casual exploring with a slow easy warmup, so I did most of the downhill first. Very nice outbound, but it turns out I failed to notice that the steady 9 mph wind was at my back the whole way out.

Uphill and into the wind the whole way back--just the opposite of how I used to plan my outings. Not much I can do about the hills, but I'll pay more attention to wind in the future.

I took the 7-spd bike (the Simcoe) and on flats and downhills I keep wishing for more higher gears, but that's all right. I love the way it handles.

1500SLR 04-24-18 01:11 AM

Just as easy 10miles today. I'm still getting used to my DI2 bike and it needs some updates anyway. It's still only set up for single shift which is good. But I need to update it and turn multishift on so I can just go through 10 gears at once.

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