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ahsposo 03-26-14 08:02 PM

Is genetically modifying the Musty Snail, native to Snohomish County, to be able to survive, thrive and leave massive doses of Musty Snail mucus in major metropolitan areas.

This is the Tribe's secret terror weapon: Snail snot slowing suburban systems.

Jseis 03-26-14 08:08 PM

Post a Lie about the poster above - Volume 2
Gives good melon.

skijor 03-26-14 10:06 PM

Is recruiting lurking liars in hopes of making a group purchase of liar jerseys.

Jseis 03-26-14 10:42 PM

Thinks a team of BF Liars is destined to catch the 41 with their pants down.

ahsposo 03-27-14 07:36 AM

Is fomenting internet surprise buttsects.

trsidn 03-27-14 07:39 AM

Planning the creation of a sect for each human body part.

ModoVincere 03-27-14 07:45 AM

goes hunting at the retirment center...says he really like chicken wings.

Jseis 03-27-14 02:57 PM

Post a Lie about the poster above - Volume 2
Just thinks he's a cock among hens.

eschlwc 03-27-14 05:15 PM

his boyhood hero is mike the headless chicken, who lived 18 months without a head.

photo of the poster above jerry's boyhood bed taken courtesy jerry's mother, gertrude seis.

ahsposo 03-27-14 05:47 PM

Just can't get enough of those dried, smoked chickenheads.

skijor 03-27-14 06:11 PM

Hooters has some competition from his new chain--Waddles.

ahsposo 03-27-14 07:38 PM

Has an idea for a Middle Eastern themed restaurant sort of like the American chain 'Hooters' he'll call 'CamelToe' and give it the motto "It's Never Too Big".

And because it will start in Wisconsin it will feature


gitarzan 03-27-14 07:43 PM

Death row isn't as bad as he thought.

ahsposo 03-27-14 08:37 PM

Considers breathing a necessary nuisance.

skijor 03-27-14 10:57 PM

Got to da choppa.

MillCreek 03-28-14 06:11 AM

Hopes to be invited to the 'soft opening' of CamelT*e.

gitarzan 03-28-14 04:54 PM

Camel toes, Camel tails... It all the same to him.

skijor 03-28-14 04:56 PM

Has Bette Davis thighs.

ahsposo 03-28-14 06:12 PM

The meat he eats for dinner must be hung up for a week.

3alarmer 03-28-14 06:24 PM

...his meat does not just hang there, weakly.

MillCreek 03-28-14 07:34 PM

Likes to sing 'Doe, a deer, a female deer' as he gaily skips through the wildflowers in patent leather shoes and a dirndl skirt.

3alarmer 03-28-14 07:41 PM

...has been using Hang 'em High for his ringtone for so long now that he's forgotten that's him on bass.

ahsposo 03-28-14 08:08 PM


skijor 03-28-14 10:33 PM

Is actually a very nervous morel.

Jseis 03-28-14 11:01 PM

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Is really just a big pricke, an impudent impudicus

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