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ahsposo 01-22-14 07:14 AM

Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck yet is not a duck.

Jseis 01-22-14 08:44 AM

Has a yearin' for some downunder platypuss.

Wilfred Laurier 01-22-14 08:47 AM

it is wise for him to ignore the cease and desist letter he receives from my lawyer

CbadRider 01-22-14 10:13 AM

Made the post that broke the original thread so we had to create a new one. Oh wait, that's not a lie. :o

Likes to send cease and desist letters instead of Christmas cards.

3alarmer 01-22-14 11:18 AM

Originally Posted by eschlwc (Post 16431594)
could easily straddle the top tube flat footed before getting stuck in that clothes dryer.

...rides a step through frame because top tubes increase his anxiety levels. He's working on inventing a tubeless frame, made from string and old potato skins.

Wilfred Laurier 01-22-14 11:21 AM

Originally Posted by CbadRider (Post 16431486)
Made the post that broke the original thread so we had to create a new one. Oh wait, that's not a lie. :o

i broke the internet

as for eschlwc and 3alarmer
they will forever regret that their last lies were not the roadside bombs of bikeforum lies

MillCreek 01-22-14 11:50 AM

Has no regrets nor insight as to how he broke the internet.

Wilfred Laurier 01-22-14 11:51 AM

has no regrets nor insight

3alarmer 01-22-14 11:57 AM

...his insight is pretty much limited to his regrets.

ahsposo 01-22-14 12:29 PM

Wishes >ahem< that he was the OP.

3alarmer 01-22-14 12:47 PM


...granted three wishes by the genie from the bottle, after sex and money, he was smart enough to save one for later.

Jseis 01-22-14 04:31 PM

1 Attachment(s) take a celebratory lap and ring the bell for triggering the demise of Vol 1 by something he posted that was soon forgotten.

MillCreek 01-22-14 04:31 PM

Now wishes he did not ask the genie for a monkey's paw.

Jseis 01-22-14 04:34 PM

1 Attachment(s) really really quick on the draw, too quick says his S.O.

ahsposo 01-22-14 04:44 PM

Needs to change that to Bong Hitting...

Jseis 01-22-14 04:51 PM

Is a fountain of creativity after getting hit one two many times.

3alarmer 01-22-14 06:00 PM


... dedicating his life to the purpose, he has, through the use of a variety of drugs, managed to completely shut down the left hemisphere of his brain. Words, turds..all the same.

MillCreek 01-22-14 07:33 PM

Originally Posted by Jseis (Post 16432630) really really quick on the draw, too quick says his S.O.

Hey, those episodes of Star Trek are not going to watch themselves!

ahsposo 01-22-14 07:37 PM

The story of the day he learned he was a narcissus is to be published in the Snohomish Daily Revelation next Sunday.

MillCreek 01-22-14 08:17 PM

Rather than being a narcissus, he would prefer to be a nice peony or perhaps a lily of the valley.

ahsposo 01-22-14 08:18 PM

Trapped in a whirled he never made.

Jseis 01-22-14 08:48 PM

1 Attachment(s) a do over. Maybe a Dodo or some Dada.

ahsposo 01-22-14 09:19 PM

Like the sandshark he blends in and lurks; waiting on hapless prey.

3alarmer 01-22-14 09:24 PM


...not hapless. That's fer sure.

Jseis 01-22-14 10:42 PM

1 Attachment(s) a blank slate.

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