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3alarmer 03-10-14 05:30 PM

...really has to pee.

ahsposo 03-10-14 06:15 PM

Is looking for Love in all the right places, he's just using the wrong bait.

3alarmer 03-10-14 11:14 PM

...."looking for me lucky charms" is actually a euphemism for cruising for a gay hookup.

trsidn 03-10-14 11:21 PM

actually thinks that's a lie...

Wilfred Laurier 03-11-14 06:32 AM

the most serious crime he has ever been charged with
is matsurbating in public

dont worry
he beat it

MillCreek 03-11-14 06:46 AM

His defense to the charges was limp at best.

ahsposo 03-11-14 07:38 AM

Has retained the legal services of Jack Mehoff of the Pullen, Fappen, Pullen and Wankin Law firm as his defense lawyer.

mastronaut 03-11-14 10:35 AM

Still waiting for his Lucky Charms to drop....

skijor 03-11-14 11:18 AM

Gave acting tips to Jen in Leprechaun.

ModoVincere 03-11-14 11:31 AM

Gave acting tips to Chucky in all his movies.

Wilfred Laurier 03-11-14 01:48 PM

gave career advice to richies brother chuck in happy days

mastronaut 03-11-14 04:09 PM

Has all the right stuff....

3alarmer 03-11-14 05:02 PM

...sending out mass e-mail selfies of his stuff to his friends list on Facebook has considerably reduced it. His friends list, not his stuff. Which is huge.

mastronaut 03-11-14 05:08 PM

Never lies about my huge....

ahsposo 03-11-14 05:58 PM

Like The Donald.


skijor 03-11-14 05:59 PM

His boys can swim.

black_box 03-11-14 06:11 PM

He drops his kids off at the pool every morning after his coffee.

ahsposo 03-11-14 06:45 PM

Ran the ROI and drowned his kids.

Typical engineer.

MillCreek 03-11-14 07:11 PM

Knows that the ROI numbers don't lie. Is now speculatively eyeing the rugrats and the bathtub.

3alarmer 03-11-14 07:16 PM

...has reservations to see Siegfried and ROI in Vegas this June, while there attending the annual Snohomish tribal council and all you can eat buffet tour.

ahsposo 03-11-14 08:49 PM

Is thinking of converting from Lapsed Catholic to Purebred Snohomish for a chance at an All You Can Eat Buffet Tour in Fabulous Las Vegas!

walrus1 03-11-14 11:59 PM

Is banned from most Vegas casinos for winning a brand new red 2014 Honda Fit under suspicious circumstances. Also crashing through all those casinos with security chasing as Yakety Sax blasted out of the Fit probably didn't help either. However ahsposo took solace in the fact many witness described it as the "best gut wrenching most hilarious chase ever!"

ahsposo 03-12-14 02:38 AM

Is a professional clown car driver.

sced 03-12-14 04:57 AM

Eats only raw plankton.

MillCreek 03-12-14 11:31 AM

Has created a mouthpiece of the finest artificial baleen, the better to strain raw plankton from the waters. No one as yet has the heart to tell him that the local swimming hole is noticeably bereft of plankton.

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