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ahsposo 11-28-14 09:29 AM

When he goes white-water rafting always looks for an opportunity to squeal like a pig.

skijor 11-28-14 06:27 PM

As god is his witness, he thought turkeys could fly.

ahsposo 11-28-14 06:58 PM

Confuses limp with lisp. Often tries to get sympathy from strangers by effecting a lisp and making friends for the night by speaking with a limp.

Jseis 11-28-14 08:12 PM

Post a Lie about the poster above - Volume 2
Is a heck of a twerker & all the hens come running when they see him get down..

ahsposo 11-28-14 09:36 PM

His Mom could get all the boys going but only had the hots for the holy ghost because she was spooky.

MillCreek 11-29-14 09:17 AM

Frequently reports to the Captain that he 'canna hold the engines together much longer!'.

dynodonn 11-29-14 11:43 AM

His wife is getting tired of hearing him crying out Scotty's name in his sleep.

ahsposo 11-29-14 03:03 PM

His wife wishes somebody would beam him up and keep him.

dynodonn 11-29-14 03:41 PM

Is never satisfied until he gets more thrust in the end.

ahsposo 11-29-14 03:58 PM

Has Klingons on his hairy ass.

dynodonn 11-29-14 04:49 PM

His impulsive drives are always warped.

skijor 11-29-14 06:12 PM

Passed the Eunuch Test.

mastronaut 11-29-14 06:15 PM

Invented the Living Glove...

ahsposo 11-29-14 06:24 PM

Got fixed.

mastronaut 11-29-14 06:43 PM

Is henpecked...

ahsposo 11-29-14 07:56 PM

Well, what did you expect? It's not like they got lips...

Is thinking vacuum packed is getting pretty boring.

dynodonn 11-29-14 08:20 PM

Is affectionately known as Kirby Lips amongst a number of his
close male friends.

MillCreek 11-29-14 08:22 PM

Like the Dyson, he never loses suction.

dynodonn 11-29-14 08:29 PM

Always likes handling the extra long black hose option.

MillCreek 11-29-14 10:16 PM

Everyone on his Xmas list will be getting the Pocket Hose Ultra, as seen on TV.

ahsposo 11-30-14 06:42 AM

His philosophy of life is pretty simple: If it doesn't blow, it sucks.

MillCreek 11-30-14 09:29 AM

Is spending the weekend with a spreadsheet, trying to figure out how to monetize his philosophy of life.

ahsposo 11-30-14 01:17 PM

Is working over the weekend in the Tribal Laboratory, trying to make a homunculus out of some spare tissue he found while cleaning up after the last inter-Tribal Powwow.

mastronaut 11-30-14 07:59 PM

Choking the chicken is a near death experience to him...

ahsposo 11-30-14 08:01 PM

Popping a bone means he's lost air pressure again, dammit.

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