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ahsposo 03-23-14 06:52 PM

Is Mid-Western American. Says the epithet 'boring' is a racial or at least cultural slur.

Is writing his Congress member when he gets sufficiently riled up.

Maybe three more beers...

gitarzan 03-23-14 07:24 PM

Only needs one beer...

ahsposo 03-23-14 08:14 PM

Heck, he'll do it sober and for free.

What else does he have to do?

skijor 03-23-14 08:28 PM

As the Abominable Melon, he'll be going up against The Great Pumpkin in a cage match. Both are seedy characters. The loser will be turned into bread and/or pie and served in a dark and dank church basement next Sunday.

MillCreek 03-23-14 08:50 PM

Thinks there is such a thing as watermelon bread or pie.

Jseis 03-23-14 08:52 PM

As the Great North's preeminent Sasquatch tracker, he knows a thing or two about shacking up over winter in a dank dark church basement with a hairy beast.

ahsposo 03-24-14 03:11 AM

As a prime example of Nasty White Trash, he knows a thing or two about turning a messy stinky trailer into a home.

And a meth lab.

eschlwc 03-24-14 06:07 AM

gallagher's brother's opening act on the '08 tour across nebraska.

skijor 03-24-14 07:47 AM

Was a one-percenter. Now...a Fiddy Center.

MillCreek 03-24-14 08:22 AM

His center is filled with the finest French nougat.

Jseis 03-24-14 10:15 PM

Lies I tell yea! Lies! Shameless, shameless. Now where's my "cookbook"?

Originally Posted by ahsposo (Post 16605450)
As a prime example of Nasty White Trash, he knows a thing or two about turning a messy stinky trailer into a home.

And a meth lab.

skijor 03-25-14 12:17 PM

He's been stalking the Thompson Twins since '82.

dracothered 03-25-14 12:25 PM

Wants to be a Joker look a like so he can hang with the Thompson twins.

ahsposo 03-25-14 08:52 PM

Is obsessed with getting his testicles to hang evenly.

eschlwc 03-25-14 09:48 PM

hangs his from the rear view.

Wilfred Laurier 03-25-14 09:48 PM

his first sexual experience was at fifteen
after his birthday party
with a leftover half watermelon

he called her cindy
their relationship lasted four months
and just like every girlfriend he has had since then
he kept her in a box under his bed

Jseis 03-25-14 10:32 PM

Goes by his handle "Melon Head".

ahsposo 03-26-14 05:57 AM

Won't stop Beliebering.

Wilfred Laurier 03-26-14 06:15 AM

hes here for a long time
not a good time

gitarzan 03-26-14 11:45 AM

Doesn't even know there's a high road to take.

MillCreek 03-26-14 04:03 PM

Spent hours on the couch trying to come up with a convoluted story to explain the high road, and Colorado and John Denver singing 'Rocky Mountain High' and herb-infused brownies, and just ended up smoking a real fat one.

ahsposo 03-26-14 05:18 PM

Just missed having the high road come down on the lodge.

And I for one am OK with that.

skijor 03-26-14 05:23 PM

I discovered the only reason that he had been upright by his desk in the first place was that he had been nailed there.

ahsposo 03-26-14 06:17 PM

Gets nailed, naked and nasty.

Not necessarily in that order.

MillCreek 03-26-14 07:47 PM

Invented, but failed to patent, the Rusty Nail.

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