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trsidn 11-06-14 04:04 PM

Thought it was over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor...

Wilfred Laurier 11-06-14 04:52 PM

His initial career goal was to be a fashion model, but he gave it up when he realized that, as his mother puts it, "he is just too damn ugly!"

ahsposo 11-06-14 07:14 PM

He dreamed he was a hockey goalie in his Maidenform Bra and Mask.

Nobody scores with him.

Jseis 11-06-14 09:31 PM

Post a Lie about the poster above - Volume 2
His Luche Libre mask lets him scooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore at will.

dynodonn 11-07-14 09:04 AM

His most memorable scores are from Oscar winning musicals.

trsidn 11-07-14 09:20 AM

Is actually the voice for Oscar the Grouch.

MillCreek 11-07-14 09:23 AM

Thinks that Cookie Monster has something to do with Internet privacy.

ModoVincere 11-07-14 09:28 AM

baked exlax into the cookie monsters chocolate chip cookies.

skijor 11-07-14 11:50 AM

Was born in a Pottery Barn.

trsidn 11-07-14 11:55 AM

Martha Stewart designed his ski bibs...

skijor 11-07-14 12:06 PM

All of the grass in his front yard is French braided.

ModoVincere 11-07-14 12:17 PM

All the grass in his front yard came from seed from Colombia and Mexico.

ahsposo 11-07-14 01:36 PM

Bought a lid of Bermuda grass.

MillCreek 11-07-14 02:37 PM

Treats his glaucoma with designer grass.

trsidn 11-07-14 03:03 PM

Is happy that bermuda is legal now...

ahsposo 11-07-14 05:01 PM

Wears Bermuda briefs and occasionally Bahama tightie whities...

Jseis 11-07-14 10:04 PM

Smokes his french braided Columbian blend divots as spleefs for their earthy goodness.

skijor 11-07-14 10:14 PM

Stuck his head in the oven, but it didn't take.

ahsposo 11-08-14 07:02 AM

Swallowed a whole bottle of pills.

They were placebos.

Had a near death experience.

dynodonn 11-08-14 11:11 AM

Swallowed a whole bottle of sleeping pills, which only livened him up.

mastronaut 11-08-14 02:02 PM

Likes to have Mentos and a Coke chaser before squats at the gym....

ahsposo 11-08-14 03:01 PM

Likes to snort coke with his buddy Jim...

dynodonn 11-08-14 03:29 PM

In not being able to teach the world to sing, just decided to just drink Coke and keep his day job.

Jseis 11-08-14 03:45 PM

Will soon teach the world to sling as much rum and coke as they can drink & snort.

dynodonn 11-08-14 04:20 PM

Went on many 3 hour tours with Sailor Jerry.

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