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3alarmer 07-16-14 12:30 PM

...he's the brains behind the audacious Hello Kitty road team for 2015 on the European circuit. The strategy is to hang back and wait for all the CF bikes to asplode.


MillCreek 07-16-14 01:06 PM

Has moved on from Hello Kitty bicycles to where the real money is.

Wilfred Laurier 07-16-14 01:37 PM

his career as an animal control officer
has given him dreams of someday becoming
an action movie hero

he invisions himself whispering
as a feral cat peeks its head out of its den
right into the centre of the sights on his sniper *****
"hello, kitty"

ahsposo 07-16-14 08:13 PM

Is going to a Fabulism Coach.

Thinks he needs to up his slander serve and his dozens comeback.

Personally, I think the money would be better spent if he took us out to a tittie bar on his dime. But, Hey, that's just me.

Jseis 07-16-14 08:33 PM

Needs to learn that hard way that any mention of a tittie bar is a truism.

Wilfred Laurier 07-17-14 06:49 AM


MillCreek 07-17-14 11:15 AM

According to his Oxford dictionary, it is more properly spelled 'titty'.

Wilfred Laurier 07-17-14 11:33 AM

he refers to his speech impediment as
oxnard diction

Jseis 07-17-14 12:31 PM

Post a Lie about the poster above - Volume 2
His foray into a strip club resulted in high comedy.

trsidn 07-17-14 12:39 PM

Originally Posted by Jseis (Post 16947804)
His foray into a strip club resulted in high comedy.

was high the last time he went to the strip club. An expensive trip.

ahsposo 07-17-14 08:14 PM

He does pole dances when he sees the Chippendale review.

MillCreek 07-18-14 08:23 AM

Has been feeling morose and playing a lot of Supertramp lately.

Wilfred Laurier 07-18-14 08:31 AM

during his night job
his nickname is

skijor 07-18-14 08:46 AM

Now watch what you say or he'll be calling you a radical.

MillCreek 07-18-14 08:47 AM

Has a tramp stamp of his name tattooed right above his gluteal cleft, so that people will know what to call him.

MillCreek 07-18-14 08:48 AM

Wilfred Laurier 07-18-14 09:05 AM

looks only slightly more drug addled than that singer

ahsposo 07-18-14 05:36 PM

Keeps a drugged adder clasped to his snowy bosom.

MillCreek 07-18-14 06:28 PM

His bosom, though still snowy, has lost its former perky nature.

Jseis 07-18-14 06:34 PM

Stands on the cornice of life praying for a bra, a really big bra . He keeps mumbling, "Where's Woody Allen when you really need him?"

ahsposo 07-18-14 07:01 PM

Is not answering the door.

Is going out the kitchen window.

Jseis 07-18-14 07:35 PM

He came in through the bathroom window.

ahsposo 07-18-14 08:09 PM

Last time he walked on water was when he missed the toilet entirely.

Jseis 07-18-14 08:15 PM

Discovered he was ​full of piss and vinegar.

mastronaut 07-18-14 10:43 PM

His wife Vinny is never pissed that he leaves the toilet seat up...

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