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Wilfred Laurier 07-20-14 09:20 PM

only gambles when
he knows its a sure thing and
he has church money

mastronaut 07-20-14 09:40 PM

Goes to church just to fondle the Afterlife...

Jseis 07-20-14 09:46 PM

After his surgery the doc said, "Well, fondling is the final solution".

MillCreek 07-21-14 04:17 PM

Has given up fondling for Ramadan.

ahsposo 07-21-14 05:38 PM

Will fondle for Ramen.

Wilfred Laurier 07-21-14 05:52 PM

is working on a pop song
about eating ramen during ramadan

MillCreek 07-21-14 06:16 PM

Lives in terror that the ramen will become self-aware and send its noodly tentacles after him.

ahsposo 07-21-14 07:42 PM

In the Tribe's secret bunker MillCreek is creating the ultimate weapon they will direct to the palefaces: Pasta-based nano noodles that seek young yoga practicing performers of self-promoting transcendental ego trips.

"Bwahahah!" he told Aboriginal Times, "Those yuppies will pay!"

Wilfred Laurier 07-21-14 07:56 PM

should be expecting a letter from the lawer of the good people
at aboriginal times news and pornographic magazine any day now

Jseis 07-21-14 07:56 PM

Has finally come out regarding ramen. "If Bill O'Reilly uses them in the shower, why can't I?"

ahsposo 07-21-14 08:47 PM

Pioneered the use of ramen as surrogates for real men.

History hasn't been kind.

Jseis 07-21-14 09:09 PM

Sailed his raft of ramen to prove that he and Forrest Gump were separated at birth.

ahsposo 07-22-14 06:42 PM

As a zygote inhaled a unit of semen to prove he and his evil twin Jerky were to be separated at birth.

Jseis 07-22-14 07:26 PM

Post a Lie about the poster above - Volume 2
As Hurky, he grew found of the Hurky Jerky and took his one handed act on the road.

MillCreek 07-22-14 07:56 PM

Thinks that 'Jerky Zygote' would be an excellent name for a band.

skijor 07-23-14 07:43 AM

Proudly wears his days-of-the-week Daisy Dukes.

ahsposo 07-23-14 04:13 PM

His mom took his Big Boy pants away from him after that last incident.

skijor 07-23-14 04:59 PM

Was lucky enough to get YO MAMA vanity plates.

ahsposo 07-23-14 05:36 PM

Was lucky enough to have made my YO MAMA vanity plate.

skijor 07-24-14 09:43 AM

He's just a rebadged jsharr with a higher price tag.

trsidn 07-24-14 10:06 AM

Considers price no obstacle.

skijor 07-24-14 10:09 AM

Considers His Cone of Shame a fashion statement.

trsidn 07-24-14 10:15 AM

Assumes everyone does...

DBA 07-24-14 11:07 AM

Is famous for having survived a walk on a bed of hot coals while carrying a bottle of very unstable nitro-glycerine after having sniffed a bunch of pepper that was thrown in his face.

MillCreek 07-24-14 11:41 AM

Is concerned that his dementia is picking up speed, like a downhill stage in the Tour de France.

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