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Troul 11-17-20 01:17 PM

33 hamster miles indoors

Troul 11-20-20 07:18 PM

48 miles rollin the mup & streets.

CAT7RDR 11-20-20 07:26 PM

40 miles and 5400 ft of climb in Puente Hills. Only two idiot drivers today trying there best to injure me.

rsbob 11-20-20 10:01 PM

30 miles with 800 climbing at 49* Looked like the black clouds would pour the entire time but they managed to hold their water.

First ride with my repaired aerodynamic tail which increases downforce, helps me go .025 MPG faster and most importantly, keeps my backside dry.

Troul 11-21-20 09:26 PM

47 miles. 20 was the goal, 27 just kinda happened.

rsbob 11-21-20 11:20 PM

12 miles mtn biking. Forded two creeks and climbed about 700’. Falls =0. Attempts = 1. A good day. One issue is that I climb faster than 80% on the trails and have to back off or stop so I don’t get too close and breath in potential virus of the youngsters.

ultrarider7 11-22-20 11:13 AM
40 miles on the 21st, with now over 6,000 (outdoor) miles for 2020

one4smoke 11-22-20 01:00 PM

Pleasant 32 mile ride avoiding the rain until right at the end.

ChicagoWandrer 11-22-20 02:15 PM

Today is maintenance day but 30 yesterday
Hoping to get another 130 miles in before the end of the year to get to my commute of 3000 miles. Mostly tooling around the city, trying to ride every block in Chicago.

one4smoke 11-22-20 02:45 PM

Originally Posted by ChicagoWandrer (Post 21801690)
Hoping to get another 130 miles in before the end of the year to get to my commute of 3000 miles. Mostly tooling around the city, trying to ride every block in Chicago.

Same here. Need 108 after the 32 today.

VRC 11-22-20 07:02 PM

16 miles...trying to do 150 over 10 days

rsbob 11-22-20 08:40 PM

Zero. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Goose egg. Rest day and day to cut down the hitch mount for my bike carrier so it snugs up better to the back of the truck.

diphthong 11-24-20 11:24 PM

a little 16-spot after throwing the bike in the car and driving 15 mins. i find i'm more receptive to trying new roads in an area
when i'm not in the to/from home mode. occasionally come across something interesting.

Troul 11-24-20 11:36 PM

18 indoors

rsbob 11-25-20 12:22 AM

23 in the rain, 1200’ climbing. Top speed 34 (yikes!) Ave speed - meh

Troul 11-26-20 08:16 PM

gobbled up 100.8 miles

rsbob 11-26-20 09:49 PM

Full stop on doctor’s orders due to suspected bursitis between scapulas. Nothing quite like the feeling of being stabbed between the shoulder blades. At least it’s a good time of year here to switch to running or skiing.

808HIcycler 11-27-20 06:40 AM

23 miles on my new Addict RC 10. Last 12 or so miles were in a down pour with a 35 mph headwind.

Troul 11-27-20 08:23 PM

59 miles dodging distracted black friday drivers

one4smoke 11-27-20 09:22 PM

A day late, but 40 miles on Thanksgiving.

rsbob 11-28-20 01:27 AM

21 on road and 3 on gravel. Ave speed 16.5 climbed 1100’ air temp 54*. Out ran a dog in hot pursuit sprinting at 26. Climbed a 14% grade which fortunately was short or I would have puked. The dog was fortunately not on the grade. I said to he!! With the doctor and rode anyway since we have rain and 40*s coming.

Troul 11-29-20 03:18 PM

54F out; 56.7 of what might be the last outdoors accumulated miles for the year. Accumulations of 6"+ snow is expected with 28F highs for tomorrow.

diphthong 11-29-20 03:34 PM

20-spot in metro san diego.

SVTNate 11-29-20 04:06 PM

Just a dozen or so. It's a beautiful day in SoCal, so I zig zagged through my city on mostly residential streets to the downtown area, met up with some friends, and zig zagged home.

biker128pedal 11-29-20 05:55 PM

Nice 29 mile ride this afternoon after installing a new kitchen faucet. :thumb: Had a chance to stop a take a picture of the new T.C. Walker mural in Gloucester Courthouse.
T.C. Walker mural Gloucester Va.

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