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Jseis 10-20-14 08:27 PM

Lives in west Texas where the conkin' is easy but the draggin' goes on forever.

dynodonn 10-20-14 09:26 PM

Not only likes to reminisce about his conking and dragging days, but spends countless hours at the national park admiring his early cave art.

skijor 10-20-14 11:47 PM

Keeps resorting to GIS to find his car keys.

Wilfred Laurier 10-21-14 07:19 AM

Keeps finding jizz on his car keys.

dynodonn 10-21-14 08:01 AM

After many years and finding a method in which he can reliably find his car keys, he can now strictly concentrate on remembering where he parked his car.

Jseis 10-21-14 08:48 AM

Filled his shopping cart with car starting supplies (mostly air fresheners) and set out not realizing that while successfully locating his car keys after years of searching, his car was impounded and eventually recycled into shopping carts and air fresheners.

skijor 10-21-14 08:55 AM

Has more guylines than shingles on his trailer.

MillCreek 10-21-14 11:48 AM

Really hopes that his blistering and burning rash is shingles, as opposed to some of the alternatives.

ahsposo 10-21-14 03:49 PM

Gets a big kick out of the reaction he gets from total strangers when he shows them his rash.

Jseis 10-21-14 07:31 PM

Post a Lie about the poster above - Volume 2
Has had many rash points of view.

ahsposo 10-21-14 07:57 PM

In the Prophesy HE will spread and cure the RASH among the TRUE BELIEVERS.

"It's a Miracle!"

And Jseis wept...

dynodonn 10-21-14 10:18 PM

It always seems that whenever he takes to the road, he ends up with a rash.

ahsposo 10-22-14 06:51 AM

It always seems when he gets a load on he starts talking trash.

dynodonn 10-22-14 07:37 AM

At his local rest home, is regularly known to the staff as always packing " a load".

ahsposo 10-22-14 07:58 AM

Self medicates.

dynodonn 10-22-14 08:05 AM

Has to receive forced injections on a regular basis.

ahsposo 10-22-14 10:23 AM

Receives forceful rejections on a regular basis.

skijor 10-22-14 10:37 AM

Will be passing out zucchini for Halloween.

Wilfred Laurier 10-22-14 10:39 AM

Will be passing out in the apple bobbing tank on Halloween.

Jseis 10-22-14 05:28 PM

After bobbing for his Adam's apple all last Halloween, he's well trained for water boarding.

Tom Stormcrowe 10-22-14 05:44 PM

HIs parents tried to name him Jesus, but they misspelled it on the Birth Certificate.

gitarzan 10-22-14 06:02 PM

Has declared himself moderator of the trailer park.

ahsposo 10-22-14 06:21 PM

Is going for 'Most Improved Community Relations' award by seducing the fat old lady that is his trailer park's property manager.

His strategy involves Bud Light and Cheetos.

trsidn 10-22-14 06:49 PM

thinks that's inappropriate.

ahsposo 10-22-14 07:38 PM

Thinks that is a way to SCORE!

He loves big fat lazy women with bad hygiene practices and the POWER to rule a trailer park.

Makes his knees tremble...

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