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skijor 11-09-14 04:39 PM

His sleep number is pie.

dynodonn 11-09-14 04:47 PM

Being a mathematician, likes eating pies that are square.

ahsposo 11-09-14 05:11 PM

After he eats pie, numbers seem irrational to him.

dynodonn 11-09-14 05:37 PM

Eating too many pies did a number on his waistline.

black_box 11-09-14 06:28 PM

He knows that number as the number of kisses it takes to go all the way around said waistline.

Jseis 11-09-14 07:31 PM

Still desires to go around the world.

ahsposo 11-09-14 07:32 PM

Is too sexy for his girth.

dynodonn 11-09-14 08:35 PM

When it comes to his high body mass index, he likes getting jiggly with it.

black_box 11-09-14 09:37 PM

He once got caught naked with a bowl of jello. Allegedly, he was hot... and hungry.

ahsposo 11-10-14 03:31 AM

Was found, in flagrante delicto, with the Gingerbread Man. His wife, Old Mother Hubbard, is suing for divorce.

Jseis 11-10-14 06:28 AM

When caught in a cloacal approximation with the Roadrunner, he confided, "Well, I wasn't THAT close".

MillCreek 11-10-14 07:59 AM

Is known for going 'Beep, Beep!' at the penultimate moment, if you get my meaning and I know you do.

dynodonn 11-10-14 08:03 AM

Has a considerable stock portfolio, with heavy investments in ACME.

skijor 11-10-14 09:16 AM

Went trick or treating as a black hole. (He has high gravity) <hic>

trsidn 11-10-14 09:42 AM

Accidentally fell into himself and vanished.

ModoVincere 11-10-14 10:26 AM

His employer refers to him as The Great Black Hole.

skijor 11-10-14 11:50 AM

Loves WGBH, Boston .

Jseis 11-10-14 02:36 PM

Stumbled on to the Boston Baked Bean Black Hole Theory of Everything.

trsidn 11-10-14 03:03 PM

Originally Posted by Jseis (Post 17294019)
Stumbled on to the Boston Baked Bean Black Hole Theory of Everything.

Provides the voice for Stephen Hawking.

ModoVincere 11-10-14 03:15 PM

Provided the ears for Mr. Spock.

ahsposo 11-10-14 03:59 PM

Provided the breath for Smaug.

Jseis 11-10-14 06:32 PM

Provided the hair for Trump's comb over.

ahsposo 11-10-14 07:32 PM

Provided the ass for Rush and the legs for Ann.

dynodonn 11-10-14 11:11 PM

Provided the face for Shrek.

trsidn 11-10-14 11:12 PM

Was the inspiration for the donkey

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